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I Like It Filthy

March 29, 2007


Peoples need to be checking the Filthy Few podcasts as they’ve been featuring a whole lot of exciting new musical talent on their show’s recently with the spotlight being thrown on Duke Dumont, Miss Odd Kidd, Chik Budo and Late Of The Pier amongst others.

To complement the good work the podcast does, they’re runnin tings of a Thursday night down the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch with the next event taking place on 12th April featuring Downfall Of Paris, Hearts Of Black Science and Middleman live with DJ support from Christian K and Fun Bongo

Filthy Few are also a dab hand when it comes to production too, they just hooked me up with a brand new remix of Space And The Woods by Late Of The Pier which has got to be heard!

Late Of The Pier – Space And The Woods (Filthy Few Remix)

Subscribe to the Fithy Few Podcast via itunes here

Hot New Infants Remixes

March 26, 2007

Infants just hooked me up with some new remixes by ex Clor type Barringtone. Clor are much missed at Slutty Fringe, so I’m happy theres some new music coming from one of them!

Both Drop The Lime and Audioporno have remixed Firetruk and the results were strate dancefloor heat and these remixes equally tuff! Watch out for Kid 606 taking on the Infants soon!

Infants – Firetruk (Barringtone Remix)

Infants – Traktor (Barringtone Remix)

Fuck My Boyfriend

March 26, 2007

I manged to catch some of Swallow’s performance at the Half Devil a few weeks back when I was djing there and espoused the all round brilliance of their track Fuck My Boyfriend on here. Girl singing naughty verses over spikey guitars is doing it for me right now – it’s a very good look.

Now Bumps, the producer from Swallow has hooked me up with a hottt grimey remix of the track – You need more Swallow in your life! They’re performing in Kilburn and Hoxton next month so get down and see them

Swallow – Fuck My Boyfriend (Bump’s Slash n Bash Mix)

At A Stretch

March 24, 2007

this is good fringe!

Teh internuts is great yo! Somebody pointed me in the direction of the latest Triple 5 Soul Sessions mix compiled by Stretch Armstrong. Rightly or wrongly, I always assumed Stretch Armstrong was a wikky wikkky scratch dj, so I was excited like a five year old fat kid with apple pie when the mix opened with Kid Sister and goes on a hour long journey through buff hype baltimore club, electro and blog house (heheh) all mixed together in an excellent fashion. i think this surpasses the mighty Cut Copy T5S mix i procured last year.

Anyone that knows the full tracklist should be leaving a comment innit

Download: Stretch Armstrong – Triple 5 Soul Sessions 6

Bring The Noise

March 21, 2007


Some tracks here to worry your speakers!

Firstly, the virgin fruits from the provocatively titled Bumm Bumm Producktien label out of Graz – big up the schlampen pony lovers in Austria. Produced by label bosses The Bumm Bumm Boys, Dddo The Bumm kinda kicks off like that Bangalter tribute by Puzique that came out on Boyz Noise last year and then goes a bit mental.

This label is one to watch….

The Bumm Bumm Boys – Dddo The Bumm

Next up Blamma!Blamma! have hooked me up with their latest remix – this time taking on some major label indie types from the North East and quite literally tearing a new arsehole in them – loving the cut up vocals. Blaama Blamma are quite proud of this effort and I have to say rightly so!

Blamma!Blamma! vs MP – Terminal Velocity

Philadelphia DJ/Producer Dev79 (responsible for one of my favourite remixes of Bump and tuff Discobelle mix) has just leaked Thizz Phreak, a new production to whet appetites for his forthcoming Street Bass Anthems mixtape due to drop next month. Described as hyphy meets electro at a grime tempo, its all STRATE HEET to my ears.

Dev79 – Thizz Phreak

Real Ale

UK Bass label Wide Records sent through some tracks from Real Ale, the new EP from DJ Cutlass Supreme. Whilst I’m not going to pretend to know much about the UK Bass scene beyond there was quite a bit of press attention a few years back before the media got a hardon for grime, I’m liking what I hear! Lots of low end bass and ghettotech drums which would definitely sit well alongside the current sounds of Switch et al.

I’m posting The Mash Tun cos it sounds like it has a cheeky sample and because one of my favourite pubs in Brighton is called The Mash Tun.

DJ Cutlass Supreme – The Mash Tun

The full ep is released soon and has remixes by Full Spectrum and Debasser – direct yourself towards Juno where you can pick up Wide Records previous EPs too!

Finally, Keiran Fourtet Hebdan & Steve Reid get a bubbly digital remix courtesy of Detroit’s Matthew Dear wearing his Audion hat. I’ve not had a chance yet to check out Tongues, Hebdan & Reid’s recently released album but this remix is lovely.

