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Nobody Knows Anything?

August 28, 2008

The above is patently not true as FACT magazine continue their rather special if infrequent series of mixtapes with a exclusive Supersoul Recordings Mix put together by Paul Mogg that your brain should tell your eyes is linked intrinsically to that rather special Death From Abroad licensed compilation of Supersoul material that was mentioned down the page a bit

Paul Mogg / Supersoul Recordings – Exclusive FACT Mix Tracklisting:

1. Mihoacan – Opiate Opus (Original Mix) [Tiny Sticks]
2. David Byrne & Brian Eno – Strange Overtones [Todomundo]
3. Matias Aguayo – Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) [Kompakt]
4. Circlesquare – Unknown [Ghostly International]
5. Bow Wow Wow – Orang Outang [RCA Victor]
6. Lama – Love Is On The Rocks (Monday Club Maxi Edit) [Arcobaleno]
7. Primal Scream – Autobahn 66 (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) [Columbia]
8. David Holmes – I Heard Wonders [Unknown]
9. 7.37 – Camellia [Unknown]
10. Zombie Zombie – Dog Walker [Versatile]
11. Pylon – Danger (Mogg & Naudascher Remix) [DFA]
12. Alicia Bridges – Body Heat [Polydor]
13. Gramme – Electric Faith [Uknown]
14. Neil Young – Mr Soul [Geffen]

Download here

Go to the FACT article for an interview with Supersoul Recordings head honcho Xaver Naudascher

Like Some Dream

August 28, 2008

Mancunian institution Electric Chair shut it’s doors on the cusp of 2008 with The Unabombers moving onto endeavours new, including their band The Elektrons and curating the somewhat more Dadhouse orientated Electric Souls parties.

A sad day it was too, one of my fondest clubbing memories was at a Electric Chair party in Elbow‘s studio somewhere in Manchester, holding onto a radiator for dear life whilst in the sweaty grip of the fear after a heavyhanded first dabble in the substance some like to call Michael Douglas, as everyone else happily danced to Henrik Schwarz.

Tirk Recordings pay a warm farewell with the news of a forthcoming and final Electric Chair mix cd – playfully entitled Electric Chair Saved My Life released mid October and full of seminal tracks from the likes of Faze Action, Pepe Bradock, Roy Davis Jnr and Isolee*

For those of you who think dance music was created by Daft Punk, fine tuned by Justice and had the Think break added by Herve this compilation can be classed as a schooling. Previous Electric Chair compilations have been a standard in the Slutty Fringe record box for many a year.

Tirk like their DJs and have an extra gem up their sleeve prior to the full CD release in the shape of the Electric Chair RIP EP – a three track vinyl sampler that fully encapsulates the sweaty, hedonistic, funk fuelled spirit that made Electric Chair special.

Taking in the bassbin bursting UK hip hop circa 1995 of SUAD‘s Black Men United, the gospel choir Loft classic that is Levan‘s edit of Joubert Singers (currently bastardized by the godawful Keedz track) and the mutant discoid funk of Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming) by Daniel Wang.

Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming)

Fans of Fabric live mixes will recognise the Wang track from James Murphy & Pat Mahoney’s disco soujorn but it has been near the top of my vinyl want list for several years now so my pleasure is like punch it’s getting put on wax on October 16th.

A vaguely related bonus track comes in the shape of this masterful re/edit of Stevie Wonder’s winebar rugcutter Superstition by Todd Terje, which Greg Wilson dropped at the Electric Souls Carnival party on Monday to massive delight. Several years of fielding continual drunken requests for the original had cultivated some sort of throbbing ball of hatred towards the track but trust Terje to cut right through that.

It’s practically ready to cash in it’s pension in blog years, having surfaced in March but it’s new to these ears and we’re starting to care less about blog hype.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Todd Terje Edit)

*full CD tracklisting after the jump

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Do You Believe In Fairies?

