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Carnival Sounds

August 30, 2006

I spent Bank Holiday Monday at the Electric Souls Carnival All Dayer and I’ve only just recovered enough from all the fun to write a glowing if somewhat short review of the evening. The Elektriks family rarely venture down south to London Town, so when they do its always a bit special.

Benji B‘s set was probably the highlight of the evening for me, had me throwing shapes on the Metrolitan dancefloor for the entirety, particular highlights were Oliver Cheatham’s Get Down Saturday Night into Timberlake’s Sexy Back into Dj Technics Mr Postman and signing off his set with Pepe Bradock’s Deep Burnt. I would comment on the Unabombers set afterwards but my memory gets a bit wonky after they begun with The Beatles Here Comes The Sun (drinking Red Stripe all day does this to you)

So instead of me trying to scratch my head and remember here’s some Pepe Bradock and Dj Technics for your listening pleasure

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

DJ Technics – Mr Postman

Luke Unabomber photo by rikmoran.

Delete Yourself @ Bardens Boudoir 24th August

August 25, 2006

Last night I went down to hip venue Bardens Boudoir in lovely Dalston to see The Presets and Oh No Not Him (aka Michael J Coxx) play with dj support from young turks Skull Juice at Delete Yourself.

We got there a few songs into On No Not Him’s set but I was immediately impressed by the bass heavy crunchy hip hop beats coming out of his laptop – The kid has quite a stage presence too, not at all flustered by the gathered masses awaiting The Presets, he even took to some crowd baiting during songs which was most amusing. Particular highlights were You’re Just a Dick, Masculine Hygiene and his finale, a smart rework of a well known r n’ b song that escapes my memory right now.

Check On No Not Him on Myspace and also read his amusing blog

(I’m hoping to get a interview with Oh No Not Him, so check back for future biggles ups)

After a brief hiatus, The Presets took to stage amidst rapturous applause from the assembled slutty fringes and skinny jeans. Having only heard their 2003 EP Blow Up, I wasn’t sure what to expect from them live. Certainly I was not dissapointed, their spazzdancefagrock translated perfectly to the intimate basement venue. The Australian duo put on a extremely sweaty performance for well over an hour, even working a touch of Da Funk into one of their songs.

SkullJuice took to the decks to see the night out, laying down some dancefloor heat, unfortunately It was past my bedtime so I had to leave

Props to Modular Records and Alt-Delete for putting on a good show what what!

Oh No Not Him releases his debut single on the 2nd of October on Natural Shy Records

The Presets are currently on some rather large tour in major cities throughout the world, check their myspace for details and get their debut album Beams here

Presets Download

My favourite track from the Blow Up EP

Get The Fuck Outta Here

Presets photo originally uploaded by noisehead.

Friday Mix Special

August 25, 2006

rita rita

I figured it was about time to spread some mixtape love on Slutty Fringe

Recloose – Throwdown Mix Vol. One

Mark Rush Hour kindly passed this rather excellent mix on to me after Recloose djed in Amsterdam recently. Throwing down a lovely blend of hiphop, funk, disco, broken beat and techno, this is undoubtedly one of the finest mixes I have heard for quite some time. No semblance of a tracklist, but there is some tracks you know, some you recognise and plenty that you wish you knew.

Hot Chip – Mixture 2

Hot Chip mix cds are some mad limited pressings (sell out same day they are put on sale in phonica mad limited) the first one passed me by but I managed to snag a copy of the second one. A barometer of their dj sets, it includes lots of music I have no clue about.

Edan – Quick Party Mix

For some reason Edan’s music does very little for me – I do however like his mixtapes. Both the Fast Rap and Funky Drummer mixes were nicenice and the Quick Party Mix is just as good,with loads of old funk, rock, breaks and party tunes expertly cut and blended perfectly.

Shepdog – Recorded Live and Tipsy Mix

Freestyle Records Manager Shepdog kindly passed on this mix recorded live – a generous slice of hiphop, beats and funk. Shepdog also recommends this from some mysterious types as a guaranteed party banger – HEAT

Sum other Mix Ish

Discobelle has a rather tasty Dj Ayres (The Rub) mix posted up which is on some nice Disco/House/Electro tip and I’m sure they have plenty of other excloosive stuff to delight your ears too (in fact they’ve only bloody got two other rather nice looking mixes up!!!)