Keiran Hebdan & Steve Reid – People Be Happy / Rhythm Dance (Audion’s Highlight Mix)

Get it at boomkat or phonica

The Tuesday Mixdown

March 20, 2007


First up new Audioporno Mix! Click here to listen/download – As usual it has the Audioporno mark of quality. This mix kicks hard!


Top Of The Pops 

  1. Sebastian – Greel
  2. Space Cowboy feat. Nadia Oh – Egyptian Lover (Roger Seventytwo RMX)
  3. Tomyboy – Model (Audioporno RMX)
  4. Teki Latex – Les Matins De Paris (Surkin RMX)
  5. Does It Offend You – We Are Rockstars (Kissy Sell Out RMX)
  6. The Teenagers – Alone Again (Van She Tech RMX)
  7. Infants – Firetruks (Audioporno RMX)
  8. Doo Dah – Audioporno
  9. Uffie – Dismissed
  10. DatA – J’aime Pas L’art (RMX 2007)
  11. DatA – J’aime Pas L’art
  12. All Sanits – Chick Fit (Kissy Sell Out RMX)
  13. Spankrock – Wax Romeo RMX
  14. Gwen Stefani feat. Pharell Williams – Wind It Up (Kissy Sell Out RMX)
  15. Timbaland – Give It To Me
  16. The Rakes – We Danced Together (Sebastian RMX)

There’s been a lot of producers and DJs out of Australia getting exposure over the past 12 months, this has alot to do with blogs like Acid Girls, BigStereo, Discobelle and Fluokids as they’ve really been pushing the likes of Van She, Bang Gang and Bag Raiders and rightly so cos they got mad skills and ting.

I was therefore more than happy when Kids Go! a DJ duo from Sydney hooked me up with their Kids Go Wild For Lindsay Lohan! promo mix which contains all manner of buffhypeness mixed together in a suitably professional manner.


What it look like – Spankrock (Nytel’s 1996 rave remix)
The song formerly known as – Regurgitator
Composter – Yuksek (Surkin remix)
We are rockstars now – Does it offend you, yeah? (Kissy Sellout remix)
Forever Young – Sex in Dallas(Sharooz remix)
Cream – Frederico Franchi
Electricity Mix – Green Velvet
See me – Herve
Club action – Yo Majesty! (Christopher Brave’s Sailing to baltimore edit)
The whistler – Claude Von Stroke (Myninecan Piss remix)
Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge – Pase Rock Feat. Spankrock
Dust – Alex Gopher
Something good – Kate Bush (Van She Tech Vs Utah Saints re-edit)
Hijackin – Hi Jack (Herve’s fuck fuck remix)
Tell Me – P. Diddy Feat. Christina Aguilera (Swtich remix)
Black flag – Duchess Says (pirate sound system remix)
Not Over Yet – The Klaxons

download: Kids Go! – Kids Go Wild For Lindsay Lohan! mix

Two things I want to do this year is visit Berlin and return to New York with a bag of records and some actual gigs sorted before I go out there. DJ Baggs has done all that and got the tshirt, except the other way around as he used to live in NYC and is now living the fine life in Berlin doing some DJing. And he kindly sent through a splendid party mix he’s just done.


chromeo – Fancy Footwork
Out Hud – It’s for you (Rub n Tug Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum (Onastic Dub Remix)
Truby Trio Feat. Marcus Beg – Universal Love
Yubaba Smith & Fortune – Die Frage
Sebastian Telier – Broadway (Chicken Lips Dub)
Kim – Wet n Wild (Riot in Belgium Mix)
Kid Sister – Pro Nails
Content – It’s So
Lindstrom – I Feel Space (Freeform Five Remix)
J-Kwon – Tipsy (Radio Slave Remix)
Faze Action – in the Trees (Carl Craig Remix)
Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
My Mann’s & Dem – Summer in da City
Sunglasses at Night B-more Edit
Rythym All Stars – Hey

Download: DJ Baggs – Huneemix

It’s kinda hard to keep up with all the mp3 blogs there are around these days, one site to keepyour left eye on is Electric Collective based in studious Oxford. Captain Cubic who runs EC just sent me through a mix of low end, fidget, wonky whatever you want to call it house – even throwing a bit of The Chap in there!


