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Send In The Clowns

March 30, 2009

Today was spent pondering when Zongamin will stop toying with our ears and emotions and release some new music. Remixing French bands and designing logos for esteemed labels is all very well Susumu, but back to the art of original compositions quicksmart.

For example of Zongamin in his pomp peep this typically demented remix of Grafiti – What Is The Problem? which those with a few miles on the clock will remember was a certain Skinner’s unofficial riposte to the hooligan house stylings of Audio Bullys

Grafiti – What Is The Problem? (Zongamin Remix)

Party Crashers

March 30, 2009


Just a quick update on various Slutty Fringe related gigs that are going on over the next few weeks, if you’re in the area come along and say hello.


Friday 3rd April – 9pm till 4am – The Last Days of Disco @ Bardens
Party number 7 for Last Days, and it’s looking like another classic. Joining David H and us on the decks you’ve got new DFA signing Capracara, History Clock’s Nathan Gregory Wilkins, and Citinite’s Complexxion, a strong look for sure.

Mail us here for guestlist (free before 10.30 / £3 after).


Sunday 12th April – 6pm till 3am – Milky Disco @ Cargo
I’ll be flying solo on this one but the absence of Mr Poland should be just about made up for by the rest of the lineup which also features (deep breath)… Black Devil Disco Club (live), Soft Rocks, Richard Sen, Black Mustang and Gatto Fritto.

Milky Disco 2 is out in a few weeks and mark my words it is this year’s definitive cosmic/balearic disco compilation, check out 20JFG for some sneak peeks. More details here.


Thursday 16th April – Land of Kings @ Various, Dalston, Kingsland

A brand new urban festival set in Dalston, 2 days of fun across several venues and an eye wateringly good lineup. The soundtrack? Dubstep to disco, gypsy punk to electro, jazz to techno. All-you-can-eat for your ears and feet..

Speaking of eating, no Dalston jaunt would be complete without taking in the area’s ocakbasi and mangals, some of which’ll be offering festival specials to those with wristbands; food fit for a King.

We’ll be proping up the bar/decks in Bardens on the Thursday. More details here.

Artists confirmed so far…

THURSDAY: A.human, An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, Bass Clef, Ben Westbeech, Eames, Eeek Empire, Faze Action, Firas (Filthy Few), Get The Blessing, Gideon Reeling, Hugo Mendez and Sofrito Combo, Joe Ransom, Johnno Burgess (Bugged Out), Johnny Dett (Work It), Kathy Diamond, Kerry Jean Power (Feel Up) and ISA (All Ends Up) , Make It Stop, Mum!, Matty J & Ben Terry (Tirk), Michael Cook, Moustache Mamas, Joel Martin (Quiet Village), Rinse FM Presents Spyro and N-Type, Russ Jones, The Hackney Globe Trotter, Slutty Fringe DJs, Sportsday Megaphone, Steve Kotey, Tahita and Andy (NYPC DJ set), Tayo

FRIDAY: Allez Allez, ColouringIN, Fimber Bravo & Sonny Akpan, Greco Roman, Ian Woods & the Psychologist, Idjut Boys, Leggo Beast, Le Vagabond Boogaloo, Living in A Disco, Lou and Nova, Newfamily, Oriole, Hot Coins (Red Rackem), Rory Phillips, Serge Santiago, Skill Wizard presents Chrome Hoof DJs, Soft Rocks, Thee Uninvited, Todd Hart (Dalston Oxfam Shop Blog), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Unnamed Project. + MORE TBA


Friday 17th April – London Sunshine – Bunker Club, Deptford
Just confirmed so bit light on details but we shall be playing at this fine little sweatbox for the very nice London Sunshine people.

Probably the most local gig either of us have done in ages, so with no driving, cab fares or night busses to worry about expect to see us carried home at the end of the night. More details here.


Friday 24th April – Slutty Fringe – 7pm till 3am – Cargo
After the absolute roadblock that was our Jan 2nd party we wanted to bide our time and get the next Slutty Fringe night at Cargo right and well I think we have.

