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November 28, 2008

Polaroids are fun, much better for taking snaps of yourself dancing at Durrr on your own than mobile phones.

Take note Durr attendee who exposed his big ego and lack of dancing panache to much amusement of team Slutty Fringe on Monday

Polaroids almost sound like Polar Bear Androids which are also big funs.

Polaroid Club in Leeds is funner than the camera or the Polar Bear Android.

Next Polaroid (Dec 5th) has Gallic Disco heavyweights Discodeine et Pilooski providing West Yorkshire with the edit funs – you all have Pilooski Moxie and Pilooski Elvis edits yes? No? buy!

Last Polaroid had Nordic genius of many an edit/remix Todd Terje play to hand claps and hip swings all round.

Those smart Polaroid People recorded set – treat ears heres >>> Todd Terje live @ Polaroid 

Going Nowhere Slow

November 27, 2008


So I agreed to do a little mix as a promo for this Friday’s The Last Days Of Disco, and much like when I was back in school I left my homework till the last minute. My first attempt to get something down on Monday had to be aborted when I decided to get ‘in the vibe’, over medicated myself and ended up lying on the floor listening to 20 minute tribal drum workouts, fun but not particularly productive.

Figuring it was now or never I fired up the turntables tonight and went for it in one take and this second attempt produced slightly more coherent results. Spectacularly unplanned and thrown together with whatever happened to be next to the decks, it’s kind of like a journey without middle or end. Still these are some of the tracks I like to start a night off with at the moment so you’ll just have to come down on Friday and see for yourself where it all leads.

Oh and I also discovered my needles are a bit (well very) worn so excuse any pops, clicks or fuzziness, any PR types reading this who work for Stanton, Numark etc and want to bung me a free pair, it’ll be much appreciated… well it was worth a shot.

John Power – The Last Days Of Disco Promomiks

Blackbelt Anderson – Lordag
Sorcerer – Egyptian Sunset
Studio – Life’s a Beach (Prins Thomas Mix)
Paul Simon – Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit)
Mark E & Dragon – Good Times (Quiet Village Mix)
Arturo Capone – Waves (Max Essa Remix)
Simon Baker – Plastik (Todd Terje Turkatech Mix)
Hot Coins – Norway Man

If you want to get on the paying guestlist for the party you can either drop us a line before Friday 5pm or i’m lead to believe stick your name down on the Facebook page, probably safer to email us..

P & P Chart Factory – November Edition

November 26, 2008


JPower Ten For November

1 Muravchix – Surfing The Magic Wave // Cyber Dance
2 Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Cosmic Jam Mix) //White Label
3 DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Radioclit Mix) //This Is Music
4 Fernando – Open Source //CDr
5 The Glimmers – I’d Much Rather Go Out //Diskimo
6 Loud E – Loudedfied //Ambassador’s Reception
7 Cyan 341 – Pattern 4 (LJ Kruzer Mix) //Uncharted Audio
8 Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam //DFA
9 Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil (Erol Alkan Extended Edit) //Phantasy
10 LSB Edits – NY Attitude //Super Discoteca

TPoland Ten For November

1 Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching //IDIB
2 Van She – Kelly (M83 Remix) //Modular
3 Galactic Haulage Edits – Rolling Wolf //Space Truckin’
4 Moxie 17# – Not The Indian //Moxie
5 Hell Vice – Crawl Fish //D*I*R*T*Y
6 Social Disco Club – Clap Pat Clap Slap //Mindless Boogie
7 Runaway – Use Me //Wurst Edits
8 The Glimmers : I’d Much Rather Go Out //Diskomo
9 JD Twitch – 10 Inches of Fear //RVNG INTL
10 Battles – Atlas (Cousin Cole’s Battle Cry Mix) //Flagrant Fowl

You Know You Gotta Be Strong

November 20, 2008


Possibly one of the most abused and misunderstood musical terms in recent years, electro could do with hiring a new PR agency and slapping a few cease and desist notices on those who have appropriated the term to make their Yates Wine Lodge friendly chart house seem oh so edgier.

Still, it’s easy to see the confusion, you can take a handfull of people who all know their shit, stick them in a room and they’ll all come out with differing examples of the what electro actually is. For some we’re strictly talking about the likes of Hashim‘s ‘Al-Naafiysh’ or Cybotron‘s ‘Clear’, others are happy to extend then genre through the ages to include the chart topping likes of Joyce Sims, through the nu-skool types such as Jedi Knights and Gescom, right up to the kind of stuff that gets released on Kitsune or Ed Banger.