P Diddy & Xtina Aguilera – Tell Me (Switch rmx)
Unklejam – Love Ya (Herve rmx)
Futureheads – Worry About It Later (switch rmx)
Trevor Loveys & Voodoo Chili – Look What You’ve Done To Me
Basement Jaxx – Make Me Sweat
Tripmastaz – Ebcop
Radioclit – Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove rmx)
Steed Lord – Dirty Muthafucka (Crookers mix)
The Chap – Woop Woop
Hostage – Sloth
Double 99 – Ripgroove (vocal mix w/ top cat)
Solid Groove & Sinden – RedHot
Trevor Loveys – Finger Jackin
Guns ‘n’ Bombs – Nothing Is Getting Us Nowhere (acid girls rmx)
Black Ghosts – Any Way You Want It (boy 8-bit rmx)

download: captain cubics fidget me good march 07 mix

It’s A Beautiful Life

March 19, 2007


I picked up Chromophobia, the new lp on Kompact by Brazilian musician/producer Gui Boratto recently on a whim cos I liked the cover art and cos I’m starting to get into the Kompact catalogue (pick up the Immer 2 mix my Michael Meyer – it’s superb)

I’m pretty happy I did because it’s a really good album touching on electronica, techno and electro sounds and contains one track which cannot fail to make me smile every time I play it. The track in question is Beautiful Life, which has just the right smattering of fromage about it and is sun kissed house music put through the filter at its best.

Simian Mobile Disco are ending their sets with it right now and I can imagine you will be hearing it out alot more over the next few months – it will probably end up soundtracking a Ford commercial.

Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life

buy Chromophobia from here or here – it’s definitely one of my favourite albums of this year so far.

Pleased To Meat You

March 19, 2007

Newcastle peeps who like fancy tee shirts need to take heed of this thursday night event at Camp David.

Clothing label Pleased To Meat You are throwing a party to launch their first season of t shirts and have asked Man like Anders from Build & Destroy to come down from Glasgae especially to DJ armed with some buffhype vinyl no doubt! Check the blurb below

To celebrate the launch of our first season ( we are throwing a party this Thursday at our favourite bar. Entry is free; anyone and everyone is welcome. There should be some reasonable drinks offers and we will have a selection of tees for sale too.

Just to clarify for anyone who is concerned, Camp David is a mixed bar, meaning that heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and asexuals all mingle happily. For anyone who is really worried I am reliably informed that you can protect yourself from any unwanted attention by eating garlic capsules and bathing in holy water.

Camp David
8-10 Westmoorland Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

SpOOky Sounds

March 19, 2007

Kid Collect has hooked me up with another mix. Not soon after sending through his splendid Its bwonking time mix (still available here) he’s put together a mix with a concept – Something all too rare these days when it’s all about having the latest Switch remix or Bagraiders baltimore track in your mix!

The concept is in the form of a tribute to the sounds of Ghostly International (and it’s offshoot label Spectral) one of the most influential labels to come out of Detroit – having put out music by Audion, Dabrye and Lusine. All the tracks used in this mix are available on mp3 for free download in the mp3 section of the Ghostly site


1. Audion “Raw Dog” (Spectral Sound Vol. 1)
2. Audion “Rubber” (Suckfish)
3. Cepia “Hoarse” (Idol Tryouts Two)
4. Christopher Willits “Yellow Spring” (Surf Boundries)
5. Dabrye “Encoded Flow (Feat. Kandence)” (Two/Three)
6. Dabrye “Truffle No Shuffle” (One/Three)
7. Kill Memory Crash “America Automatic [clip]” (American Automatic)
8. Lusine “Still Frame (Lusine Remix)” (Podgelism)
9. Matthew Dear “But For You” (Leave Luck To Heaven)
10. Mobius Band “The Loving Sounds Of Static” (The Loving Sounds Of Static)
11. The North Valley Subconscious Orchestra “Shimokitazawa Face” (The Right Kind Of Nothing)
12. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys “Fit Black Man” (Idol Tryouts Two)
13. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys “Git” (Git)
14. Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities “what they said” (“lucus”)
15. Solvent “Wish” (Elevators and Oscillators)
16. Mobius Band “Starts Off With A Bang” (City Vs. Country)

Download: Kid Collect – The Loving Sounds of Ghostral

Forthcoming On The Brink Hype!!

March 19, 2007

On The Brink Mix

Craig from On The Brink just hooked me up with  a promo mix that contains all the forthcoming low end splendidness on their label. New tracks from Hijack, The Bulgarian and Full Phat plus tracks from the next On The Brink EP by the Crookers which is due for release any day now.

George Pringle

March 18, 2007

I popped down the Bar and Kitchen in Hoxton Square on Thursday to catch George Pringle perform. I first read about her in an article on mini allens in the Guardian a few months back, checked her myspace and was pleasantly surprised by the combination of posh girl musings over some rather interesting instrumentation. Obviously the fact she’s super hottt didn’t pass my eye either.

