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Standon Calling

July 30, 2007

So this weekend just gone the Hot Sauce soundsystem was invited to play at Standon Calling – an intimate little festival that takes place on the grounds of some rich man’s country manor. From the weekend I can conclude the following

Emmy The Great has a splendid fringe

They Came From The Stars – I Saw Them are very much good fun live – London types should venture to the Lock Tavern this Thursday where they will be playing FOR FREE

The Rumblestrips are fucken terrible live – anyone who covers Steve Winwood’s The Joker deserves rotten pies thrown at them.

You should give lukewarm jerk chicken at festivals a miss.

Having finally caught New Young Pony Club perform live, I have decided they are excellent live (the Bomb sounded best live and it’s my least favourite track on the album) but could do with some more material – their set was bettered only by the fact there was some fairies dancing on the bar throughout the duration.

Bagpipe techno blaring out of the main stage speakers is quite possible the worst way to wake up with a stonking hangover in a baking tent.

Wearing a tshirt with bowling sucks written on it is a good ice breaker.

Sportsday Megaphone’s debut album on Sunday Best is going to be immense. Plus he’s partial to a samosa – always good with me

Nic Nell is an interesting dancer.

Friendly Fires deserve to be massive – dunno what they are doing turning down a Kitsune 12″ (allegedly) though

Despite a pretty poor name, The Noisettes are splendid live. I had purposefully given them a wide berth due to the name but they had the whole crowd dancing despite the unwelcome presence of rain – Girl got some voice too!

If you play good records, people will dance regardless of rain, power cuts, over abundance of dry ice and one of the members of Gay Bingo attempting to distract you by slouching in front of the decks and eyeing you up.

I hate the new Samin track with a passion – there is no place for accordians in dance music, However I may be one of only a handful of people who share this opinion.

Upon my arrival back in South Easy London – I found the following awaiting me….

The Voodoo Chilli track Look What Yo’ve Done To Me has finally resurfaced on Dubsided replete with the rather special Mustapha 3000 remix (My copy arrived today!)

Dj Discrete, he of several blouse remixes, was asked to contribute a remix which was also supposed to form part of the EP, however this never happened. He did kindly furnish me with a copy of said remix. More excitingly, the Dubsided crew have commisioned some original productions from Discrete.

Voodoo Chilli – Look What You’ve Done To Me? (DJ Discrete Electric Nightmare Remix)

you can purchase the original from Phonica

Is Nice Yes

July 25, 2007

Apologies, been too busy to toast a year of writing sillyness with slutty fringe so this is more music and less words…

Cadence Weapon – Black Hand (Creature Remix)

Wale – Good Girl (Cousin Cole Remix)

Teenage Bad Girl – USB Dick

Stinky Munchkins – Release The Lions

Simian Mobile Disco – Piggy In The Middle (Punks Jump Up Remix)

SebastiAn – Walkman (Re/Edit)

Crookers feat. Dargen D’Amico – Nchlinez (DJ Froz Mad Edit)

Baby Huey – Pop Lock n Drop It (Dev79 Streetbass Remix)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Who Loves You (pilooski edit)

My My – Southern Comfort

Studio – Life’s A Beach (Todd Terje Beach House Remix)

Kathy Diamond – All Woman 

Slutty Fringe DJ Chart – July

July 20, 2007

1 David E. Sugar – Oi New York, This Is London // GrecoRoman
2 Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe (Switch Remix) // Wichita
3 DJ Edgar – Baile Funk Masters #3
4 K.I.M. – BTTRY // Bang Gang
5 AMF – Hush It Lil! // CDr
6 Dragonette – Take It Like A Man (Kissy Sellout Remix) // Mercury
7 Duke Dumont – Lean & Bounce EP // Turbo
8 Feist – My Moon My Man (Boyz Noise Remix) // Polydor
9 Kissy Sellout – Her // Lavolta
10 Dusty Kid – The Cat (Crookers remix) // Souther Fried
11 Mr Oizo – Patrick 122 // Ed Banger
12 The Aliens : Robot Man (Riton Rerub) // EMI
13 Brodinski – Bad Runner (Radioclit Remix) // CDr
14 SebastiAn – Walkman Re/edit // Ed Banger
15 Crookers – Nchlinez (3 Is A Crowd edit) // Cdr

A Bit Of Magic ( A Lesson in Music Promotion)

July 18, 2007


Last week, the above items dropped through the door at slutty fringe towers in a jiffy bag – definitely piqued my interest. I’m used to getting sent music every week from all sorts of places but nothing as mysterious as this…..


