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Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time

January 28, 2008


Whilst Justeeece are too busy designing terrible clothes for High Street Fashion Emporiums to concentrate on making some new music, the trademark Ed Banger sound is influencing a whole new generation of young producers.

One such example is Bordeaux producer Don Nola, whose music was stumbled upon quite by accident whilst browsing the lesser of social networking evils that is Myspace.

They must put something special in the wine down that way because Don Nola’s production is certainly brimming with distorted filthiness akin to early Justice/SebastiAn with a dash of the eurocrunk pedigree of Crookers thrown in for god measure.

Don Nola was kind enough to hook Slutty Fringe up with a bunch of tracks, here is the pick for us including his latest production Chery and the rowdy Drink More – check his myspace for several other tracks – all good looks

Don Nola – Chery / ysi

Don Nola – Drink More / ysi

South of the equator bringing the cutup electro sound out of Australia are fledgling producers Calling In Sick who allegedly have only been putting together tracks since the arse end of last year, which given the standard of their output is very impressive.

Calling In Sick have already featured on quite a few blogs but given that there are more mp3 blogs than seconds in a year it’s entirely possible you may have not heard them already.

Calling In Sick – Cali Games / ysi

Calling In Sick – Ninja Gaiden / ysi

Mr Oizo – Patrick 122 (Calling In Sick Remix) / ysi

They have a new track, Console, which is being kept under wraps for reasons know only to Calling In Sick, but It would be a good idea to head to their myspace and give it some ears cos it kicks hard.

Whatever Happened To Teens Of Thailand?

January 28, 2008

Angular Glaswegian algebra rockers Make Model haven’t let the fact some herbert journo/press release writer liken their sound to David Gray on methadone get in their way, with previous single The Was causing a ripple of internets interests last Autumn. Not least because of some heavyweight remix action from Dead Soul Brothers (yet another Herve project, but you all know this) and Kitsune act Autokratz.

This April sees their next single The LSB drop, it was originally released in a limited fashion on Make Models’s own imprint. Keeping the remix heat up to 210° is Paul Phones Epworth with a typically demented refix – particular love is reserved for the bass drum thud in this.

Make Model – The LSB (Phones Latino Remix) / ysi

In case you missed it, here is the Autokratz remix of The Was which was much more popular round these parts than the Dead Soul Brothers effort.

Make Model – The Was (Autokratz Made To Scale Remix) / ysi

You can purchase the vinyl of Make Model replete with aforementioned remixes from Phonica Records

Like Maximo Park Minus The Bowler Hat

January 26, 2008


Apologies for the dearth of ear candy over the last few days, the Slutty Fringe editorial has been requested to help Her Majesty dole out some cold hard justice but a slight return to proceedings is presented to you now in the form of some bootlegged remixes.

Gothic tinged electro act Black Ghosts have an album out this year but to whet the collective appetite they releasing a rather splendid mixtape in March called The Black Ghosts Mixtape (bet they were up all night thinking of that one) with a tracklist that includes Boy 8 Bit, Rustie, Frankmusik, Siriusmo, Proper Villains and Fil Ok and a smattering of excellent remixes from the likes of Switch, Fake Blood and The Replicants and of course plenty Black Ghost remix/productions.

Here is a blend they did just now, laying Simon Lord’s vocals over the classic cosmic dust disco of Lindstrom

Black Ghosts  – Something New (Galactic Version) / ysi

South East London ligger Mac 3000 spared some time from playing at other peoples parties to send through some guaranteed WMDs from his hard drive which could be described as blends with a definite degree of cheek

Mac 3000 – Get Ready To Shake It / ysi

Mac 3000 –  Dizzee Oizo / ysi

Mac 3000 – Diesel Dizzee / ysi

Back in the colder part of November Scottish producer The Revenge sent through a bubbly remix of the Bat For Lashes track Prescilla which has been slowly attaching itself to a current list of favourite things (It was included on a Christmas compilation that was sent to the lucky few) It really should have been released to the hypem huggers before now!
This is despite the lack of impression Natasha Khan and her cadre of harp playing strumpets made at Koko when the Slutty Fringe saw them.

Bat For Lashes – Prescilla (The Revenge Rework) / ysi

The Mowgli remix of  Chemical Brothers has probably been all over the internet but if you have been perfecting your ostrich impression this past week then get some of this because it is several degrees of splendidness

Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Mowgli Boot It Again Remix) / ysi

Finally, should you be craving for a mix with something a bit different it would be wise to get on the Durrrrrrr podcast as Todd The Hits That Peeps Forgot Hart from the onpoint 24365 Dalston Oxfam Shop blog has just compiled the latest installment and it is rather excellent.  Go seeek>>>>


January 17, 2008

Fresh from putting out UR A Fever, The Kills have decided to let budding producers at it and are running a competition on their Midnight Boom site to remix the track (check the generous terms & conditions heheh) Given the stripped down nature of the track there’s plenty of scope to go somewhere interesting.