Unfortunately, on thursday the whole of London and his brother was most likely at the LCD gig, so the crowd was a bit sparse. This didn’t seem to fluster Miss Pringle (though I imagine she had lots of dutch courage helping her) and she treated the assembled crowd to a half hour set that finished on SW10 and included perhaps my favourite track of hers, I’m Very Scared Buster.

No mp3s around so I cannae share nowt – I think Drowned In Sound are putting something digital out soon though.

One to watch out for…

Take It Like A Man

March 13, 2007

I went to see buffhype electro rock types Dragonette at the ICA last night – though I was concentrating more on the free alcohol and girls dressed to the nines in figure hugging leather than the band and only managed to get in to catch their last song.

Mercury, their record label, are throwing serious money at giving Dragonette the push – they did seem quite good so it is justified. I got given a goodie bag that contained a mix cd put together by the band and its reet! check this blurb

We love to spoil you so had some fun creating our own mixtape – hope you enjoy it. we enjoyed making it! check out the track listing below:
Queen – “Killer Queen” – Has anyone ever managed to write a song the way that only Freddie can? Much less deliver it with the same killer attitude or flair? Truly one of a kind, and Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind.
Prince – “Head” – Before God told him not to, Prince wrote the sexiest tracks on God’s Green Earth. We kind of miss his dirty old self.
Dragonette – “I Get Around”
Shawnna feat Ludacris – “Shake That Shit” – Ludacris is always best as a guest, as he is here on Shawnna’s lo-rider groove track that always makes us feel dirty when we turn it up loud. Putting the “I Get Around” riff over the top just makes it all the more filthy.
Ladytron – “Seventeen” – This was one of the “soundtrack of our lives” songs while we were starting up Dragonette, and we’d always reference it for the sound and the vibes.
Bodyrox – “Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Mix)” – This is one of those tracks that once you hear it, it’s stuck in your head. So just in case you’re one of the 4 people in the world who haven’t heard it yet, we’re going to stick it in yours.
Dragonette – “Black Limousine”
Basement Jaxx – “Hot and Cold” – Basement Jaxx traxx always make you want to pay more attention to what you’re listening too…. there’s always so much cool shit going on in their songs. The vibe in Hot and Cold is so good, you can put it on endless repeat until you think you’ve figured it all out.
Nelly Furtado – “Maneater” – There are two camps in the Nelly Furtado universe: the ones who are sad she left her “Folklore” roots, and those who are really glad she did. We are of the latter bunch, and feel this is the best thing Nelly F has ever done. We love the swampy groove and the crazy vocal harmonies in the chorus.
Serge Gainsbourg – “Pauvre Lola” – The hottest ugly dude in pop music, and always making hits with the young movie starlets. He’s the Parisian Precursor to Prince, making groove songs like this one where you get the innuendo even if you don’t know what the words mean.
Dragonette – “Get Lucky”
Talk Talk – “Happiness Is Easy” – This song is both creepy and beautiful, sparse but lush…. it’s a melancholy song about happiness. How do they do this? We have no idea, but we love it.
INXS – “Need You Tonight” – This song could have been written any time, and it would still blow you away the first time you heard it. The groove is so simple and so good, the sounds are awesome, and Michael Hutchence makes everybody feel sexy.
Grace Jones – “Pull Up to the Bumper” – We love how Grace Jones always sounds angry at something. Pull up to her bumper, NOW, bitch!
(ps the track is super funky, and Grace also knows a thing or two about innuendo…. we’re just beginning to realize that she might not be talking about the bumper of her car)
Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That” – Smoooooooooth music. Everybody needs some, and Hall and Oates dish it better than anyone. The bridge in this song is so sweet, you end up loving it more than any other part of the song. It also features a sax solo – a rarity these days -and it’s nice to know you’ve always got this track to come back to for a saxy fix.
T. Rex – “20th Century Boy” – We must have been living in a cave until last year because that was the first time we noticed the genius rock of T-Rex. This is one of the biggest loudest coolest guitar songs ever. It sounds like whiskey, girls, guns, guitars, bangles and leather. And big hair.
Dragonette – “Take It Like A Man”
Journey – “Anyway You Want It” – Anyone who thinks Journey isn’t one of the greatest bands of all time may have a point. However, it’s hard to deny that a part of everyone wants to punch the air with their fists when this chorus hammers down.
Le Tigre – “Deceptacon” – This is what we would call she-bop….a tough track from some tough ladies who like ladies. It’s like 50’s punk, but with moustaches instead of taffeta.


Download here


The less said about me walking into a mirror and falling into a bin at the Lily Allen afterparty at Stringfellows and losing my phone later that night the better really….

Sunday Post?