Then yesterday I get home from the daily slog to find the above waiting for me – a big box  with contents that include Japanese sweets, fruit lip gloss, toy soldiers, friendship bracelets and some stickers and a cd single for a band called Hearts Revolution, who turn out to be some scuzzy electropop duo from New York – kinda of on a Crystal Castles/ BitcheeBitcheeYaYaYa tip.

Any way I can’t help but think all the trinkets are wasted on someone like myself, maybe if there was some miniature rum bottles, lucky strikes and pork pies in the box I would class such a package as a bit of magic. I wonder what the other 99 lucky recipients thought of it all….

Hearts Revolution – Choose Your Own Adventure

check the Huggy Bear remix on their myspace too – is nice yes

Last Friday while I was DJing at the 333, someone passed on a CDr with the following bit of buffhype splendidness on it – don’t know nothing about it’s a bass heavy dust up between the Ying Yang Twins and Lily Allen – If you are responsible plez get in touch!!
AMF – Hush It Lil!

The ever excellent Audiporno have furnished me with their latest production, a splendid low end droneybass relick of Milwaukee kids The Glamour

The Glamour – Get Into It (Audioporno Remix)

Man like pojmasta hooked me up with a excellent remix of the latest Go!Team single, Grip Like a Vice – it’s been too long since I heard some pojmasta output so I pleased as punch! Seek out the seven inch for the Black Affair remix too!

Go!Team – Grip Like A Vice (pojmasta remix)

I ‘ve been meaning to show some word love for the El Diablos Social Club crew out of Mancunia. I stumbled across their website a few weeks back and they’ve got some straight up excellent weirded out disco mixes for d/l by the likes of Padded Cell, Greg Wilson, Rong Music and a fucken excellent selection by Maurice Fulton.

I was so impressed I bought one of their teeshirts!

Special K

July 12, 2007

Gomma is a label I’ve always been meaning to check deeper, ever since I heard the Headman remixes of Manila by Seelenluft and Saturdays by Cut Copy. Since then I’ve picked up the odd 12″ here and there and caned the WhoMadeWho lp when it was released a few years back (time for another!)

Thankfully Gomma have been kind enough tohook me up with Horses, the forthcoming release from Golden Bug – which definitely leans on the Laidback classic White Horse for inspiration. It’s gonna be released on 12″ in a few months backed with Tokyo Web a splendid little cut that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Ed Banger roster – check it on his myspace.

Golden Bug – Horses

I been a bit slow on the uptake with Golden Bug, a swift gmail search and it transpires I got sent his previous tracks but I never got round to posting them. Anyway after giving them a proper listen I have to profess my instant admiration for the track Barbies Back which is all about the wonky parpy bass punkfunk and female profanity – I’m a sucker for any track with dirty lyrics by girls

Golden Bug – Barbies Back

You might still be able to buy the 12″ from Phonica – if not you can always pick it up direct from gomma – the new gommagang compilation looks worth a punt too.