Upside Down Stupid Hat bring the mixtape rawness each and every monday and this weeks heat was especially warm – the seminal David Holmes Essential Mix broadcast from 1997 and an excellent Cap And Jones mix cramming in generous portions of B’more, hip hop, disco and electro (Best be quick though cos these particular hotcakes only be up for a few days more)

Mr Wyse – Salv40 Mix

I feel the need to spread the word on Mr Wyse’s Salv40 mix – it’s been a fixture on my ipod for a couple of months now. The mysterious Mr Wyse put it together especially for a friends 40th birthday. Words can’t really do it justice so i’m jus gonna post the link and check the tracklist here

Bank Holiday Runnings

August 25, 2006

August bank holiday in London town is traditionally crammed full of stuff to do and the 2006 edition is no different…..


Stars of Safari – 93 Feet East, Brick Lane innit.

7 in the pimms till 1 after bed time. Free before 9pm £5 thereafter

Furthur promotions launch their new label Stars of Safari with a live performance from hotly tipped band Bussetti and dj support from Big Chill favourite Burt Latino and Furthur head honcho John Power. In the exotically named Pink Bar, Jesus Creepers provide the baying masses with a heady mix of northern soul, house and party classics. Splendid!

Furthur will also be laying on a Milanese album launch party at Plastic People on September 21st with live sets from Milanese and Clark, a Zilla laptop set and a Dj Distance Dj set – speshul!

They’ve also got Bonobo playing at the Luminaire on the 26th but thats all SOLD OUT and ting


There’s some big corporate shenanigans going on in King Cross that you may have heard about but theres still some other runnings worth checking

KeepUp! – White Horse, Brixton Hill, Brixtonia

9pm – 3am Free All Night

The KeepUp! kids have been making sure Brixton doesn’t sleep on its left side for a few months now – in their own inimitable words:

“We’re starting to feel quite athome in the Whitehorse. The crowds are friendly, the bar is welcoming, and the dance floor is smoldering. When we get going, we don’t stop, and
many a missed night bus has resulted in our sessions lasting till the small hours. We’ve even had a few antipodean celebrities join us for the ride.”

Teens of Thailand Secret Shoreditch Shenanigans

Teens Of Thailand seem to be asking why bother with TDK?



KeepUp! Locktones @ The Canalside Bar

Canalside Bar, Lock 17, Camden

5pm till 2am – Again with the freeness

This one is a bit special – Spent many a drunken sunday here, the fools even let me play records once or twice! This weekend sees the last Locktones at Lock 17 and bank holiday Locktones are always mad drunken splendid *insert keepup mailing list blurb*

“So it’s the end of an era for Keep Up! as this weekend sees us packing out the Canalside Bar in Camden for our last ever Sunday session there. After almost two years of Monday morning hangovers, we’ve decided it’s time to take Sunday’s somewhere else, and we figured there was no better weekend to end on than our favourite weekend of the year.

So this really is your last chance to make it down. If you’ve been saying you would for the last god knows how long, then after this weekend you can either clear your conscience or damn your tardiness, you decide!

But before we face our final curtain, we’ll be doing something a little bit special. If the weather permits (and we’ve not been lucky before), from 5pm till 9pm instead of being downstairs in the Canalside, we’ll be upstairs on the Terrace bar, working our way through some summertime classics and hopefully ending with a special sunset, erm, set.

If the weather betrays us, and after 9pm, we’ll be back downstairs in our usual spot, with perhaps a misty eye, but definitely with a bag full of floor fillers.”


The last bank holiday monday of the british summer I personally will be spending at the Electric Souls all dayer at Carnival – It is my bold suggestion you do similar cos it looks lively and ting

Electric Chair Carnival Runnings

Schlampen Pony*

August 23, 2006

hubba on a plane

Last thursday I agreed, for my sins, to play records at Front Magazine’s 100th issue party at NotEvenOnTheAlphabet celebrity haunt Cafe De Paris (the promise of pole dancers and a free bar was too much for a fool like me to turn down)

Despite it being a very poorly organised evening, my fellow DJ Duncan and I did mange to have some fun. Disregarding the last minute request to play commercial pop and crappy rock for the most part, we managed to get away with playing some rather wonky and nasty music.

One particular track that Duncan boomed out I really liked and knew absolutely nothing about was Puzique – Thomas on Boys Noize Records. It has some mad Oizo style synthy noises and a killer breakdown which sounded great on a big soundsystem.