August 27, 2008

Here are three ways to sate your growing Little Boots appetite

1 ~ Download her new short but sweet Computer Fairyland Mixtape

Little Boots – Computer Fairyland Mixtape

2 ~ Download the latest issue of Fader and marvel as she unveils to Scott from the ever excellent Pinglewood plans to cover The Boy Is Mine with Thecocknbullkid

Fader Issue 56

3 ~ Purchase the mad limited seven inches of blue vinyl put together by the splendid 50 Bones which houses Meddle and it’s ever so splendid Sheffield bass remix from Toddla T from those Farringdon dwelling record shop people called Pure Groove – it will go well with those mp3s the internet gave you a few months back

Here is an acoustic version of Meddle for those of you who can’t remember how to buy music

Little Boots – Meddle (Acoustic Version)

Modern Love

August 24, 2008

So last night I was down at Proud in Camden for the weekly Be night and to be honest not particularly looking forward to seeing the night’s headline act So So Modern. I’d caught them in Berlin last year and even with the benefit of some primo east European MDMA had been underwhelmed to say the least. But it would appear that in the time between now and then they’ve only gone and become a shit hot live act, so much so  that I spent a fair chunk of the gig wondering if this was the same band.

But it was and it seems that in the intervening months they’ve taken their scatter-shot punk energy and focused it into something much tighter, weirder and generally more interesting. One song in particular, a much slower spacey freak out, had me running to the sound man to check the title, which by a nice coincidence was called ‘Berlin’. I grabbed a hatful of 7″s off the band at the end of the night but sadly it seems that this one song is yet to be recorded properly.

The band have a few more UK dates left before they head back down under and I reckon i’ll try and catch them again at White Heat in a week or so, if they’re playing near you check them out.

26 Aug Buffalo Bar / Artrocker, London
27 Aug Antics / Crawdaddy Dublin
28 Aug Ifor Bach Cardiff, Wales
29 Aug Freebutt, Brighton
31 Aug Offset Festival
2 Sep White Heat, Madame Jo Jo’s, London
3 Sep Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
4 Sep New Adelphi, Hull
5 Sep Fast Punk Club, Edinburgh
6 Sep Captain’s Rest Glasgow, Scotland

Sexual Underwear

August 23, 2008

Pure Groove seem to be delighting in stocking the more esoteric band merchandise at the moment – mention was made of the particularly garish Metronomy sunglasses last week but Sebastien Tellier underwear has to be the most inspired bit of merchandise yet!

Sadly none of the Pure Groove staff were willing to model them…..

Riot On Planet 10

August 23, 2008

DFA are a lucky beast in that they can announce the delay the release until next year of something you would sit through the entire series of Big Brother in the company of Amy Crackhouse and her cadre of sycophantic loons to get your hands on (In this case the 45:33 remixes) and how do you show your frustation?

Quite happily forking out several dollar bills on the clutch of new DFA 12’s that drop in the same week – personally speaking that first smell of the vinyl after you rip the seal just (just) about supersedes the Babytalk remix of Big Ideas or Sal P’s alt discoid remix of The Tussle but can’t beat the excellent slomo psychedelic disco funk Mock & Toof remix of Holy Ghost.

Furthermore the burgeoning Death From Abroad sub imprint grew some just now with the release of Nobody Knows Anything a 2CD retrospective of the last two years worth of vinyl releases by Berlin überlabel Supersoul which compiles 19 tracks that touch on Krautrock, Italo disco, electro, Chicago house and Detroit techno and are all filed under Dancefloor Heat.

Label boss Xaver Naudascher features heavily as does ex Psychonaut Paul Mogg, indeed their are four of their Moon Unit collaborations across the 2 CDs (with the playful ten minute italo workout of Moon Unit Part 1 being a particular favourite) here is their edit of Walter Jones

Walter Jones – The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit) / [zshare link]

Get the goodness here

Eye Of The Tiger

August 22, 2008

Busy weekend ahead in London with all and sundry no doubt heading west for the Notting Hill Carnival, personally I’ll probably take advantage of the mass exodus by going for a quiet pint in Hackney.

