Laziest Blog Post Ever

August 25, 2009


It’s raining, I’ve got a pile of work a yard high and all I have to look forward to today is  standing in the cold watching Accrington Stanley play a meaningless league cup match tonight. Living the blog dream.

Anyway, Little Boots, what’s going on there then, has her album done well?

I thought it had tanked, the fickle public only able to comprehend one vaguely alternative female fronted electro pop act at any one time, but apparently her latest single is currently at six in the charts, so maybe it is doing ok after all.

I guess I should know but to be honest I think I stopped caring when she started cropping up next to the genuinely talentless likes of Peaches Geldoff et al in the SHOWBIZ! GOSSIP! pages of the tabloids, guilt by association and all that.

Which is a bit of a shame really as slightly underwhelming album aside I think she’s got a lot more going for her than 99.9% of the other jokers that i shall lazily dub the Electro Pop Class of 2009.

All of which is a really long and boring way of saying that she (or at least someone within Lil Boots PLC) has decided to re-connect with the blogosphere again and taken it back, old skool 2008 style (remember those crazy days?) by sticking together a little ‘mixtape’ which you can download below.

Featuring as it does Vangelis’ Pulstar this is alright by me.  Welcome back Boots!

Little Boots – New Mixtape in Town

And Your Dreams Come True – Beach Boys
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers remix) – Empire Of The Sun
Precious Little Diamond – Fox The Fox
Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog remix) – Fever Ray
Obsession For The Disco Freaks – Alexander Robotnick
Cruel Intentions – Simian Mobile Disco feat. Beth Ditto
Kilometer (A-Trak dub) – Sebastien Tellier
Dreaming – Rainbow Team
Animal (Fake Blood remix) – Miike Snow
Suspicious Minds – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Pulstar – Vangelis
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of  (re-edit) – The Human League
We’re back (Vitalic remix) – Heartbreak
aNYway – Duck Sauce
Remedy (Stonemasons remix) – Little Boots

2 Responses to “Laziest Blog Post Ever”

  1. of course they do and they dream of battle in Tan Hauser Gate in the constellation of Orion

  2. blogging is hard and it takes effort – I take my hat off to you

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