Puzique – Thomas

Check Puzique and Boys Noize myspace for more info

Touch here for some photos of the Front Mag Party (liberal amounts of pole dancing shots included)

Hubba edna on plane photo provided by the excellent Last Nights Party

* Schlampen pony is german for Slutty Fringe

I Go Out On Saturday Night……

August 20, 2006

hello sailor

Soooooo I jus got in from djing at someone’s birthday party in Ye Olde Street, which went off, 3 hours of hipshaking music, and the first time I fully incorporated using cds into the whole mixing ting. And I know this week on slutty fringe has been sparse (One post with music and stuff but still..) So in my drunken stupor I’m posting a sunday bonanza of aural delights (or something)

Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods

Being a young buck, I didn’t get the chance to appreciate this band first time round, and I really didn’t see the point of Bloc Party so I never checked Gang Of Four when they were cited in the music press as a obvious influence on Kele and co. Then I heard the Optimo editon of How To Kill The DJ which is crammed full of Gang of Four and made me realise how fucking great they are and how waypastfuckingfashionableylateIwas on them – Now the excellent missingthumbs has pre-empted me and posted another track off Entertainment so I know I have to post Damaged Goods because its splendid!!

Buy Entertainment here

MSTRKRFT – Work On You

I finally got to hear the MSTRKRFT LP, it’s great buy it when it is released. Until then you can have this track which featured on the CutCopy FabricLive mix.

Munk feat, James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (Replayed by WhoMadeWho)

My favourite remix of the past few years – No More Needs To Be Said!

Theo Parrish – Falling Up (m4a. file)

The Carl Craig remix has been blogged nuff – and rightly so cos its proper 4amMDMA’edOffYerFaceInAClubMusic – But the original has so much more charm (check the wonky percussion) that I have to share it!

Theres been a glut of theo parrish vinyl repressed over the past few weeks – gobble it up here or here

Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go

I just got Curtis Live and listening to it makes me wish I had the opportunity to see the man in concert, even on some headphones you can’t help get caught up in the funk (Also, Curtis’ between song banter reminded me of Bill Cosby in the House Of Cosbys a show which is no more sadly)

Kelis Feat. Andre 3000 – Millionaire

The new Kelis album seems to be dividing opinion – those who like to shake hips are loving the tracks that are out there while others are perturbed by album credits for Will.I.Am and Too $hort – I’m slapping up a track from her last LP which was ripe for a re-edit, 3 and a half minutes was not enough running time for this slice of Slick Rick sampling genius from Andre 3000

Exchange your hard earned for Kelis’ new Album here

New Young Pony Club – Get Dancey

I have gone on at great length about how amazing New Young Pony Club are (those without social lives would have caught their performance of Ice Cream on C4’s Transmission on friday night) but I can’t stop listening to Get Dancey on the Cut Copy Fabric Mix (yes thats TWO mentions in one post)

at some point in the near future Modular Recordings will unveil some fresh New Young Pony Club tracks!

Sailor Girl provided by merkley

Some Ting An Ting

August 16, 2006

jean seberg caning a smoke

DFA Remixes: Chapter Two

In October, DFA Records unleash the second installment of their remix compilations. This chapter sees Goldsworthy and Murphy tackle a slightly more broader range of artists than the first chapter, what with relicks of Nine Inch Nails sharing space with Junior Senior. The vinyl release contains less tracks than the CD but replaces some of the original remixes with RARE instrumental versions.

CD Tracklisting
1. Tiga – Far From Home (DFA Remix)
2. Junior Senior – Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix)
3. N.E.R.D. – She Wants To Move (DFA Remix)
4. Hot Chip – Colours (DFA Remix)
5. Nine Inch Nails – Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)
6. Goldfrapp – Slide In (DFA Remix)
7. Chromeo – Destination Overdrive (DFA Remix)
8. Unkle – In A State (DFA Remix)

Vinyl Tracklisting
A. Tiga – Far From Home (DFA Instrumental Remix)
B. i) Junior Senior – Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix)
ii) Chromeo – Destination Overdrive (DFA Remix)
C. Goldfrapp – Slide In (DFA Instrumental)
D. Unkle – In A State (DFA Remix)