Anyway for those looking to kick start the long weekend, Berlin’s Shir Khan will be down at Plastic People Trailer Trash tonight and if you want a taste of what you can expect or just need something to get you through the rest of the afternoon point your browsers in the direction of the XLR8R website where they’ve just upped a rather hefty 78 track mix from the maximal man like Khan.

In his own words ‘78 Tracks in 120 minutes. The full SHIR KHAN dose. From Zulu-House to Strictly Rhythm to Disco to Dubstep to African Bongogrooves, to Acid, to Soul, Frontroom Deepness, Basement, Crunk and Techno. Genreblending as always.’ Nice, Nice.

As an added bonus you can also grab his new mix of the Young Punx as well, out very soon on Mofo Hifi I believe. Too Kind.

Young Punx – Mashitup (Shir Khan Mix)

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The Freaks Come Out At Night

August 19, 2008

It can be quite dispiriting DJ’ing sometimes. You troop up to a venue with an edgy name, get yourself settled in by the booth and start flicking through your Stooges 7″s when you realise there’s a queue of girls forming behind you all with the same utterly predictable and dull request for RnB, Garage or Funky House. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve spent many a happy hour hoovering the house to Alexander O’Neil records but still it’d be nice if just once they gave you a couple of songs before twisting their orange faces into a disbelieving scowl as they try and comprehend that anyone could leave the house without the collected works of Usher upon their person.

Sadly for them, last Friday I was all out of Usher, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo or even ‘that Rolex song’ and they had to make do with some old Crookers edits I found lying at the bottom of my bag. Still it seemed to keep them happy for an hour or so and best of all gave me a chance to drop the new 7″ from Camden Town’s finest Man Like Me. Now this might not have been exactly what the assembled scrapebacks were expecting but in my not particularly humble opinion you’ll be hard pressed to find a better pop act than MLM in the UK today and judging by the enthusiastic knees up on the dancefloor the crowd were in agreement.

I first caught them literally bringing the roof down at the Amersham Arms in its pre-buff hype days and have been a bit obsessed ever since. The only thing about them I’ve yet to make up my mind about yet is whether they’re this generation’s Madness or Specials, but either way I think there’s a hell of lot more going on there than many people have cottoned onto yet, though hopefully that should change very soon.

Anyway the new single Carny has been one of my favourites in their live shows ever since and is out now with a whole load of remixes available exclusively at Beatport. And as a reward for wading through all that you get to leech the Punks Jump Up mix, where the boys have housed it up and added a soundsytem shredding bassline and a mix from the MLM’s own Pesk which throws some carnival-esque drums into the mix to jaunty effect.

Man Like Me – Carny (Punks Jump Up Go Bass Mix)
Man Like Me – Carny (Pesk Mix)

Now if Man Like Me have a slight hint of bawdy 70’s softcore hero Robin Askwith about them (actually Confessions of… would make a great debut album title) then the next act who have been filling our inbox is a little more reminiscent of something like Salò. Heidi Kilpelainen aka HK-119 is a Finnish artist whose been living in London the past few years scaring the shit out of young men in dark clubs with an act that is one part Factory-esque performance art, one part Grace Jones and one part ball crushing dominatrix.

Her debut LP is about to drop on One Little Indian and we can heartily recommend it, and not just because we’d like our nuts to stay in the shape they are. Check out a couple of tracks from the album ‘Fast, Cheap and Out of Control’ below.

HK-119 – Divine
HK-119 – Tropikalia

All That Glimmers in West London

August 19, 2008

Death To All Cultural Snitches, Slutty Fringe’s favourite West London wonky disco night returns this bank holiday with a pre Carnival DC Recordings showcase at Acklam Rd on Friday. Repping J Saul Kane’s label on the night are Emperor Machine and Padded Cell live and heavyweight DJ support comes in the shape of everyonesfavouriteBelgianswhoaren’tSoulwax The Glimmers, Richard Sen and the Snitch residents.