March 11, 2007

Gosh I’ve been mad busy with boring stuff like work and play and not had a chance to sift through all my email till this weekend and what do I find but lots of lovely music!

First up, Poney Poney just sent me through their track Junior which was produced by Xavier from Justeeece. It was originally released on Arcade Mode but has now been licensed to Modular Recordings and is gonna be on a new comp out June.

They also let me know that their next EP is due to drop on Perspex Recordings (Freeform Five’s joint!) in June and is produced by Mr Oizo!

Poney Poney – Junior

White Girl Lust dropped a new track they have produced for Buddy Leezle called Get On Up (Dirt Style) with the assisting vocal talents of Cerebral Vortex and it’s a rather fucken splendid bit of bass heavy hiphop. Proper grimey beat that White Girl Lust has produced, i’m loving the sampled funk chanting too. Essential

Buddy Leezle feat Cerebral Vortex – Get On Up (Dirt Style)

William Russell, who did that lovely low end remix of LCD Soundsystem that I posted a few weeks back sent me through a new remix of Lady Sov’s Love Me Or Hate Me which is equally as good and has certain demented elements to it. Can’t wait to play this out

Lady Sovereign – Love Me Or Hate Me (William Russell Remix)

speaking of LCD Soundsystem, I got sent a bunch of remixes of the track Sounds Of Silver by some producers out of Germany called Soni Code and Rotoskop here are my two favourites which kinda take the track down different paths.

LCD Soundsystem – Sounds Of Aluminum (Rotoskop Remix)

LCD Soundsystem – Sounds Of Copper (Soni Code Remix)

tracks removed at behest of Big Brother EMI – sorry

West Virginia/NYC Party Hard Kids Cobra Kai hooked me up with a absolutely killer mix that Dj Krames did for the Transmit radio show in Dublin recently.

Krames has got killa skills, he’s had blog heat on Discobelle, La Decadanse and Blentwell before and rightly so cos this mix is tight like Noemi Lenoir (click on tracklisting image to download)

They also sent through T to the A, a track from Krames’ Dishwasher Safe Album which was extremely nice of them! Krames original productions have got love from Diplo, Stretch Armstrong, Flosstradamus, Catchdubs, Certified Bananas, Rory Them Finest, Them Jeans, Paul Devro, Peer Pressure, E6 The Crossfader King, My!Gay!Husband! and more.

You can purchase Dishwasher Safe from Turntablelab or itunes Get on it!

DJ Krames – T to the A

When i head back to NYC i’m defintely gonna check the CobraKai parties cos they look mental!

Can enthusiast Tago Mago sent me through a whole heap of weirded out remixes and reinventions he has done recently. Having been involved in making music for over 8 years, he recently started using acapellas from well known artists and the results can sometimes be stunning, taking artists such as The Streets, Nas, Ol Dirty Bastard, Mos Def and The B52s reinventing their tracks completely.

He’s already got word love from The Eadrums Shall Fail and Irk The Purist here are some of my favourites

Tago Mago feat. Mos Def – Mathematics (Ventilator mix) (direct link)

Tago Mago & The Aliquot Part – Has It Come To This (Tunnels Mix) (direct link)

Wu Tang Clan, Talib Kweli & Zap Mama – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin, Yelling Away (Tago Mago Remix) (direct link)

Frank Zappa & Redman and Method Man – Cheep Thrills, Tear It Off (Tago Mago Remix) (direct link)

Download the full Thief’s and other Themes album here and grab the My Quiet Corner To Reflect EP here

So Miss Odd Kidd told me to check out Late Of The Pier and soon after I get a remix of their track Space And The Woods by duo The C90s. The intro reminds me of that Erol remix of Franz Ferdinand from a few years back but it gets real dirty once the vocals kick in and the drums sounds excellent. Splendid!

Late Of The Pier – Space And The Woods (The C90s Remix)

Lastly, here’s a couple of tracks I’ve been feeling lately. First up is a Santogold track I got from Palmsout the other week – bigups to Haldan, you all best be checking Remix Sundays for a weekly dose of remix heat!! Santogold is getting all sorts of word love right now cos Dave Taylor is doing production, Creator is such a tuff track

Santogold – Creator (feat Freq Nasty)

And here’s a track my mate Stas Werno did with Long Distance Dan on mic duties recently which has a touch of Feadz about the production. Long Distance Dan has just set a new record label called Left Hand Recordings and is in the process of putting together a compilation of tracks by unsigned artists – If you are interested then drop him a line on his myspace for all the details.

Long Distance & Stas Werno – Disco Operated

Miss Odd Kidd Interview

March 9, 2007

miss odd kidd

Last week I caught up with Miss Odd Kidd for a chat about her music over some coffee which is quite civilised for the pair of us as we usually cross paths when at least one of us has seen the empty bottom of one too many glasses.