Certainly ‘Dreams Come True‘ a new compilation on Domino Records will do nothing to end these arguements. Compiled by journalist Jon Savage (if you’ve yet to, make reading his history of The Sex Pistols and Punk England’s Dreaming a priority) it sets out to document ‘Classic First Wave Electro 1982-87‘ and will probably end up causing just as many debates about ‘what is electro?’ as it settles.

Certainly it’s no definitive account of the period, several stone cold classics are noticable by their absence and you could argue that a fair few of his selections could just as easily fit into different catergories, Class Action’s Weekend, though one of my favourite ever records and possessing one of the most recognisible hi-hat patterns around would always be filed straight under disco on my shelves, The Latin Rascals who I’ve genereally tended to associate with freestyle or early house and Yazoo – synthpop.

Still at the end of the day this is the kind of argument for lazy sundays in the pub with scarily obsessive friends. What does matter is that the 11 tracks on this compilation are all, micro genre confusions aside, absolute classics. OK, there’s a good chance you already own a few of them in one form or another but it’s lovely to have them in one place and whether you’re trying to tediously educate someone on a internet forum or just want a spot on collection of grin inducing dance music then this is a great place to start.

Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music

Fed On Youth

November 19, 2008


Whilst Team Justeeece go into damage limitation mode after the fallout of the I Love Techno Unplugged drama, fellow Ed Bangerite Mickey Moonlight continues to go about his business quietly, furrowing a less sonically abrasive path than the rest of the label roster.

A perfect example of the sound Mickey Moonlight revels in can be sought in his treatment of Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You) by Andover band Apollo Sunshine which is being released on a limited edition ten inches of vinyl in February of next year but currently finds itself in a high quality incarnation floating around the internet ready to be snapped up by our throwaway sound loving hypem hugging generation.

Apollo Sunshine – Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You) (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

The Dark Is Rising

November 18, 2008


Kansas production outfit Tactic return from the Slutty Fringe wilderness newly crowned as label bosses of Think 2wice Records and with their debut release on digital shelves this week in the shape of The Rhythm EP from fellow KC resident Norrit which is full of rowdy house music that we don’t feature that much these days..

Think 2wice understand the blog game and have granted the people of the internet one of his tracks for nothing. Fill your ears with the track Make You Love Me and get yourself over to Juno or Beatport and part with your hard earned for the full EP in Oh! Crapps! approved quality

Norrit – Make You Love Me

A splendid and quite noisey 40 minute mix was also prepared by young Norrit which highlights perfectly his sound, seeing as it includes several Norrit remixes.

Norrit Rhythm Promo Mix Tracklist

1.  Boo and Boo Too – No Tempo (Norrit Remix)
2.  Nomathmatics – Prozactro (Norrit Keeps It MNML Mix)
3.  Ssion – Street Jizz (Norrit’s Feels Dirty Bootleg Mix)
4.  Johnny Moog – Fantastic Lover (Norrit Remix)
5.  Norrit Feat Royce Diamond – Move
6.  Pirate Robot Midget – It’s My Beat Now (Riva Starr Remix)
7.  Oh Snap – Hi Top Fade (Hostage Remix)
8.  Foamo – Everything Cool
9.  Tom EQ – The Beginning
10. Fake Blood – Mars
11. Curses! – What I Need (Sharkslayer Remix)
12. Purple Crush – Get Busy Boys (norrit remix)
13. Claire Rayners – Nobody Baby
14. Norrit Featuring Queen Bea – Don’t Leave Me This Way

Download Norrit Rhythm Promo Mix

Not one to risk dislocation by patting himself on the back just cos Eli Escobar, Nick Catchdubs and Kissy Sellout are in the Norrit Appreciation Society, Norrit has a forthcoming EP on the ever excelling Palmsout Imprint, a Ssion remix in the oven and is busy deciding which tracks should go on his next EP for Think 2wice due out in the Spring.

Tempa Tantrum

November 18, 2008


Despite owning around 5000000 records that could be lazily described as electronica, leftfield hip-hop or even god forbid trip-hop, I haven’t really paid as close an attention to that scene as I probably should have done the past couple of years. Still for all that one label has managed to ping its way into my conciousness, 2600 Recordings.

With an attention to detail that would put many of their elders to shame, the label have really made a name for themselves the past year with a tidy sampler compilation and Buddy Peace‘s superlative Wolf Diesel Mountain set to their credit. For those of us that still have a fetish for the physical product it’s equally pleasing to see a label that has gone to great lengths with its releases to date to ensure the quality of the packaging and design has so far met the high standards set by the music itself, the limited edition box set of WDM will long hold pride of place in my music collection.

