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When Push Comes To Love

September 25, 2007


Alex Bok Bok from Faggatronix sent me their latest mix the other day which is forty five minutes of bass line madness in all it’s various guises and certainly put together with alot more panache than myself I dare say.

Nominally a promo mix for The Push Soundsystem’s All Nighter this Friday up in the provinces of Birmingham at which Faggatronix are playing alongside ZombieZombieZombieDiscoSquad, Mr Boy8Bit from ze Black Ghosts, the ubiquitous Casper Clark and the Push SoundSystem residents – If you are a Midlander check it at the Custard Factory yo!

01 * JEF SAMUEL – fire [Claude Vonstroke remix]
02 * PRETTY RICKY – call me
04 * DJ TY – still trippin’ [BOK BOK’s SE5 refix]
05 * DROP THE LIME – gigantic wings
06 * TRICK OR TREAT – fair weather friend
07 * PAUL JOHNSON – feel my m f bass
08 * SARAH LOVE – glamour bitch
09 * ALIAS – gladiator 4×4
10 * ARMAND VANHELDEN – i want your soul [CROOKERS remix]
11 * ACID JACKS – mookie [MATTHEAD remix]
12 * ZOMBY – darkness fallz
13 * T2 – oh boy
14 * D WIZZ – toot that
15 * FAST EDDIE – big ol booty
16 * DEXPLICIT- lollipop bass
17 * LVIZ 1990 – mr wobble
18 * DJ RASHAD – electronic juke
19 * GIRL U NO ITS TRU – god damn pussy [PUSH interlude]
20 * DJ BADDMIXX – bounce and walk it out
21 * MISTER RIES – so it goes
22 * DJ BADDMIXX – touch your toes
23 * T2 – heartbroken

Download – Faggatronix Push The Promo Mix

This Is Sick

September 23, 2007


I’m not entirely convinced by the new Supermayer album, had it for a few weeks now and it’s not been on heavy rotation like I thought it would be. This may be in no small part due to the somewhat risible superhero concept behind it, seriously the press release is a bit cringeworthy (Slutty Fringe is not a fan of concept albums) but also cos it veers into poppier sounds at some points. Which is a shame because the Gui Boratto and The Field albums have been two of my favourite albums this year and have made me quite keen on Kompakt.

but one track did stand out – Planet of The Sick is a very nice bouncey house track! Hopefully more concerted music to ears will change my mind on the album as a whole.

Supermayer – Planet Of The Sick

Despite this, I reccommend everyone that calls themselves a Londoner to head down Plastic People this wednesday cos Allez Allez have got the SuperMayer tag team djing for four hours uninterrupted which is a rare treat these days! For only Seven pound!

Buy Supermayer: Saves The Planet here

Raw Like Sushi

September 22, 2007

If you have frequented clubs in London over the past few months it’s likely you will have at some point done the shoulder lean to the DJing skills of the STDJs. Adding another string to their bows, the STDJs have begun dabbling in production and now find themselves with the honour of having their remix of Raw, a track by London indie outfit Scanners released on Dim Mak Records (plaything of LA celebrity Steve Aoki)

Wearing their obvious love for the nasty low end house music sound of Switch, Herve, Crookers et all happily on their sleeve, the STDJs have crafted nearly six minutes of demented wonky bassline house music. Raw will be released on November 5th b/w a Blamma!Blamma! remix (hurrah!)

Scanners – Raw (STDJs Remix)

also check this splendid remix of Cassidy’s Drink & My 2Step they did which is likely to get you complaints from your neighbours – this must sound all sorts of heaviness in a club

Cassidy – Drink & My 2 Step

Wet & Sticky

September 22, 2007

By far the most exciting music related news I have heard in my brief hiatus from Blogland is that DFA Records have signed up Maurice Fulton’s Syclops project and are releasing a whole album of Syclops madness.

While I’m a bit sad that Tirk aren’t putting the LP out (Slutty Fringe loves Tirk) the virtue of being released on DFA will undoubtedly giveit alot more exosure. A 12″ called Where’s Jason K is slated for release in November with an album to follow early next year.

For those who aren’t aware of the splendid weirded out disco house that sounds like it is fallling up the stairs sound of Mr Fulton, I’ve selected a few choice tracks from his impressive canon for your ears taking in his Stress project and the Ladyvipb album on the sorely missed Nuphonic imprint.

Maurice Fulton Presents Stress – My Gigolo

Maurice Fulton Presents Stress – Space

Ladyvipb – The Wiggie Bop

Ladyvipb – Pain In My Brain

Check the Kathy Diamond lp for further proof of Fulton’s production nous and also grab his dj mix from El Diablos Social Club cause it’s reet and check his podcasts at bubbletease communications for fresh mixups with unreleased tracks (though it hasn’t been updated since March – sort it Mo!)

Keeping things DFA related, their new Death From Abroad imprint has finally kicked off with releases from Mock & Toof (looking fwd to catching them at Strobe tonight!) and Altz with Gucci Soundsystem up next. Ben & Henry Gucci Soundsystem just put out a netmix for peeps ears – check it!