One example of this is the effort from South London producer Remdog, who has his fingers in several pies, including being part of hiphop act Reptiles (those record collectors out there may remember their releases on the sorely missed Jazz Fudge label) knee deep in a successful career as an artist and no doubt several of the meat variety too!

There’s definite hints of Ultravox in this remix, but when is that ever anything but a very good thing?

The Kills – URA Fever (Remdog Remix) / ysi

Midnight Boom is released March 10th on Domino Records.

Keeping proceedings proceedings on the beats and bleeps side of things but notching the glitch up a bit is some music from the new Daedelus album, out next week on Alpha Pup Records.

Ever since Denies The Days Demise dropped on Ninjatune a few years back, one eye has been constantly peeled for future Daedelus releases, with the Fair Weather Friends EP, released last autumn, finding particular favour here.

The new album, Live At The Low End Theory is based around Daedelus’ performance at the Alpha Pup clubnight Low End Theory last year (hence the snappy title) and gives a good insight why his live performances are so highly rated.

Posting one or two tracks doesn’t really give you a proper idea of how the album flows so definitely grab a copy when it drops on Monday

Daedelus – Press Snooze / ysi
Daedelus – Now’s The Time / ysi

Check this docu about the making of the album too

Alphapup Bonus: Here is track Hot Heavy Heat from veteran noise freaks Carlos y Gaby as remixed by Swiss producer Dimlite!

Carlos Y Gaby – Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite’s Hot Air & Thick Plastic Remix) / ysi

Cameras Ready! Prepare To Flash

January 16, 2008

Hahaha never thought Spice Girls would grace these pages but this just has to be heard!

Props to DJ Discrete for his Dr Frankenstein-esque work here.

Don’t be scared now!

Spice Girls – Saturday Night Divas (DJ Discrete 1997 Flashback Remix) / ysi

A Different Minimal Concept

January 16, 2008

Reading press releases would lead you to believe that a chance meeting at a Buenos Aires rave between talented producer/remixer and amusingly coiffured Radio 1 DJ Kissy Sellout and rising Argentinian producer Pornophonics lead to the latter remixing Her, the formers single.

Since then, Pornophonics have released tracks on San City High Records (Kissy own label) the excellent artwork for which adorns the top of this page, and done several hefty remixes of the likes of Yelle, Bloody Beetroots, Does It Offend You Yeah? and Thieves Like Us.

This month saw the digital release of the A Different Minimal Concept EP through homeland label Jeopardy Records which comprises of three cut up synth heavy electrohouse heaters very much in the vein of SebastiAn, Boys Noize and Teenage Bad Girl et al. Good looks all around basically

Plez to wrap your ears around Wu, from the aforementioned EP and a couple of remixes too!

Pornophonics – Wu / ysi

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Pornophonics Remix) / ysi

Yelle – Ce Jeu (Pornophonics Remix) / ysi

Get on the download for the A Different Minimal Concept EP plus lots of other Pornophonics goodness at Junodownload

Lessons On The Art Of Accidental Dogging

January 14, 2008

Having stated last week that Ssion had previously left no indeliable mark on the Slutty Fringe radar despite a healthy back/catalogue, the powers that be have clearly decided to make sure this does not continue.

We loved the Moves!!! refix of Clown – pretty hard not to – and then the Glass Candy remix drops on us (posted literally everywhere else in like a minute!) which keeps the heat on Italians Do It Better, the Ssion lp Fools Gold came through at the weekend but we’ve been too busy wine tasting to fully appreciate it.

Now professional party heaters Tactic have sent through their own take on Clown which due to various reasons sadly did not make the cut for vinyl release. Not ones to sit in the corner and sulk, Tactic are putting it out for general consumption by the hypem huggers.

It’s a good look too as it’s deep into the throwback house sound that’s becoming more prevalent (peep the Eli Escobar remix of Blaqstarr for further evidence) Tactic proclaim this remix to be quite similar to the sound of Les Rhythm Digitales, which is always a good thing!

Ssion – Clown (Tactic Remix) /ysi

oh and here’s the Glass Candy remix too if you’ve no heard it already

Ssion – Clown (Glass Candy Remix) / ysi

As has been previously stated, The Clown EP and album Fools Gold drop early next month.