Slutty Fringe: You appear to be something of a myspace celebrity, lots of  musical and non musical people have you in their top friends – How has myspace affected your career specifically?

Miss Odd Kidd: Its been massive, I’ve had a music page for just over a year and it’s blown up: interest from labels, offers from potential managers, gig offers, collaborations, literally my music career is down to myspace

SF: And how long had you been involved in making music before myspace?

MOK: On and off around 3 years, I started out writing lyrics, poetry, but I didn’t know how to rap initially gett ing the rhyming correct, but after learning I didn’t have the confidence. So I started to get into songwriting, So I was hooking up with producers saying “I have a great song here, can I have a beat?” but they were dubious because I couldn’t sing, I can’t sing and I didn’t want to be a singer. From their point of view hooking up with a singer/ songwriter is the whole package, they’re not really interested if you only have lyrics and the melody.

This got me frustrated, so my friends told me to stick to my rapping so that  kinda got me back into it. So I fully focused on this aspect.

SF: How has your music developed over the years?

MOK: When I first started it was definitely straight up hiphop beats, that was my direct influence. But being on myspace has given has made me so much more aware of  underground music, styles that I hadn’t explored beforehand it’s definitely had and effect as my stuff is leaning towards electro. I mean I’ve always been into uptempo beats, it’s jest that the sounds are different now.

SF: You’ve got some tracks coming out on compilations this year, how much heat have you been getting from labels and what sort of enticement have they offered you?

Oh you know the usual, drugs, sex, a pension, to be a mistress , a flat hahaha. I got offered a deal by a record label, I won’t say who, for a ep and record deal and publishing rights but it wasn’t suitable for me. I;m in no rush to sign the first deal I’m offered as it has to be right. It’s a two way thing – How can I give a record company the best of me when I still have to go out and work to earn money and then be creative and be good?

SF: Would you say you have enough material to warrant a full album?

MOK: Quantity wise definitely, but quality wise no way

SF: I Can Count have licensed Don’t Be Afraid to Sweat for their next compilation yeah?

MOK: Yeah. I Can Count Music 2, which is getting released soon I think – I’ve been doing some reseach and chatting to Goldielocks about also maybe putting it out as a white label with some remixes or as a limited 7inch with some nice artwork and getting a itunes download sorted

SF: You certainly seem to have your head screwed on about the direction of your career

MOK: Well I don’t have management, but I have a music lawyer and I know a lot of people in the industry who give me advice which is a great help though it can get confusing having all these people pointing me in different directions – I feel like I need a manager, but It has to be someone genuine not some shifty fucker who’s just jumping on the bandwagon.

SF: You’ve done quite a few gigs in Copenhagen, how did they come about ?

MOK: Myspace! I signed up November 2005 A few weeks later, a promoter from Copenhagen who runs a night called Midweek Brakes got in touch and booked me for February 2005 and I’ve been back 5 times since. The first few times with Suicide Dogz and the last time with Goldielocks. Me and Suicide Dogz did Roskilde in 2006 He’s just a really good promoter, he’s talking bout maybe organising a mini tour soon.

SF: Any other countries gonna be seeing the Miss Odd Kidd experience soon?

Hopefully, there should be some gigs in Sweden coming up through Stockholm Beat Connection. I was contacted about doing the Miami Music Conference by a club promoter but after some initial talks I didn’t hear anything

SF: I’ve lazily compared you to Uffie in the past, which I suppose is better than being labelled a Mini Allen, how do you feel about the current rise of strong female artists out of London from yourself, Goldielocks and The Cock n Bull Kidd through to Kate Nash and George Pringle ?

MOK: I think Uffie and Lily are both great artists, but I don’t think I’m anything like Lily inparticular. I can see the Uffie comparison and I get compared to lady sov a lot too, which is nice as she’s doing her thing and she’s doing well but I don’t think I’m like her. I think it’s generally because she’s the most well known female UK rapper in other countries – for example I was doing a party in Copenhagen while the MTV Europe Music Awards were on and during the sound check all these people kept coming up to me and saying “Oh my god you’ sound just like lady sovereign”

As for all the new female artists it’s all good, we’re all doing our thing. Kate Nash is getting mad love deservedly, big things are happening. And it’s nice that all the artists you mention are retaining that Britishness – from the way we speak terminology and lyrics, you can tell this music is from London, the Uk. I think there was a tendency, especially in uk hiphop to Americanise the lyrics, whereas we’re proud to be what we are –  Kate nAsh sounds soo English, Lily sounds soo English, there’s no phoney accents.