As a wee taster of the compilation you can have the knee deep in cowbell remix of N.E.R.D. – She Wants To Move

The Roots – Game Theory

The new Roots joint, Game Theory is released on August 29th. I’m not really that much of a fan of their music, but one track off the album really caught my attention. Don’t Feel Right – feat. Maimouna Youssef. The neck snapping drums, piano stabs, , chugging bass line, Youssef’s growling chorus and some subtle Ohio Players / Kool & The Gang sampling combine for some boombox hotness

The Roots – Don’t Feel Right

This has just been released as the lead single from the album – you can purchase it here

Mad Decent runnings

The latest installment of the mad decent podcast is up now – with a distinctly Parisian flavour to it. Recorded while Diplo was over in Paris recently, it’s 18 minutes of Ed Banger noise nuff said

check it here

There’s also some fresh new (and not so new ) Diplo remixes/blends out there in the internut. Hot Chip, Daedalus, Cassie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Souls of MischiefThis is music for the dj’s

Swag – Radio Tonic

Sheffield based wonky house merchants Swag have just posted up the July/August edition of their Tonic Radio show. A splendid two hour set that mixes up crunchy hip hop, funk, disco and wonky house – Check the Christina gets Spanked bit

Listen / Download current and previous shows here and check the mixes on the main site (I may upload their rather tasty While You Were Sleeping mix at one point – thats the hotsauce!)


Slutty Fringe Shout Outs to Modular Recordings and Lip Gloss PR for the kind words – thankyou!!






wrongtom remixes

August 12, 2006


Tea enthusiast, Hard Fi tour dj & Phoebe Cates obsessive wrongtom (pictured above, left) kindly sent some recent remixes to slutty fringe headquarters. Which certainly was very nice of him!

wrongtom describes his remix of Distophia (label mates to Hard Fi) as “Kinda Justice meets Once Inna Lifetime meets indie kids with fucked up hair” and it definitely kicks, I can imagine the slutty fringes on the dancefloor loving this. This is some exclusive remix business for slutty fringe as wrongtom has only just finished it and it will be featuring on a 10″ not due for release until sometime this autumn on Small Town America records

Distophia – Starvation Cove (wrongtom bulimic balearic remix)

To purchase Distophia go to Necessary Records

Trojan Records have also commisioned wrongtom to remix the classic Harry J. All Stars track Liquidator. It’s a lovely bit of dubbed out echodek production

Harry J. All Stars – Liquidator (Wrongtom Liquid Rock dub version)

You can buy the EP this remix features on here it’s worth it alone for the Chairman Of The Board version

Quiz wrongtom on his knowledge of Phoebe Cates and pester him for one of his ingenious teabag badges at his myspace page

Cut Copy Fabric Live Mix

August 12, 2006


Cut Copy are undoubtedly the best thing to surface out of Australia since I caught sight of Natalie Imbruglia.

Quite possibly, the fact that they don’t churn out derivative noisey rock music (see Wolfmother, the Vines or Jet) has worked against them in becoming a commercial success on these shores. But their debut album, Bright Like Neon Love, is a 80’s soaked sun kissed gem.

And now they have completed the latest installment in the Fabric Live mix series, and it certainly is one of the best releases in the series. Leaving behind any po faced ideas of techno snobbery, it is a selection aimed squarely at getting hips shaking. And the mixing is tight, swerving between spiky guitar nose from New Young Pony Club, angular poshditch electro such as munk, soulwax and whomadewho, le hotsauce noise merchants Justice (killer re-edit of waters of nazareth by yer man erol alkan) and even finding space for a wee spot of Roxy Music.

Fabric Live 29 – Cut Copy is released later this month, I suggest you purchase it here Join the fabric first club and get them sent to you early and for less than it costs in shops.

You can purchase their debut album here

Here are a few tasters of the mix

WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (Super Discount remix)

Justice – Waters of Nazareth (Erol’s Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr Re-Edit)

fuckkill photo provided by everydayilive

Hot Off The Press………..

August 10, 2006

Man like Hint kindly delivered a hot remix of Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado to the Slutty Fringe headquarters yesterday.

The remix fits in perfectly with his new bass heavy wonky uptempo direction. Those who checked his The Tremmuh EP that was released on Tru Thoughts last year will want to get on this!

And it won’t be long before a long player surfaces on Tru Thoughts, he’s one track away from delivering it to Bobby Luis down in bohemian Brighton – which is most certainly excellent news!