Their first artist EP proper comes in the shape of ‘Time To Run’ by Tempa (no relation to the dubstep label, which confused me at first) and there’s no sign in any let up of quality on the six tracks of tip-top instrumental hip-hop on offer here. From the oriental Film Noir stylings of Nightfall Maneuvers to the time the end credits roll with Lost Souls’ rain spattered ghostly jazz workout it’s all killer, no filler, though stand-out track for me though must be ‘Fall Back’, which sounds to these ears like an early more interesting outtake of Gnarls Barkleys ‘Crazy’ before an A&R man waved a shotgun and chart position sheet under Danger Mouse‘s nose.

As you’d expect the physical product itself is looking mighty fine too, with the fancy artwork holding not just the six tracks on CD but a lathe cut 7″ for all you vinyl fetishists out there. All in all another great release from a great new label who have managed to find their feet with almost disconcerting ease.

Tempa – Fall Back

The EP is out on the 8th of December and will fly out fast, we reccomend you bookmark this and subscribe to the label’s mailing list.

Le Le Musical Haircut Nominations

November 17, 2008

After coaxing Gang Gang Dance into opining on their favourite hairstyles of music past and present we thought we’d run with this flimsy excuse for journalism and invite more bands to partake.

First to bite were French based Dutch trio Le Le, whose track Breakfast is rightfully causing a ripple of excitement at the moment, count fans in the various shapes that Diplo, Soulwax and the Ed Banger crew occupy and have a rather dashing new album, Flage, dropping later this month on Magnetron.

1 Flock Of Seagulls

Best hair by a band, period. They we’re all hairdressers innit?

2 Ray Slijngaard (2 unlimited)

He styled his shavings to the theme of the song, just like we style the theme’s of our songs to, well, themes

3 Sique Sique Sputnick

Just because they can…

Le Le flunk it a bit here and run out of musical inspiration


4 The Comb Over

To pull a jedi mind trick on the number one fear of men…
also known as ‘une Chapeau de Viande’

5 The Toupee

Donald Trump here providing proof that not even all the millions in the world can set you up with convincing plugs

In case you have not heard it, here is the excellent Breakfast

Le Le – Breakfast (Album Version)

A Different Kind Of Justice For All

November 17, 2008

Justice – A Cross The Universe – Trailer from industreate on Vimeo.

French Fancydans Justeeece are returning to the United States of Obama this New Years Eve to play Abba/Ed Banger records and scoff in the face of smoking bans and swig champagne with So Me at Revolution 9 in Chicago and have joined forces with Industreate to allow the good people of the internet the chance to get out for  once and party with them. All in all there are $6,000.00 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

How You Ask?

By indulging your inner Sofia Coppola and directing a video of what made Two Thousand and Eight Great for you, uploading it to fancy video site Vimeo with the tags “JST4ALL” and “SLUTTYFRINGE” and hoping that Xavier, Gaspard and So Me are suitably impressed that they give you the proverbial gold star.

For a more in depth explanation go to Industreate

Unless you have been perfecting your ostrich technique of late, you probably already know about this competition, however real life and stuff has been getting between me and the internet

You know fancy mobile phone launches and hanging with Plugs and Boy Crisis and drunkenly wandering around Waterloo at 6 in the morning looking for the right bus stop – that sort of real life.

Plus Trash Menagerie are threatening to send the thugs in if the procrastination continues

Work To Make It Work

November 15, 2008

If Canadian electro lynchpin and Turbo boss Tiga was to challenge Bristolian producer and DJ Small Saul to a Monkey Knife Fight, whose monkey would win?

Place your bets here

Tiga – Mind Dimension (Small Saul Edit)

Mind Dimension is released on the 1st December

Buy badges from talented Kate Moross here

We Got Shows, In Different Area Codes

November 14, 2008

Real life has one again been getting in the way of posting rubbish on here so excuse the lack of updates this week, what it does mean is that we’ve got a ton of great stuff to post in the next few days so hold tight. In the mean time, we’ve been invited to spin records at a few parties over the next few weeks which if you’re in London we’d love you to come down to and say hello…

November 21st – Slutty Fringe at The Legion, 348 Old St.


Pretty self explanatory really, the place has just had a refit and is looking lovely with a nice big dancefloor, which we’ll be doing our best to fill with lovely sweaty people wearing feather boas and little else.

November 28th – The Last Days Of Disco at Bardens


Now this is looking good, after a short run over the Summer TLDOD is back at a new home at Barden’s Boudoir and have invited Slutty Fringe down to get our disco on, you’ll also get a live set from DC’s The Oscillation, and DJ sets from ex Trash and current Durrr resident Rory Phillips and man of the hour Andy Blake. And all for £4 if you grab a ticket in advance.