The brains behind the operation were kind enough to hook us up with a exclusive mix from the Glimmers as well as two pairs of tickets to the event. For your chance to get a pre carnival bogle in just send your answer this easy question:

Which DC Recording artist have the Glimmers recently remixed?

click here to send answer on email with title A Glimmer of Hope, winners will be notified at the time we call lunch on Friday afternoon

Grab the Glimmers mix here (no tracklist i’m afraid)

Glimmers Gee Gee Fazzi Mix

Those of you that can’t get your discogs on can purchase tickets for Friday evening from here

What The Fuck Do You Want With Us Earthlings?

August 16, 2008

Whilst the internet goes crazy over leaked Fake Blood and SebastiAn remixes of The Kills it seems pertinent to throw the spotlight once again on Hollyweirdo duo Nite Cells, responsible for my favourite remixes of the Anglo American duo.

Much like Kate Moss, Nite Cells have moved on from The Kills and dipped toes in original production with Try It Feel It as well as remixes for Division Kent and The Victorian English Gentlemens Club.

Just now (well then) they have finished a rather bouncey remix for Afghan Raiders, Las Vegas dwellers and very much popular on blogs that post mp3s

Afghan Raiders – Future Thinkers (Nite Cells Remix)

The Afghan Raiders Future Thinkers / Solid Gold EP is available now on itunes in digital format obviously or you can order yourself a nice little digipak via paypal for just 4 dollars on the Afghan Raiders myspace

Let’s Play Homeless Guy or Arthur Baker

August 16, 2008

There’s always a little streak of delight that curses through these veins when something new from the Flagrant Fowl camp drops in the inbox as Cousin Cole and Pocketknife are rare beasts of the blog in that they’ve upped their production game from straight up mashup club bangers to more considered gems (the Pocketknife Feist remix can carve a smile on even the darket day)

Here Cousin Cole takes the shoegaze indietronicdisco of South America by fellow New York residents Men & Women and leads it down the path towards the heavy bass drums and feedback induced melodies more commonly associated with Holy Fuck – genius stuff

Men & Women – South America (Cousin Cole Remix)

A more considered review of the Men & Women sound can be found at These Rocks Pop and you can cop the South America EP that includes the Cousin Cole version as well as a Elliot Lipp (mush) remix on War and Moon Records in digital format and Ltd Edition 12′ at a variety of places that include Turntable Lab and Beatport

Going For Gold

August 15, 2008

Whilst all eyes are currently on the various steroid laced freaks in Beijing trying their best to convince the world that running in a straight line is actually worth watching, closer to home there’s only one sportsday grabbing our attention and that’s one man techno pop wonder Hugh Frost.

Better know as Sportsday Megaphone, Hugh’s much anticipated debut album is out on Sunday Best in a couple of weeks and from what we’ve already heard and from his recent live shows it stands a good bet of featuring heavily in our end of year polls. In the mean time, he’s sorted us out with some remixes from the likes of GoodBooks and Nic Nell to keep us busy.

Sportsday Megaphone w/ Rebekah Raa – Carrying The Years
Sportsday Megaphone – Less & Less (GoodBooks Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – Body Fat (Nic Nell Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – Bikini Atoll (GoLab Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – LA (Copy Remix)

Meanwhile, one of this year’s other great white hopes Metronomy have jumped into bed with Castro baiting Rum peddlers Bacardi to give away a new track. Whilst here at Slutty Fringe we have a long, deep and loving relationship with rum our tastes tend to veer more towards 15 year old Appleton than bat juice, still the track slips down nicely enough and could easily soundtrack a delicate romantic session over the breakfast bar with some over-Breezer’ed new acquaintance.