Anyway get the Promiscuous (Hint Yacht House Remix*) action here

I suggest you go to Hint’s website and get on the M.I.A. and De La Soul remixes he’s done and check his hintertainment mix series for HEAT

and check his myspace to leave glowing comments and ting

You can buy Nelly Furtados rather excellent album here

Nelly Furtado photo provided by Patientboy

* Hint has deep love for the Channel 101 series Yacht Rock

Some Things To Interest You

August 9, 2006

good fringe yo!

Trevor Jackson, Head honcho of Output Records and probably the most lauded of graphic designers within the realm of music has put a shedload of mixes and examples of his artwork pon his website – I particularly like the Playgroup Party Mix

Touch here for the goodness

Discobelle has the musical hotness cranked up way beyond VERYFUCKINGHOT with new Cassius, Mos Def, Mr Flash, a cheeky bit of mp3 slicing involving Diplo and Gnarls Barkley and Cassie goodness (oh my, what lips!)

Big Stereo has a great mix from Tronik Youth posted up (thanks to BigStereo for the Hot Status too)

R.I.P. To Detroit Is For Lovers, one of the best dance music blogs out there

Some Podcast Bizniz

My favourite record label at the moment, Modular Records, mostly because they have signed New Young Pony Club, more on them later…. have a great wee podcast thing going, check it here.

Fluokids have some podcast heat too – Their blog also contains a high ratio of pictures of hot girls to music related posts which is an approach I wholeheartedly salute!!

Stones Throw Records have been throwing up some podcasthiphopheat of late, the Madlib 45s mix was especially good. Check it here and also grab the Peanut Butter Wolf Chrome Children mix.

I’ve already given Numbers out of Glasgow some love on these here pages, but you need to be checking out the North South Divide podcasts as they bring the Heat bigtime.

Incidentally Feadz, Uffie and Errorsmith tore up the Glasgow Arts School Union by all accounts last friday as this photo testifies!

newyoungponyclub.jpgA quick note to say New Young Pony Club have been asked to perform Ice Cream on Channel 4 music programme Transmission which is excellent exposure for them! Check the show when it airs this friday at 11:35pm

Soon Come: Rosemary and The Fire and Reason (Bella Bella!!) EP reviews, some exclusive wrongtom shit, Hint remix of Nelly Furtado and hopefully a Recloose feature including a rather excellent mixtape he has done!

photo at top provided by the ever so talented katemoross


August 9, 2006


Sinden has come a long way since the neck snapping Brucker & Sinden remix of Lady Sov’s Random back in 2004. Currently he runs the Counterfeet label with Solid Groove, is resident dj at Inside Out, Basment Jaxx’s Brixton jumpoff, plays regularly at Fabric and has done a glut of standout remixes of Bugz in the Attic, Rick Ross, E40 and Bonde Do Role.

He was kind enough to talk to slutty fringe about his future plans and more…….

Is counterfeet going to be a strictly relick label?

Counterfeet started as a kind of relick outlet for bootys and mashups. We realised that this wasn’t too ambitious though as you can only take it so far. The idea is to develop artists as well as putting out the club mash-up heat – it doesn’t restrict you. There’s no particular direction with the music policy.

How exciting is it to have signed Radioclit and what are you expecting from them?

Radioclit were signed cos they’re doing something thats totally fresh. At the moment we’re just getting their 12 ready for the end of the Summer. They’re gonna come with more 12’s after that sandwiched in between more A.Brucker & Sinden releases.

From your remixes of Rick Ross and Bugz in the Attic, I know you have been digging the Baltimore House ting, personally I find it a really exciting sound, do you think there will be more uk producers releasing similar music?

Yeah hopefully! What im trying to do is come with my own spin on it. I think its always dope when someone in a different country can take the sound and move it somewhere else. People are really open to it in the UK. We’re still very much into House over here, which I love too, but Club can rock dancefloors in the same way.

As the music travels and becomes more available its gonna inspire producers here. I’m getting comissioned more to do these official remixes for labels. Its a good look!

Where do you like to play out most?

Fabric – hands down best club in London. Always a pleasure to play there. You get the freedom to play across the board on a soundsystem which bangs hard. The acts they draw there are totally on top of their game too!