By now I imagine anyone who checks hypem on a daily/hourly basis will have got wind of the rather splendid Justice Timberlake Love Stoned refix – which definitely keeps the whole disco strings thing going for people who bought expecting more tracks like D.A.N.C.E. anyway Vice hooked me up with a nice little 5 minute † album medley which I thought I’d posted instead of the Timberlake remix

Justice † Medley

Speaking of Vice Records, I picked up the latest Chromeo EP the other week, Tenderoni remixes by Sinden and MSTRKRFT – the Sinden remix is banging yessir, the MSTRKRFT remix is typical MSTRKRFT really. Not given the abum Fancy Footwork a proper listen yet though…

Chromeo – Tenderoni (Sinden remix)

I got a nice dirty electro remix of the new Feist track 1,2,3,4 by Van She Tech – not quite as jaw droppingly amazing as the Boyz Noise remix of My Moon My Man but it’s party heat – check July 23rd when the single drops

Feist – 1,2,3,4 (Van She Tech Remix)

Man like Ursula 1000 sent through a cheeky little fusion of Amand Van Helden and Atlantis To Interzone which works quite well I think

Armand van Helden vs Klaxons – This Ain’t Hollywoood (Ursula 1000 edit)

Back in the dying days of Big Beat, before he was entertaining Hard Fi fans with Joe Smooth records and making mix cds that Pharell likes, wrongtom used to run half life recordings and put out tracks that were electrofunk meets breakbeat down Bacchus for a few Jack and cokes as half of Groundforce. They are notable for having their 12″ Every Friday Night pulled off the racks in the aftermath of 9/11 due to the unfortunate coincidence of remixes by Suicide Bombers & Hightower Set heheh.

Well, in what is classed among record shops as a warehouse find, the last remaining copies of Every Friday Night have surfaced and can be purchased from Banquet Records in sunny Kingston Upon Thames.

Ground Force – Every Friday Night

Keeping with the big beat theme, one of the reasons I moved down to Brighton to study was so I could make the Big Beat Boutique my home from home – as it turned out I only ever went once but my early vinyl purchases were all about Skint and Catskills. Amazingly both have survived the curse of big beat, with Skint now definitely in the straight up house music bizniz (with the occassional curveball such as Goose thrown in) whereas Catskills of late have been honing a fine roster of diverse artists like Black Grass, The Ripps and the amazing Husky Rescue.

More suprising, is Spare Time Machine, the latest album from Pepe Deluxe, which has dispensed with the rather tired cut and paste ethic of their original album for something alot weirder and more satisfying – Four years in the making, it’s a deep trip into psychedelia with instrumentation as impressive as the cover art (which is fucken amazing)

The third single from the album, Go For Blue, is released next month and comes with a rather nice Optimo remix with some heavy heavy drums – I’m not gonna post that but you can get their second album for free through an AOL promo – jus click on the big red GO! sign on their site yo!

No Requests

July 10, 2007

 The Funk Oracle & Wrongun take a stance against requests for Stevie

I’ve tried my best to avoid Mr Hudson & The Library, I’m a fickle person sometimes and their name alone makes them wholly unappealing to me, it has the same affect on me as the Afghan Whigs.

Perhaps with this in mind, the label people behind Mr Hudson & co have enlisted remixers du jour (I’m writing this far too much these days) Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal to fuck about with the track Ask The DJ. The outcome is a track that continues their dalliance with a 2 step garage revival that began with Beeper. This remix certainly has crossover potential.

Mr Hudson & The Library – Ask The DJ (Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)

One of my favourite albums this year has been From Here We Go Sublime by The Field on Kompakt, who can do no wrong right now. I’ve just got a splendid remix he has done of Northampton band Maps, who’ve been described as Postal Service the doing the dirty with My Bloody Valentine (this may be false) This remix is quite possibly the antithesis of the Sinden and Monte Cristal, but I can’t get enough of it.

Check the excellent Mock and Toof remix of the previous Maps single It Will Find You too. It’s on sale at Phonica right now

Maps – You Don’t Know Her Name (The Field Remix)

You Don’t Know Her Name is released on 30th July, and you can buy the Field album from Boomkat.

Forgot To Say….

July 9, 2007

The nice people behind the Are.People.Real podcast, The excellent Broken Hooker DJs, asked me to contribute a mini playlist of my favourite track right now, my favourite remix of late and my favourite ever track (which caused me some trouble) for their latest episode – though you should really be on the sub for the excellent new mix from the Crookers – get on the hookup via Itunes yo!!