We have live sets from My Tiger My Timing, Portasound and Hot Pockets superstar Line, whilst joining us on the decks will be the brilliant Heartbreak and Resident Advisor’s current Label Of The Month boss Andy Blake. As ever with these things it is of course free to get in. More details here.


After all that it’s probably only fair I should give the evergreen Be @ Proud a plug too as I can normally be found skulking behind the decks there most Saturdays and there’s some damn fine lineups coming up.

Right, as you were…

A Sucker For Your Sound

March 30, 2009

Vodka and Me are not on good terms

Overly zealous amounts of Absolut Vodka and my stomach tract had vomitous disagreements all over my shiney new trainers at Deptford House Party in none too distant past.

Thankfully the music of Curtis Vodka does not have same effect – especially when it is laced with oodles of acid noodles courtesy of DMX Krew.

Curtis Vodka – Lift Me Up (DMX Krew Remix)

Golf Claps to On The Brink for coaxing Curtis away from a stint in the Foreign Legion long enough to release an EP. Watch out for the Hook N Sling EP dropping the end of Aprile

The Deep End

March 28, 2009

Some twelve months after it originally surfaced on the interwebs as a demon, Shazam‘s Pool Party has been given a less than swift polish and is being released a proper by Bang Gang 12 Inches.

Possibly an ode to one of Michael Barrymore’s favorite pass times, Pool Party is included in both it’s orignal incarnation and a 2009 version and comes backed with remixes from RogerSeventyTwo, Hey Today! and Slutty Fringe favourite Headman (who incidentally has new 12″ Dream Pieces/Dirt out soon on Relish!)

Shazam – Pool Party 2009 (Headman Revlover Remix)

Purchase All in loving high bit rate from Junodownload

A Positive Education

March 26, 2009


There are few things more likely to have me blindly reaching for my debit card than the words ‘Prince Language Remix‘ and over the past couple of years the New Yorker’s sublime reworks of tracks by everyone from your everyday DFA types to Ahmed Fakroun have been an ever present fixture in my record bag.

Probably bored of me messaging him on MySpace every other month asking when he’s going to come to London, he finally makes an appearance this Saturday at Nadia Ksaiba‘s really rather good SAY YES night at The Star of Bethnal Green.

The hype doesn’t end there as he will be spinning records alongside another fringe favourite Cliché boss Cosmo Vitelli. Seriously London, you’ve never had it so good, if you get there early enough you don’t even have to pay.

Cosmo and Say Yes resident Thomas Whitehead have even strung together a couple of mixes to get you in the mood.

Cosmo Vitelli – March Mix

Bot’Ox – Motor City – CDR
Fernando – Kick In The Eye (Dub) – Redux
Grizzlehands – I’m a Hansa Dansa – Speak
Hipsters (Runaway Remix) – CDR
Silver City – Pendulo (Pete Herbert Edit) – Deep Freeze
Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (Lies) (Instr .)
Richard Sen & Cazbee – Cat Dance – Autodiscotheque
Giorgio – I Wanna Rock You (Jacques Renault Edit)
Edit The Edit – Barnamega
Gallifré – House Rythm – Danica
Runaway – Putting It In The Overtime – I’m a Cliché
It’s a Fine Line – My Kind Of Woman – Tsuba
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix) – DFA
Rhetta Hugues – Crisis -Dub
Amral’s trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra – 90% Of Me is You – Strut

Thomas Whitehead – March Mix

Men without Hats – Safety Dance
Eurythmics – Paint a rumour
Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus
Legowelt – Assault on Precinct 13
K.I.D. – Don’t stop
Giorgio – Knights in White Satin
Can – …And More
Roni Griffiths – Voodoo Man
Purple Flash – We can do it
Rinder and Lewis – Blue steel (edit)
R. Craig – Second Wind

Pick A Trick

March 24, 2009

Housewives favourite DJ wrongtom aired his ten minute All Time Top 100 mix on Xfm show The Remix last weekend which does exactly what it says on the tin, cramming some 100 tracks into ten minutes putting to shame those DJs amongst us that prefer the drawn out segue between tracks.