Metronomy – A Thing For Me (Miami Mix)

A word of caution though unless the object of your affection is so lubricated that we’re essentially talking statutary rape we’d suggest you don’t got the full hog and rock a pair of these bad boys at the same time. Perfect as they are for the sizeable population of you out there who seem intent on dressing up like Timmy Mallet on a night out.

I always preferred Dinosaurs

August 14, 2008

I just been told some DJ recommended Slutty Fringe in an interview if you want rowdy house music so it’s probably a good thing that we can share the goods on the latest Herve alter ego Action Man.

After debuting the Action Man sound on the recent Jesse Rose EP and following on from the massive Fake Blood EP, Herve dedicates the fourth release on Cheap Thrills to this latest side of his musical personality

Heads have been scratched at how different exactly Action Man is to the many other nom de plume’s, though the facetious among you might see the resemblance between Joshua and the popular toy.

Anyway let’s step back from such digressing, this mixed sampler contains the tracks Alarm Bell, Under Your Skin and Zombie Dance.

Action Man – Stamina EP teaser

The Stamina EP drops on September 15th or several weeks earlier on the internet most likely – look out for future Cheap Thrills releases from Hervé vs Kissy Sell Out, Detboi and Rico Tubbs.

It’s Italomatic

August 14, 2008

Disco Dave, friend to Formal Worldwide, and if rumour is corrrect, possessor of a Phd in the Science of Disco from NYU, just dropped a 45 minute mix of obscure (to me) Hi-NRG Italo Disco on us which would not sound out of place booming out of the speakers at South London institution Horse Meat Disco.

Formal Discomix Tracklist

Gazebo – Lunatic
Los Angeles T.F. – Magical Body
Easy Going – Fear
Lime – On The Grid
Lime – Agent 406
Lime – You’re My Magician
Amanda Lear – Follow Me

Download Here (direct link)

The nautical amongst you London dwellers might be interested in the Formal Worldwide versus Fool Proof Silent Vessel boat party on September 13th with a special guest in the shape of rave legend Colin Dale – more deets on the Formal myspace

I Love You I Hate This

August 13, 2008

Ongoing issues with zshare and a longer than expected recovery from weekend Birthday and Field Day shenanigans mean a whole bunch of stuff has been on the backlog – here is some, I don’t hug hype machine so god knows if this lot has been posted elsewhere

The Brighton branch of the Mad Decent family known to record labels as Mumdance has been busy with the remix of late with Santogold and Radioclit amongst his treatments, whilst such names are guaranteed blog fodder it’s good that Mumdance can turn his talented hands to other bands and the results are similarly rowdy

In this case fellow Brightoners Maths Class and Ladytron‘s dapper mate Pop Levi

Maths Class – Branches (Mumdance Remix)

Pop Levi – Dita Dimoné (Mumdance & High Rankin Remix)

Mumdance hits the speaker stacks in room three of Fabric this Friday with Toddla T and a whole bunch of others – peep the full lineup here

Speaking of Toddla T, he has of course being heavily involved in the Slime & Reason, the new Roots Manuva album which has been garnering some good reviews just now. A week before it drops, certified Carnival anthem Again & Again is released with remixes from two quite disparate sources.

Matt Helders, erstwhile drummer of the everyday man’s band Arctic Monkeys provides a suprisingly wonky reimagination with a nuff buff bassline, whilst The Moody Boyz follow up the recent Erykah Badu remix with some dark steppaz steez (or something)

Roots Manuva – Again & Again (Matt Helders Remix)

Roots Manuva – Again & Again (The Moody Boyz Remix)

The only thing better than a Lykke Li song is a Lykke Li song remixed by Tim Goldsworthy aka The Loving Hand, the only thing better than a Lykke Li song remixed by Tim Goldsworthy is a Lykke Li song  remixed by Tim Goldsworthy with the rather annoying flamenco guitar flecks removed!

Lykke Li – Little Bit (The Loving Hand Remix)