Have you been approached for any stateside gigs yet? theres an obvious diplo connection with your remix of bonde do role on mad decent, are you pushing him for some US action?

Yeah, i’ve had plenty of interest from the US but its gotta be done right – these things take organising and planning. Diplos been supporting hard as have others Stateside. I cant wait to get over there and Canada too.

Have you met Teki Latex and did you disco dance with him?

I met Teki recently at a boat party in Paris. Diplo and me DJed there. I had the pleasure of disco dancing with the big man!! Teki and Para One shared a megaphone behind the decks & got the crowd bubbling with an impromptu sing-a-long performance!

Which artists inspire you?

Timbaland, Switch, Jesse rose, Basement Jaxx, Diplo, Erol Alkan, MIA, Dave Kelly, Oizo, Kelis, Para One, Sandrinho, Leftside and Esko, High Contrast, Rick Rock, Dizzee, Samir, Nephets to name but a few….

Who are some emerging starlets readers should look out for?

You need to get to know about Speakerjunk – Herve and Trevor Loveys. They’ve been consistently making hot house records this year. They’ve just remixed the next Basement Jaxx single and have got nuff tunes dropping on Dave Taylors, Dubsided label. Also Surkin and the rest of the Institubes camp outta France.


Sinden has the following productions and remixes coming out in the next few months

Switch – A Bit Patchy (A.Brucker & Sinden’s A Bit Pitchy Remix)

Radioclit – Mature Macho Machine (Feat TTC, Skepta, Tinchy Stryder & Ears) (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix) (Counterfeet)

Edu K – Hot Mama (Sinden Remix) (Man Recordings)

Sinden Vs Jesse Rose – Me Mobile (Made To Play)

Sinden mp3s

Solid Groove & Sinden – Din Da Da

Kelis – Bossy (Sinden remix)

Check his myspace for more remixes

Shouty Girl Music

August 3, 2006

Dead Disco

Having recently been introduced to the excellent sounds of Dead Disco (above) it struck me that I really do like a bit of shouty girl music, So I decided to post up a selection of this genre I just made up, so that you too can appreciate it!

Dead Disco – Automatic The splendid and OnPointFarTooBloodyOften Headphone Sex posted up some Dead Disco at the weekend and I have been dying to hear more of their music ever since! (It transpires that I missed them play at the Dublin Castle on Tuesday as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself after a long weekend!!!)

I think they are great because the singer Victoria likes to wear sexy party frocks at gigs (take note Lily Allen!) and their music has nice dirty basslines – Automatic is their next single, which is getting released on Fierce Panda this month. Check out the Dead Disco Niceness here and be sure to buy Automatic when it is released. Check their Myspace for more Dead Disco shaped splendidness.

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco (Pirate Soundsystem’s Girls On Pills Remix) This is my favourite of the slew of remixes that have surfaced on the mad decent website over the past few months – check here for more info on the Pirate Soundsystem and go to MadDecent in the vain hope of info on when they are releasing their next bloody EP!!!

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream This lot have recently signed a deal with the splendid Modular record label, and make the kind of bold, sassy electronic pop that makes girls dance like Brigitte Bardot and boys dribble and go weak at the knees. Having picked up their early releases on the magnificent Tirk imprint and played them out, this is a summation I wholeheartedly agree with! Ice Cream is their first release on Modular and it’s excellent! New Young Pony Club will be playing at TDK Cross Festival at the end of August, I suggest you buy some tickets for it if you are not braving Carnival.

Spektrum – Horny Pony Spektrum didn’t really follow through after their initial success with Freakbox and Kinda New (heavy Tiefscwarz remix innit) with the debut LP Enter The Spektrum not justifying the media hype. However they have returned sounding excellent, Horny Pony being a delectable slice of punk funk dancefloor filthyness. I suggest you seek out the Greg Wilson remix which is also rather tasty! You can buy Horny Pony here.

Robots In Disguise – The DJ’s Got A Gun! These girls are great, I picked up the Tummy Touch 12″ this track was released on for the cover of You Really Got Me, but dancefloor reaction to The Dj’s Got A Gun! has given it a special place in my heart. They released their debut album, Get Rid!, this year on Recall Records and you really should buy it, purchase it here for example. They also appeared in one of my favourite episodes of The Mighty Boosh, Electro, as two psycho electro girls – Props!! See the Robots in Disguise perform at The Secret Garden Party this month.