Basically in my head this party is already a cross between this and this, don’t let me down folks! To get you in the mood have a listen to Liquid Memoryman a track off The Oscillation’s debut album ‘Out Of Phase’.

December 5th – Mixmag Xmas Party / Cargo Free Show

Advance tickets for the Mixmag party etc etc at Egg has sold out now, we warned you, hopefully you got a ticket. If you weren’t able to grab one they’re holding a few back on the night, but you’ll want to get there early. We’re in the Modular room with Rex The Dog and Frankmusik, which is nice.

We’ll also be spinning an early set down at Cargo that night it’s free entry and also features the likes of XXXchange, Boy 8 Bit, VV Brown and Big Dada’s hotly tipped Thunderheist. Bonus!

December 31st – NYE – 93 Feet East


Only just confirmed but we’ll welcoming in 2009 at 93 Feet East alongside an allstar cast including Friendly Fires, Terry Hall and Stevie Kotey. Tickets available from here.

Feeling Without Touching

November 9, 2008

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife give us more reason to heap praise on their production nous with the release of their new EP Canyon Dancing on their own Flagrant Fowl imprint.

Where Tambourine Dream was hippy techno, Canyon Dancing is pure pagan boogie with the duo editing the art rock elite in Yeasayer, Patti Smith, Liars, Battles and Silver Apples and more into something approaching a sound that would make the average Pitchfork contributer do a sex wee.

Yeasayer – Sunrise (Pocketknife’s Rise & Shine Remix)

Out now on lovingly presented vinyl at Rubadub, Turntablelab, Juno, Piccadilly and Phonica, Canyon Dancing already has revered fans in the shape of Todd Terje, Shir Khan and Cosmo Baker.

Further Flagrant Fowl shaped recommendation can be found in the shape of their Allez Allez mixtape from last month which has swiftly and uncouthly barged it’s way to the summit of my favourite mixtapes from the year we like to call 2008

And Justice For All…

November 6, 2008

Now I know what you’re thinking, surely the designer has ballsed up and meant to make our name bigger. But we’re humble people, we’ll let it slide.

Seriously though, you know this party is going to absolutely kill it. Jesus, if Justice are on the bill who the fuck is the surprise special guest? I can only imagine it’s a Jay-Z/Obama/ZZ Top collaboration.

Anyway I can safely predict tickets for this are going to fly out the door, don’t delay get yours from here now!

**CLOSED** Nevereverland Competition **CLOSED**

November 6, 2008

Peoples of Londons, what are you doing on the 15th November?

Would you like to go drinking and dancing in an old cinema in Elephant and Castle with Australias officially new favourite band The Presets, Fred Falke and his pal Lifelike, the Van She kids and their Van She Techs , Pippa Ladyhawke, the awesome Aeroplane, Henry Riton and his disco kraut soundsystem, Stevie Modular and his best 80s hairstyle, Thornton Heath’s riposte to Maroon Five aka Frankmusik and many more

All in the name of celebrating a decade of Modular releasing musics

(just don’t mention the Jack Johnson ok?)


Answer a stunningly simple question and the good people at Modular won’t charge you eighteen to twenty squids for the privilege, no they’ll let you in for free. Well not all of you, but one person and their most attractive friend.

Question: Which Modular act did the awesome Aeroplane remix earlier this year?

Send answer to this email with the words ”Never Say Never” in title – as consolation two people will be picked at random and sent Modular tote bags full with items with the Modular brand on.

Competition ends  Thursday lunchtime with winner and runner up notified by 6pm that night.

If you have allergic reaction to competitions or free stuff or collect ticket stubbs or generally quite rich, then click on this flashy thing below when it says buy tickets to buy tickets

Party Politics

November 4, 2008


After our inaugural night at The Social degenerated from an evening of smooth sophisticated balearic disco into a savage episode of table top dancing and Kenny Loggins b-sides we kind of figured the game was up and we’d never darken their doorstep ever again.

Goes to show how little we know. Less than a month later and we’re back, although this to keep us somewhat on the straight and narrow (or at least help polish off the free beer) we’ve asked one of our favourite clubnights/labels and Brixton’s increasingly worst kept secret, Keep Up! to join us.

So expect another night of afro boogie, cosmic disco, balearic beats, new wave and electronic house music. Or possibly all of the above and loads of dodgy rock, bmore and stadium techno, you never know.

Let’s just call it a FREESTYLE HOTMIX, yeah I like that.

Slutty Fringe Loves Keep Up!

Saturday 8th November
7pm till 1am

The Social, 5 Little Portland St, W1

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