Being the nice sort, Thomas gave Slutty Fringe the download dibbs on the mix and also agreed to add his nominations to the hallowed Favourite Musical Haircuts feature which are more considered than some previous participants.

1. Papoose:

These guys were pretty special as individuals but like a barbershop Voltron they formed one of the most glorious hair bands to ever grace the music industry. Looking like a curious combination of Bowie, Eno and Kiss featuring a War song in French and gate-fold cover with pics of them having their hair done “Les Amants Outangs Moi Tarzan Et Toi Jane” was, as Howard Scott might say ‘slept on,’ which is exactly why Papoose deserve their Keratin crown more than most.

2. David Hinds (Steel Pulse):

In 50 years the dread-lock has gone from being one of the most majestic and often fearsome of styles to a vehicle for upsetting your parents when you come home after your first semester at uni. Tarquin and his rosy-cheeked peers probably wouldn’t be familiar with the term blanket dread but it marks a distinction between conviction and “going up Camden to get my dreads done,” and no one did the blanket better than David Hinds who went from sporting the tree of life in the 70’s to tying a beach ball sized lock to his head last time I saw him.

3. Dez Dickerson (The Revolution):

Prince and entourage have ever been a source for great moments in hair, a high point being the cover of his eponymous album featuring a soft bouf and moustache combo offset on the back by riding naked on a Pegasus. Some however may have noticed the quiet confidence of Dickerson’s luscious locks in the Revolution days, coming off like the Prince Regent of sex-funk. If you missed it Citinite released his excellent “Modernaire” single last year having sat on a shelf for 25 years

4 Howard Scott (War):

We can trace the use of ‘slept on’ in black music to the release of “The World Is A Ghetto.” I often wonder what Scott got up to the previous night as he scowls at the camera next to his fresh faced band mates.

5. Kid Rock:

Years before he was sound-tracking date rapes and murdering the already long-dead Lynyrd Skynyrd, young Rock was working with BDP affiliates and chipping away at the ozone in an attempt to give Kid N Play a run for their money in the hi-top stakes. Like Judd Nelson in New Jack City but one louder.

DJ Wrongtom – All Time 100 Mix

mahoosive tracklist after jump

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The Light Fantastic

March 19, 2009


Well there were many things I expected to do when I embarked on a career as a blogger, a mother and daughter combo for instance, but certainly never in my sweatiest fantasies would I have expected to write the following words… Go and buy the new Oasis single, it’s great.

Now before my gold plated membership card to the blogging inner circle is shredded, let me at least say that in my defence I’m just referrring to the epic 22 minute mix by former Future Sound of London types Amorphous Androgynous.

Sprawling, psychedelic and probably fulfilling every last Beatles wet dream Noel Gallagher has left, AA have layered the track in sitars, drones and tones, ramped up the standard edition ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ drums and extended the track into infinity (well 22 minutes).

All we need now is a Beyond The Wizards Sleeve edit of the remix to strip out the last remaining vestiges of the Brothers Grim and we’d have a potential single of the year on our hands.

Anyone even slightly tempted by all this should also without delay grab a copy of last year’s mix CD, the snappily titled ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind Volume 1 – Cosmic Space Music’. Easily one of my favourite mixes from the past twelve months.

The other track that has taken me aback this week is the new effort from The Horrors, ‘Sea Within A Sea’. They’ve just stuck a video up on their website and frankly it’s amazing, like watching Joy Division evolve into New Order into blissed out Ecstacy munchers in the space of one song.

I must have played it about 20 times in the past day and it just sounds better every time. Someone please extend the last section of this for another 22 minutes.

Right after all that a quick plug for this weekend’s Be, once again I shall be manning the decks and filling in the gaps in between bands like Heartbreak, Portasound and Bombay Bicycle Club. This week joining myself and David H in the cramped confines of the DJ booth will be Firas, whose Filthy Few podcast is all kinds of good.