Club MotherFucker

July 9, 2007

The nice people at Club Mother Fucker are having their last party of the summer this Friday at Bardens Boudoir with a jolly good lineup. South Central, Shakes, Nic Nell and Milke are playing live and joining the Daughters of Kaos on the turntables are Mac 3000, Music Is My Boyfriend and Pink Riot playing the usual mess of unholy sonic splendidness.

They have been kind enough to offer 2 pairs of tickets to Slutty Fringe readers – For a chance to win simply conjure up the correct answer to the following question and send an email to Slutty Fringe HQ with the title You Dirty MuddaFudda!

What is the name of the recent South Central single and what label was it released on?

Competition closes Thursday 7pm


July 9, 2007

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything, I had a jolly good time djing at Man Make Music the other Saturday (Bless to the MMM Crew! I want one of your teeshirts dammit!) I even managed to squeeze in seeing Miss Odd Kidd perform on a table at Monkey!Knife!Fight! at the Horse and Groom beforehand – A very good set it was too, only recognised one or two tracks and she had the main room of the H & G bumping.

Caught some of Curses!!! before I left, definitely recommend people hit the 333 on the 14th July to catch Luca Drop the Lime play at Sick of Nature’s Summer of Hate night cos he was cranking the rave up! Caught some of Turbowolf too and they were splendidly noisey and ramshackle – the singer vomited up red bull mid song at one point. Go see them!!

I also recommend you give Reverend & The Makers the widest berth possible, I somewhat foolishly agreed to go and see them at the Scala last Tuesday – they are shocking! ShyChild were alright in support….

Anyway, I’ve been sent alot of music over the past week or so and haven’t really had the chance to sit down and listen to it all. What stood out was a cheeky wee edit done by the mysterious Mr Chips, having somehow got his hands on the forthcoming Steak soundtrack that has been put together by SebastiAn, Mr Oizo and Sebastien Tellier, Mr Chips has come up with a delightfully jerky edit of Skate Steak

Mr Oizo, SebastiAn & Sebastien Tellier – Skate Steak (Mr Chips steaknchips edit)

Following on from The Subs track I posted the other week (big up to Discobelle for showing some love too) they sent through the remix they did of main room Dutch electrohouse chap Mason, I can’t vouch for the original of Quarter as I’ve not heard it but I like this remix lots! Check the breakdown around 3 minutes in!

Mason – Quarter (The Subs Remix)

Thats it for now I promise to post some more music in the next few days – dibb dibb!

Slutty Fringe DJ Chart – July

July 9, 2007

1 Pharoahe Monch – Body Baby (Optimo/Sinden Remixes) //Island
2 Shocking Pinks – Smokescreen (Glimmers Remixes) //DFA
3 Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh // Regal Singles Collection
4 Chromeo – Tenderoni (Sinden Remix) // Vice/Backyard
5 K.I.M. – BTTRY // Bang Gang
6 Dragonette – Take It Like A Man (Kissy Sellout Remix) // White Label
7 The Whip – Divebomb // Kitsune
8 Unklejam – What Am I Fighting For (Elektrons Data Transfer Dub) // Virgin
9 Brodinski – Bad Runner (Radioclit Remix) //CDR
10 M.I.A. – Boyz // XL

please note: these links take you to shops where you can purchase the vinyl! Do it – vinyl is much nicer than tinny mp3

Catch me djing this Friday at The Macbeth deep in The Hoxtons for a Hot Sauce special with breast obsessed garage rockers Tits Of Death taking over to celebrate the launch of their new single Iron Nipples. Playing live alongside the Tits Of Death are the slightly less puppy loving but equally as good Sister. Expect a rum fuelled mix of mulletrock, punk funk, girly electro and new wave from the Hot Sauce residents (that’s Power and me!)

Later in the night I’ll be shooting off to the 333 for some main room speaker junk action with Way Too Long – expect some of the wonkyness in that list up there and then some!