Perfect Vision

August 20, 2009

photo by Brun Dayan

2020Vision have done the right thing with the next Crazy P release drafting in New Yorkers Still Going for remix duties. Whilst we impatiently wait for the follow up to the imperious Still Going Theme to drop, this remix will serve well enough as musical methadone.

Crazy P – Caught Up (Still Going Dub)

After the sellout show at the Islington Academy back in March the P are back in London in a couple of weeks playing Koko, though for some unknown reason we’re not supporting them this time and some newjacks trading as Norman Jay and The Unabombers will be filling our shoes instead.

Keeping with 2020 news the new album ‘Falling’ from the label’s flagship project 2020Soundsystem dropped onto the mat this week and as we’ve come to expect it’s packed with top late night house action. Full of dubby basslines, echoing beeps and bleeps, and  drums that just lock you into the groove it’s perfect for the kind of dark  dancefloors where just a metronomic strobe cuts through the thick smoke.

As a taster download this unreleased version of the track Satellite and the 15 Years of 2020 Mix that Ralph Lawson has put together. The album should be in shops mid to late September.

2020 Soundsystem – Satellite (Unreleased Version)

Ralph Lawson – 15 Years of 2020 Vision Mix

Blaze – Lovelee Dae (2020Vision Accapella)  /  Playhouse
Ernesto Ferreya – Ground / lomidhigh

Boccadillo (Ekkohaus remix)

Moritz Piske – Dirt Cabana / Salon

Loko – Scarlet House / Soulman

Bruno Gauthier – It’s Love (Simon Baker remix) / Classic

Mark Broom – Life / 2020Vision

Lil Louis – I Called You / FFRR

Ekkohaus – Brian Said / 2020Vision

Saro & Black – We Were There / Shadowprint

Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor unreleased mix) / Playhouse

Gruber & Nurnberg – Traffic / Bloop

Salvatore Freda – Bombolone / Liebe Detail

TBD – What Is This ?  /  TBD

Basement Jaxx – Flylife (Atlantic Jaxx)

Julien Chaptal – Collider (2020Vision)

One Response to “Perfect Vision”

  1. peeps11 Says:

    WOW! Je’Taime from the Aspen! AWESOME! This is my favo(U)rite website… always quality- I’m the ONLY FEMALE DJ in Aspen- I work at a private club-people here are receptive… but no one knows my heart (opened & ran clubs in my native NYC-L.E.S.)- happily enjoying! Wish to meet you soon!

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