Don’t just take my word for it though, he’s just sent over his latest mix, which you can grab from the link below.

Firas – March Mixtape

Tracklisting :
The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (Clouded Vision Remix)
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
The BPA – Seattle (Crazy P Remix)
Solo – Congoloid
Frank Music – Better Off With Fan Death
Den Haan – Night Shift
White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground (Rory Philips Remix)
Miike Snow – Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
La Roux – In For The Kill (Doesn’t Sound Like Skreams Remix)
Kano – It’s War (Serge Santiago Remix)
Zombie Disco Squad – Eurovision
Popof – Serenity (Noob Remix)

Dear Ears

March 15, 2009

Todd Terje In The Mix At Mulletover

Enjoy x

In On The Kill Taker

March 14, 2009


After the underwhelming, indeed some might say rubbish, Quicksand 12″, La Roux has some catching up to do in the 2009 ladies of electropop race.

Still it’s not over yet and mildly amusing parentage stories aside, Elly Jackson is set to get things back on track with 2nd single ‘In For The Kill’, which despite floating around for the best part of a year now is a much more invigorating proposition.

As the inevitable several dozen remixes start to rear their head most of the attention has to date been lavished on Skream’s recent refix. For me though the honors must surely go to Heartbreak who have turned the original’s melodramatic synth-popera into a gorgeously woozy 7 minutes of mogadon disco, like tripping through the stars with a head full of cough syrup.

La Roux – In For The Kill (Heartbreak Remix)

Rebel Yell

March 14, 2009


I’ve been threatening to do a proper interview with Andy Blake for a good few months now, his set at Last Days back in November was one of my clubbing highlights of the year, the first compilation on his label Dissident has kept me going on many a late night drive home and as he also lives in New Cross it would have been a good excuse to leave the Xbox alone one night and hit the pub.

Sadly, as I’m both extraordinarily busy and yet also chronically lazy it’s still pencilled in as a TBC in the Slutty Fringe diary. Luckily though Resident Advisor are a little bit more on the ball and have deservedly just made Dissident their label of the month.

With releases from the likes of Gatto Fritto, Ali Renault (one half of Heartbreak), Muravchix (the other half of Heartbreak), Cage & Aviary and Gweilo it’s a justified accolade, the accompanying article is also a pretty good read so point your browser here to get an insight into the Dissident machine and download an exclusive mix.

Andy will be DJ’ing at the next Slutty Fringe night at Cargo on the 24th of April alongside the likes of Heartbreak, Line and our good selves and you can also catch Gatto Fritto playing at the Milky Disco party on Easter Sunday, of which more later.

The Future Hides It’s Face

March 12, 2009

The words Higamos and Hogamos  conjures up images of a nasty wart like infection from the Victorian ages you might have picked up after an ill advised night of romantic entanglement with a brazen hussy.

The music of new DC Recordings artists Higamos Hogamos is thankfully the aural equivalent of something a whole lot nicer, bridging the gap betwixt the two rocks Glam and Kraut effortlessly.

get your outer disco and inner dubbyness on with  remixes of HH from bloggerati Michael Moonlight and Le Emperor Machine respectively.

Higamos Hogamos – Major Blitzkrieg (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

Higamos Hogamos – Infiinty Plus One (Emperor Machine Dub Instrumental)

Hold onto your braces for the release of Higamos Hogamos’ self titled debut album on the 23rd March 2009 whilst trying not to cock a snoop at the current vogue for bands to abandon any attempt to engage their collective imagination and conjure up an original album title.

A Little Something

March 10, 2009

In musical terms two things that perhaps excite Team Slutty Fringe the most are In Flagranti and RVNG vinyl so it’s full on chubby time round here with the news that RVNG OF THE NRDS Vol. 8 as curated by In Flagranti is due for release imminently.

Lovingly wrapped in the sort of screen printed cover art that budding record label owners wished they could match, In Flagranti throw up a double shot of bourbon soaked rock n’ rollers, a dash of white boy dirge funk and of course a smidgen of martian discoid lovliness.