SF: Other than Suicide Dogz, who produced “what’s The Reason Why?” and Goldielocks, responsible for “Don’t be Afraid to Sweat” which other producers have you been working with?

MOK: I’m doing stuff with Rowdy Superstar at the moment, I’ve had beats coming in from Cleft Palettes too. At the moment, I’m getting lots of producers getting in touch, sending me stuff via myspace – some of which I’m not feeling, when you are involved in making music, it’s very difficult to get inspired in terms of you having to keep your ears fresh. The beats people send through are good, but they don’t always grab me.

SF: And do you approach producers yourself ?

MOK: Yeah I have done in the past, but at the moment I’m getting quite a lot of producers contacting me asking to remix my stuff which is a really good thing you know – because it means my tracks being pushed to a different genre such as house for example

SF: What has been your best gig and worst gig?

MOK: Best gig – A toss up between performing at  Roskilde last year and that party in Copenhagen  during the MTV Europe awards that I mentioned earlier cos there was a reall buzzing atmosphere with all the celebrities in town and it was packed out, everyone was just up for it. I love doing gigs over there as they’re not afraid to get into it, people in London tend to act a bit stush and lately I’ve been doing a few pub gigs that I wanna get out of , not because I think I’m better than that but think my music is better suited for a club environment – at pub gigs with me standing on a stage, potentially people can get quite bored but if you’re in a club dancing and I get on the mic then people will react.

SF: I was chatting with Suicide Dogz and he was saying he liked playing gigs in other countries because people are a lot more open to new things, whereas London can seem a bit jaded sometimes

MOK: Yeah they are, cos our scene is bubbling and there are a lot of good people around and good nights but theres also a lot of shit. I mean London is great as you can go out 7 nights a week to a good party but I think in a place like Copenhagen you get appreciated there because there’s not as much going on, there’s not such a scene.

SF:  Your worst gig?

MOK: Hmmm, I think it’s probably the fucken Rhythmless (sic) Factory  haha – I turned up for soundcheck at 6, did the soundcheck at nine, was supposed to be on at midnight, was on at 3 by that time everyone had left and I was really pissed off. I wasn’t getting paid for the gig but It was about manners and respect.

SF: Which of your tracks are you most proud of?

MOK: (Don’t Be Afraid To) Sweat, love that track and it’s getting a lot of love on the blogs and people wanting to remix it. Ooh Ahh I Lost My Bra  with Suicide Dogz which isn’t on my myspace anymore is great, that went down really well in Denmark, I like performing that and getting men to sing along to the chorus

SF: Who in music are you loving right now ?

MOK: Late of The Pier, you have to hear this band! Bathroom Gurgle is the fucken lick. Ebony Bones, CocknBullKid, Goldielocks, MIA, loving The Teenagers, Deadkids, Shy Child and The Whip. The Klaxons new album. There’s a guy out of Birmingham called Glamour Soundsystem who I’m really liking. Black Affair is killing it, I’m doing a collaboration with him soon, he sent me through this really great song. Rowdy Superstar, who is producing me has got his own style going on

SF: Choose any producer and artist that you would you love to work or collaborate with?

MOK: It’s probably quite clichéd but Timbaland definitely and Missy Ellliot. Oh and Andre 3000 and Prince! Though I’d probably put him in my pocket and take him home.

SF: Hmm yes, now for some silly questions, If you were a professional wrestler what would your name be?

MOK: Bitch Slap! Haha

SF: Which girl group did you want to sing in when you were young?

I loved Bananarama as a wee nipper but I always wanted to be in the girl group from that cartoon Jem. I remember I had a Ken and Barbie doll and a Gem doll and Ken would go off and have an affair with her behind Barbie’s back,  hahaha.

SF: Who in music has the Sluttiest Fringe?

MOK: Lovefoxx from CSS, I saw them recently and they were amazing.


Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat will be released as part of I Can Count Music 2 in the very near future – go seek!

London people can catch Miss Odd Kidd at Bloggers Delight this sunday at the Locke Taverna in grand old Camden alongside the ever excellent Duke Dumont, Patchwork Pirates, IsaGT and residents Casper C and Skull Juice.

Skull Juice Junkies can get a earlier fix tommorow at Get Rude @ Catch on Kingsland Road in what is the best Get Rude lineup so far, I reckon, with slutty fringe favourite Hannah Holland (Trailer Trash) and Noami (All You Can Eat) joining Alex and Ben Skull Juice and residents Zombie Disco Squad for the best in shake your moneymaker gutter beats – and its FREE!

You are likely to see me at both these events brandishing a sharp rum and coke.