Teaching Children How To Swear

January 12, 2008

The Slutty Fringe love for DFA Records grows ever deeper in 2008, our grubby mitts secured practically the last copy of the excellent new Syclops 12 inch from Phonica last night – Monkey Puss is all sorts of heavy!

And now we share Blind, the first proper release from Hercules & Love Affair, following the limited 12inch put out last year. Blind is on some lovely parpy disco tip with vocals from Antony Hegarty, he of the much vaunted Antony & The Johnsons fame. I Am Bird Now, the Mercury  Music Award winning album, never really tickled this pickle but  whiteman doing Nina Simone seems to fit perfectly over some deep discoid sounds.

Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Club Mix)  / ysi

And let’s show some love for the awesome remix by Chicago House Legend Frankie Knuckles which goes for a more chugging house beat and adds a more prominent disco bassline and synth washes – Say alot about DFA that they can coax a rare remix of Frank.

Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix) / ysi

Blind will be released on March 3rd, preceding the album which drops a week later!

Stuck In A Three Way Mix

January 10, 2008

Hold Me Down, the much delayed and hotly anticipated debut single by whiteboy soul revivalist Primary 1 finally hits the record shops on the 28th January and is a fine second release for Phantasy Sounds after the immense Engine from LA Priest.

The rumoured Duke Dumont refix never happened but there’s a silver lining to every cloud, and in this instance is some splendid remixes from future french talent in the shape of Yuksek and The Shoes. Yuksek’s effort is aimed squarely at the dancefloor jugular, whereas The Shoes have gone for a more understated punk funk approach – all cowbells and throwback synths – good looks all around

Primary 1 – Hold Me Down (Yuksek Remix) / ysi link

You can buy the original, The Shoes and Yuksek remixes in digital format from itunes and beatport right now, but it’s worth getting involved with the vinyl for the fancy screen printed cover art.

Primary 1 is currently holed up in the studio working on new tracks with heavy hitter Paul Phones Epworth – big things are expected!

Keep your left eye out for The Shoes too as they’ve jus signed to the 50 Bones label with the track Knockout being released on 3rd March with a selection of remixes (including Primary 1) They played a few shows back at the derriere end of December which I missed but thankfully they’ll be back in March to tour, along with manlike Primary 1.

Marshmallow Soup

January 9, 2008

Gosh! Man Like (Hint) has jus dropped some exclusive remix business on me right now – dancefloors have been loving his treatment of the Me & You track Sneaker Thief so he’s putting it for download on Myspace from Monday but has given me the nod to share it early.

Taking the horn led funk workout of the original and warping it into a bass heavy rowdy club heater is a very good look indeed!

Me & You – Sneaker Thief (Hint Remix)

people need to take a good bite of Hint’s EP At The Dance on Tru Thoughts as there is some bass heavy broken heat on that! Bite at Phonica

Paranoia & Six Rubbish Albums

January 7, 2008


Here at Slutty Fringe, it’s hard to keep an eye and an ear on all the splendid music out there, and Kansas City’s Ssion have until now avoided the Slutty Fringe radar (which can be faulty at the best of times)

More discerning weblogs out there have been onto Ssion for at least a long minute/hour/day – with Gorilla vs Bear proclaiming the track Clown amongst their favourite of last year.

To coincide with the release of the new Ssion album, Fools Gold, on February 12th, Sleazetone Records have decided to put Clown on 12 inches of vinyl and have commisoned remixes from Glass Candy (Slutty Fringe new ear resolution: we will be checking Italians Do It Better more in 2008) Murderbot and Moves!! of Trouble & Bass click whose re/fix drunkenly embraces the sped up vocal 2step garage revival like it was Agness Deyn.

Ssion – Clown (Moves!! Remix)

Ssion – Clown (Original Mix)

Moving on, a cursory glance at the FACT website today informed me somewhat belatedly that the new Tricky album, Knowle West Boy, has been produced by none other than Dave “Switch” Taylor and will be out in April.

Putting aside all humourous thoughts of how the two of them would celebrate a hard days slog at the studio, this counts as something very close to extremely exciting as Tricky’s music was my solitude from the blanket goonery of Oasis during my youth in Bradford.

Plus it will be intriguing to hear Switch continue his recent veer away from mind bending bouncey house as witnessed on production for Kala (though all the tracks he produced on that are prolly months and months old!)