1. Edwin Starr – Get Up (Pilooski edit?)
2. That Thing – That Thing
3. Alan Parsons Project – Mammagamma (Druzzis edit?)
4. Jamie Lloyd – Movin In (Brennan Green remix)
5. GB’s – Luchy in Vichy
6. Gucci Soundsystem – Acarpenter (Joakim Remix)
7. L B Bad – I like to move
8. Sid La Rock – Naked (DJ Koze remix)
9. Smith N Hack – Falling Stars
10. Binary Chaffinch – False Energy
11. Skinny Joey – White Holes
12. LCD Soundsystem – Time to get away (Gucci SS Remix)
13. Zombie Zombie – Driving this road (Joakim remix)

Gucci Soundsystem Death From Abroad Promo Mix (direct link)

The Moo That Rocked Slutty Fringe

September 22, 2007

Back last year when my life was simpler, Late Of The Pier were just the name of a band my friend Cuthbert kept filling the air next to my left ear with, I got sent a remix of their track Space & The Woods by fledgling production duo (and skilled DJs) The C90s which floored me with it’s takenofuckenprisoners approach to dancefloor etiquette.

Since then, Late Of The Pier have grown in stature somewhat, with mad limited single Bathroom Gurgle causing indie dancefloor ruckus and band member Samuel Dust proving rather adept at music on his todd under the LA Priest guise with the recent release of Engine on Phantasy Sound (check the nice Erol Alkan re/edit too!)

The C90s have been busy with the whole DJing thing clocking up gigs in Berlin and New York but they’ve finally through with a new remix – taking the track She’s Gonna Let You Down Again by merry London indie popsters Strange Idols and giving it a thoroughly splendid electrowonk facelift.

Strange Idols – She’s Gonna Let You Down Again (C90s Remix)

Out of Date

September 3, 2007

It’s likely you can probably find several of these tracks elesewhere on blogs but this is the first chance I have had to go through my email lately (and I really should be concentrating on a lucrative illustration job right now)

I will commence with some brand new second hand Blamma Blamma production as I feel awfully bad about forgetting to write anything about their remix of Blood Red Shoes after they had provided me with a copy on the snide – the Blood Red Shoes might look harmless enough but their record label is seemingly staffed by vicious mercenaries with a taste for naughty blogger blood.

Moving back from that tangent, Carry Me Home was Blamma Blamma’s first ever production which was intended for proper release but was sat upon for a very long time by Blamma Blamma (nearly two years!) that they have lost interest in it. Fortunately, the many denizens of myspace have professed their collective love for the song and Blamma Blamma have deemed to give it away for free!

Blamma Blamma! – Carry Me Home

I have been told that the debut official release from Blamma Blamma will be surfacing next month on iTunes and 10 inch – keep your left eye out!

Mr Scattermish form Melbourne is not only responsible for a splendid blog south side of the world but is also a hard working promoter and talented producer. To highlight both these latter aspects of himself he sent me his first ever proper remix, which is a track by Australian artist Harmon whose debut EP is having a launch party at Leaky Holes In Your Brain, the clubnight Scattermish runs with the excellently named Buff Diss.

Anyway Scattermish provided me with a re/edit of the remix which speeds proceedings up a notch and is excellent, kicks off with a SNL more cowbell sample has some nasty fidgit bass and handclaps before some bmore drums kick in. This I like.

Harmon – Moo (Scattermish’s More Cow Bell Re-Jiggy-Mix)

I’m not that up on US Politics, or any politics for that matter, but Senator Larry Craig getting caught soliciting for some man love by a undercover popo man made me laugh – Ursula 1000 clearly thought it was funny too cos he put together a cheeky wee Daft Punk meets Larry Craig in the lavs at Horse Meat Disco loveup.

Ursula 1000 vs Beat Gate-Around The World (Naughty Little Boy edit)

The Proper Villains sent me some tracks which if you read Ladecadanse then it’s more than likely you will have heard (and if you don’t frequent Ladecadanse what’s wrong wit ya) but I only just had the chance to give some ears.

My ears are angry that they have only just heard them now because they are splendid. Trick Baby is this crazy electrohouse wobbler with the snappiest kick drum sound I have heard for some time. This is getting some playtime over the next few weeks

Proper Villains – Trick Baby

And to demonstrate their diversity they also gave me a dubstep/grime/whatever subgenre you choose to call it remix of the Lumidee & Pitbull jam Crazy

Lumidee featuring Pitbull – Crazy (Proper Villains Remix)

L-Vis 1990 has been rather busy since his Metro Area remix surfaced. After getting word love on here and palmsout and discobelle, he secured himself support slots for acts such as Surkin, Passions, Knifehandchop, Modeselektor and Digital Mystikz and still found time to conjure up some new bassbin worriers

L-Vis 1990 – Mr Wobble

L-Vis 1990 – Hyper Bass Trek

3 Is A Crowd keep coming with remixes/edits, this time taking on pofaced Armand van Helden’s recent track This Ain’t Hollywood which kinda reminds me of The Prodigy with the rave stabs, sirens and offkilter drum patterns.

Armand van Helden – This Ain’t Hollywood (DJ Frox edit)

Before I go – check this new blog out of France called Streetkiss, buy the new Death from Abroad 12″s by Altz and Mock & Toof and the LA Priest single and get over to Prancehall’s blog to leech his splendid mixtape