Order now from the RVNG shop or wait it out at Piccadilly or Phonica.

Of course next month also sees the release of In Flagranti’s new album Brash & Vulgar on Codek which is just as exciting for us and it should be for you.

Let’s indulge in some appetite whetting with one of the edit’s from In Flagranti’s recent Sounds Superb compilation which should be purchased as a matter of necessity.

In Flagranti – Scala Disco

A Rust For Life

March 9, 2009

In a previous less musically snobby incarnation as an illustrator, the Doves albums were high on the office playlist and played no small part in smoothing the daily vectorisation process.

All parts of me have moved on since then and the glum Mancunian dirge would most likely cause my ears to vomit if such a thing was possible.

Golf Claps all round then for Prins Thomas and his typically splendid low slung instrumental discomiks of Kingdom Of Rust, one of the comeback effort from Doves.

Doves – Kingdom Of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Instrumental)

Further Doves Remixology as done by electroclash cognoscenti Glimmers and Playgroup out end of March for the vinyl heads or now for digital google school graduates

POST EDIT: The blog dudes at NME have a awesome remix of Kingdom Of Rust by DFA alumni Still Going (though Hepburn and Bambi doing grocery shopping trumps three dour Mancunians in Dinner Jackets)

Doves – Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going Mix)

Get Yer Oats

March 9, 2009

Who Are Jocks?

Do You/We Care?

Music Industry: Surely Time For A New Gimmick To Replace The  ‘I Has Mystery Identity & Make The Shiny Discoteks Music* = Instant Love on Hype Replacement Machine’ Formula?

If The Internet Stopped Posting Remixes of Franklybadmusik – Would He Still Exist?

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Jocks Warm & Awkward Remix)

4am Eternal

March 6, 2009

So I’m just trying out my disco moves in front of the mirror and the phone rings, turns out that Bardens where we’re doing our little disco party tonight have just scooped a 4am licence. Bonus, I think before realising I’ll need to hump an extra 2 hours worth of vinyl around town all day.

Anyway just in case you have no idea what I’m on about here are the deets…

Friday 6th March – 9PM till 4AM

The Last Days Of Disco
Bardens, 36-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16
Padded Cell (DC Recordings) – Live!
Matt Waites (Nightmoves)
Slutty Fringe
David H


David my co-‘Last Days of Disco’-conspirator has also been busy messing around in his studio and has offered up a couple of choice items for your downloading pleasure.

First up is a nice edit of the mighty Cerrone’s Supernature. One of the first decent disco records I ever bought this back in… ooooh let me think about ’93 or something, I was flicking through the racks in my local charity shop and was struck by the sheer brutal ugly weirdness of the sleeve. Figured it had to be worth 50p and damn was I right.

Anyway David has fattened up the bass a touch, injected a little beef into the synths and quantized the drums (I think that’s the correct term… probably not), importantly though he’s still left in the odd pop and crackle for that proper dusty vinyl feel.

Cerrone – Supernature (Last Days Edit)

Whilst grabbing that you may also want to get your mitts on this tasty little mix he’s put togther, if you get down early tonight you’ll be able to get a CD on with this and a more doped up Balearic effort by me, otherwise just point your mouse at the link below and go click.

David H – Last Days Of Disco Mix

Chromatics – Hands in The Dark
Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong
Woolfy – Oh Missy (Whatever/Whatever Mix)
Babytalk – Keep On Move
Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (LSB Mix)
Pilooski – Untitled
Cerrone – Supernature (Last Days Edit)
Moodymann – Freeki Muthafucker
Raw Silk – Do It to The Music (Dub)

You can of course also catch David playing every Saturday alongside yours truly at Proud in Camden, as he also runs the marvellous Be night. They’ve just spruced their website up and added loads of footage from the recent nights so have a look and wonder why with the place full of stunners they let me ugg it up each week. This Saturday the roll call of hot young things also includes Collapsing Cities, Post War Years and one of my personal favourites David Sugar.