Don’t Be Eating The Hotdogs Outside Chalk

March 5, 2007

bigup to TomWilson@Fact for the Crookers shout !

So last week all my plans were put to one side as my body decided on Tuesday evening it would be quite nice to go for a slow dance with some food poisoning (which I finally came to the conclusion had to be the fault of a hotdog vendor outside Chalk). Right about the time I was getting ready to hit the Dazed Ed Banger party – lovely. Special thanks go to my friend Stas who sent me a rather smug text message at 8am the next morning as he was getting back from said party. Thanks.

Anyway, Ed Banger label boss and, according to some, Jesus lookalike Busy P dropped his Rainbow Man EP last week and it’s rather tasty. The title track is an ode to the APT in New York (though maybe Extortionate Drinks Prices is a more accurate title, not very catchy though is it?) Chop Suey was originally released on Arcade Mode ages ago and is some hot ghettotech with a decidely french flavour. My favourite track, however, is Pedro’s remix of What’s Your Name Again? by Fancy which cuts up and distorts the guitar sample brilliantly and goes all over the place.

Essential, get it now from Arcade Mode or Phonica

Fancy – Whats Your Name Again? (Busy P Remix)

I got invited to check Robyn (definitely the most interesting hair in music right now) play at Proud in Camden on Thursday, but wanted to catch the No Hopers perform at YoYo and ended up doing neither! (I should be getting a mixtape from the No Hopers, so more on them soon)

Judging by the forthcoming single, Konichiwa Bitches, Robyn is gonna be big in 2007, Menta, Trentemoller and Oscar The Punk on remix duties and a rather splendid video to boot. the Trentemoller mix sounds like he’s been listening to the B52s and lots of jump up drum and bass recently – which is a very good thing

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemoller Remix)

Konichiwa Bitches is released on the 26th of March – i’m pretty sure it will be available on all formats from everywhere.

And on Friday, I was going to venture into New Rave Cross to catch all girl in 70’s style PE garms trio The Duloks perform then head up to Brixxton to catch Freestyle Records’ Shepdog play the cold heat with the Keepup! kids. Instead I spent it on the sofa, rubbing my tummy, watching CSI repeats on Five US and feeling sorry for myself.

Come Saturday, I was much better, and after spending lots of money on new vinyl I headed up to the rather cosy part of North West London that is Kilburn to catch The Chap perform at The Luminaire.

Line opened up for the evening with some nice electropop sounds that contained a generous amount of deliberate wonk and no accidental laptop dropping, and Capitol K made quite an impression on me as I don’t really know much about their previous work.

The Chap were really on point though. They are a band with a reputation for putting on amazing live performances and Saturday was no different. Working through tracks from their two albums and some hot new material that got me very excited, they had the crowd dancing from the off and had me in stitches with their silly vogue routines. The drummer is supertight on the sticks as well.

There was some A & R heat in the crowd so you might be seeing them surface with a new album on a hot sauce label in the near future. My favourite tracks from their performance were Baby I’m Hurting and Clissold Park. You really should go out and buy their albums, befriend them on Myspace and go check out one of their gigs. Splendid stuff

The Chap – Baby I’m Hurting

The Chap – Woop Woop

Unfortunately I had to duck out before the end of their performance to catch the tube to Old St to play at Suicide Dogz‘ night at the 333. I managed to catch the end of Swallow’s set (Fuck My Boyfriend is a great pop track) and TheCocknBullKid did a great short wee set that had the crowd moving hips.

Roy Teens played a tuff set of tracks that went from 90’s rave anthems to hiphop bangers and several places inbetween and I hit the crowd with an hour and a bit of low end house, baltimore and ed banger goodness. Speshul!

Oh yes, before the food poisoning took over I went to the ICA to see Patrick Wolf last Monday. I only got into this kid a few months back after being asked to write about him for Kultureflash and having no real idea who he was decided to investigate. I picked up Lycanthropy, his debut album and was hooked on the dramatic instrumental flourishes and moody electronic production that is absent from most pop music these days.

His new album, The Magic Position, is a decidely more upbeat proposition and this mood was reflected in a excellent performance at the ICA. Taking to the stage looking like a oversized boyscout and backed up by an extremely impressive band of musicians, Wolf treated the audience to the new material, switching between playing a piano and a violin.

My favourite moment was the rendition of Accident & Emergency that sounded like it had been given a dirty grime relick on the ICA Soundsystem. He even did a track on the encore with support act Bishi (who I missed play earlier unfortuntely) I think this album will see Wolf break through and get the attention his talent undoubtedly deserves.

Patrick Wolf – Accident & Emergency

Patrick Wolf – Get Lost

Purchase The Magic Position here