Anyway, I managed to find a bunch of dusty old Tricky CD EPs in the Slutty Fringe attic so here’s a few bsides/remixes for your ears

Tricky – Suffocated Love (Live) //recorded during a 1996 performance on Later With Jools Holland…

Nearly God – Children’s Story //Killer Slick Rick Cover

Tricky – Christiansands (The Imposter Remix) //Elvis Costello on the refix

Tricky – Brand New You’re Retr0 (Alex Reece Remix) //Early 90’s tinpot jungle

Tricky – Grass Roots (feat. Roc Roc)

Equally awaited with an almost puppydog sense of eagerness round these parts is Midnight Boom, the new album from The Kills which has been produced by SpankRocker XXXChange. New single U.R.A. Fever (watch video here) continues their love for stripped down rock music but has the added bonus of some nice touches from Alexxx Epton.

The Kills – U.R.A. Fever

Buy the 7inch of U.R.A. Fever from Phonica cos it has a lovely etched design on the flip.

Given the recent penchant for people to proclaim the Burial album Untrue is best understood whilst travelling home on a London nightbus, would it be facetious to suggest the correct manner to listen to Midnight Boom is in a limousine with your tomboy girlfriend on your way back to Primrose Hill after an evening of not snorting substances in Kensington nightclubs?

Money In My Pocket

January 3, 2008

Those South Coast low/end/house speaker worriers HiJack have a new EP coming out on Potty Mouth Music in February – which is splendid news!

Equally splendid is the new mix they have just composed which gives your ears a sneak preview of the tracks appearing on the Jackpot EP along with some of their trademark bootlegs, remixes and some hefty trackage from the likes of Croooookers, Lee Mortimer (watch for him this year) Bart B More and The Bulgarian and remixes by Jesse Rose, Speakerjunk and Switch.

This mix bumps along nicely and is perfect headphone fodder to annoy fellow commuters with while they try and read about Amy Crackhouse in the Metro.

HiJack New Year 2008 Mix t/l

1. Geoff K – Mary Go Round (Bulgarian RMX) [Second Session]
2. Nic Sarno – Elephant [Jack Union]
3. Rene van Munster – Outta Control Bootleg [White]
4. Kenneth Bager – Fragment 7 (Jesse Rose RMX) [Music For Dreams]
5. The Young Lovers – Low Down Groove (DJ Fame RMX) [Loungin]
6. Clarke Able – Shake Shake Shake [Jack Union]
7. Santiago & Bushido – Memory Dub [Robsoul]
8. Prince Po – Hold Dat (Ducktape Bootleg) [White]
9. DJ Jeroenski – Back Once Again (Lee Mortimer RMX) [CR2]
10. Nick Supply – Hiznhiz [Unreleased]
11. Oliver $ vs. Kenny Dope – Ghetto Bucket (HiJack Bootleg) [White]
12. Jaksaw – Get Ready [Jack Union]
13. HiJack – Shimmy [Potty Mouth]
14. Natty Jack – Tech Buddy [Wearhouse]
15. Kink – Bad Man (Bulgarian Re-Edit) [White]
16. Detroit Grand Pubahs – 181U812 (Speakerjunk RMX) [Smoke & Mirrors]
17. Clarke Able – Lemon Head (HiJack Accapella) [ESP]
18. Bulgarian – Jack It like a Zombie (Santiago & Bushido RMX) [Potty Mouth]
19. Bart B More – Make Some Noise [Secure]
20. Foamo – Movin’ It Over Here [Cubic]
21. Steve Mac vs. Todd Terry – Can U Feel It [White]
22. Andy George – Big Dipper (HiJack RMX) [Wearhouse]
23. Wekan – Skid (DJ Touche RMX) [ESP]
24. Outhud vs. Solid Groove & Sinden (HiJack Bootleg) [White]
25. HiJack – Possessed [Potty Mouth]
26. Crookers – Night Pollution [Unknown]
27. Mika – Love Today (Switch Remix) [Island]
28. When Saints Go Machine – Pretty Rich (HiJack RMX) [WSGMRMX]
29. Lee Mortimer – Fully Automated (Oliver $ RMX) [Wearhouse]
30. Vukasin – I Feel [Jack Union]

Download here [zshare cos divvyshare is acting like a cnut]

Those of you Londoners that still do go to nightclubs might be interested to know HiJack will be getting the dancefloor wonky alongside Riva Starr, STDJs, Lillica Libertine and various other peoples at the Deadly Rhythm night pon Egg on 11th January and they are also gracing the Jackmasters night at Olde St institution Three Three Three on the 18th January alongside 80s stadium funk revivalist Duke Dumont, Snap Crackle & Pop and Wet Yourself DJs (whose Sunday evening jumpoff has Mr Oizo and Ellen Allien among others over the next few months!)

The Year That Was – Spillage…..

January 3, 2008

Bon Anniversaire! There was an air of inevitability that the inherent slackness of the Slutty Fringe organisation would see a review of 2007 spill over into the next year, ah well let’s wrap it up here with some final lists.

5 Remixers of 2007


Last year saw Twitch and Wilkes add some dancefloor heeet to artists as varied as Colder, Pepe Deluxe, Pharoahe Monch and Prinzhorn Dance School. Man like me still needs to visit Glasgae to sample the delights of Optimo Espacio before they close the doors on the night

Colder – To The Music (Optimo Espacio Remix)

Flagrant Fowl Productions

The ridiculously prolific Cousin Cole and Pocketknife fired out remix after ingenious re/edit after remix of everyone from Feist to Souljah Boy to Sonic Youth to Wale – everyone a winner son. Look out in 2008 for the release of the new Flagrant Fowl mix cd Tambourine Dream on Flamin Hotz which includes some hefty folk refixes

Feist – Gatekeeper (Pocketknife’s Faded Beach Towel Remix)

Todosantos – OMG (Cousin Cole El Pollo Acido Remix)

Blamma! Blamma!

Heavily featured on these here pages last year, this anonymous production duo from the streets of London finished 2007 on a roll with some splendid treatments of Scanners, Teenagers and Rival Joustas to cement that there hype caused by earlier refixes of Blood Red Shoes and Maximo Park. A debut EP from Blamma! Blamma! is due to drop in the next few months – keep your eyes peeled

Maximo Park – Terminal Velocity (Blamma! Blamma! Remix)

South Central

Rising to prominence in 2006 with their nasty little remix of the Klaxons cover of The Bouncer, Brighton duo South Central continued to impress last year with some ear bursting remixes of Kill The Young, ShitDisco, Late of the Pier and Lalula ( the original of which soundtracks that Bacardi Bassbins ad) as well as putting out a excellent 12″ on Young Turks. A South Central album at some point this year should be a splendid proposition.

Late Of The Pier – Space & The Woods (South Central Remix)


It’d be a bit rude not to mention Phra & Bot who dominated blogs and dancefloors in 2007 with remixes of Chemical Brothers, Bonde do Role, Brodinski, Rodion, Bumblebeez, Armand Van Helden etc etc as well as a hella flossy EP for Man Rec. This year their low end sound will grace remixes for Diplo and original wonky houser Dooms Night as well as a potentially crossover EP for Southern Fried – Big Looks All Round

Rodion – Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)

5 Labels of 2007

Berlin label Man Recordings have done more than most to expand on the Baile Funk imprint over the past 12 months.

Their funk mundial series has pitted Brazilian MCs up against European producers such as Seiji, Sinden & Herve, Stereotyp and Crookers to devasting effect. The Baile Funk Masters series threw the spotlight on some neccessary talent and they even delved into Brazilian post punk with the Nao Wave compilation

In a year when record labels seemed intent on flooding record shops with releases, IGETRVNG were all about the quality not quantity attitude with just 2 EPs from Mock & Toof and Lovefingers and a mix cd leaving the pressing plant.

The Mock & Toof EP has not left the Slutty Fringe record box (actually it’s not technically my record box but that’s a story for another day) and Lovefingers is my new favourite blog.

Could be viewed as a feeder club for Modular FC but Bang Gang 12 Inches continued to put out the best houseparty electro tongue in cheekers from the likes of Bag Raiders, KIM, Like Woah and Muscles.

in 2007 D-I-R-T-Y proved that you don’t need to be Kanye West’s new best friends to get Paris props. The Beggin edit was never the massive hit it should have been but the edits D-I-R-T-Y fed their friends throughout last year were a good look on the dancefloor

Bit of a no brainer really – Sounds of Silver is up there with best albums of 07 (left out of the Slutty Fringe pick cos I *ahem* listened to it far too much in 2006) Sub label Death From Abroad kicked off in grand fashion with releases from Gucci Soundsystem and Mock & Toof.

Shocking Pinks made me gay for introverted shoegazing indie rock and there was a slew of tuff twelves from Still Going, Shit Robot, Holy Ghost and Hercules and Love Affair towards the fall of 2007.

5 to look out for this year

Get your myspace on to the following musical delights

Uno – Primary One
Dos – Jokers of the Scene
Tres – STDJs
Quatro – Cock n Bull Kidd
Cinco – Tronik Youth