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Alwayz Fridaze Competition

June 30, 2007

Buff Hype Promoter types Sick of Nature have stepped up their game this year. Renowned for throwing jumpoff nights at 93 Feet East, they moved on to greener pastures and now have Egg on Friday night lockdown. Alwayz Fridaze has them inviting hottt sauce promoters to take over each room and fill them with the best bubbling live acts and djs (anyone who saw me when the Crookers played there a few months back will testify how much fun I had)

I have three pairs of tickets for their next event on Friday 6th July – the lineup looks very very speshul – Roll Deep LIVE, Mac Mello LIVE, Skull Juice, Patchwork Pirates, Naomi// Tapedeck, STDJs among others and a very special Gomma Guest (whose identity I can’t disclose but it’s worth going to check out)

For a chance to win, simply drop me a email, with Alwayz Fridaze Competition in the header, with an answer to the following question

Please name either of the Ed Banger acts that Faex from Skull Juice has recently produced re-edits of?

Fuck That Shit

June 28, 2007

The Subs

Belgium has played an important part in club music over recent times – FACT! The Dewaele brothers antics as both Soulwax and 2ManyDJs have had hips shaking for some time and The Glimmers DJ sets have brought an ecleticism to clubbing akin to what the Optimo peeps up in Glasgow are renowned for (you must check the new Glimmers remixes of Shocking Pinks, the latest DFA signing)

There’s even a vibrant dubstep scene in Brussels right now- check the new Substance compilation on Aeclectrick Records if you like a bit of the half time wubwub.

Following in the footsteps of both Soulwax and The Glimmers, are rising act The Subs. Comprising of Starski and Tonic (both excellent DJs in their spare time and former residents at Belgian clubbing institutions Culture Club and Dirty Dancing) and multi instrumentalist Papillion from dirty electrorockers Foxylane.

They’ve been bubbling under since 2005, with their track You Make Me Spill featuring on the Dirty Dancing – Histoire D’Amour comp in 2006 and Substracktion getting put out on Dr Lektroluv’s imprint and have provided remixes for Mason among others.

Here’s where it get’s good, they’ve got a new track, somewhat provocatively entitled Fuck That Shit which is just immense. A twisted dirty bit of house music that starts off like that Timo Maas remix of Azzido Da Bass from all that time ago (haha remember that shit??) and contains several absolutely nasty breakdowns and some rather funny lyrical repitition – check it!

The Subs – Fuck That Shit

You can buy Fuck That Shit on vinyl (recommended) at Phonica

Here’s a video of The Subs performing live earlier this year

Disco Not Disco Like Its Hot

June 26, 2007

I don’t pay much attention to indie music, but my friend who does has waxed lyrical about The Liars to me. Maybe I can’t get past anotherband that starts with the prefix “The…” I read somewhere there was something like 50 bands at Glastonbury last weekend that began with said prefix.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the Crystal Castles remix of their old track It Fit When I Was A Kid alot these past few weeks.

The Liars – It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)

Similarly, The Rumblestrips haven’t really done much for me. But a Sportsday Megaphone remix of them would pique my fancy. So it’s a good thing he sent through a remix of The Rumblestrips track Alarm Clock which for some silly reason they chose to reject (according to Big Stereo it’s because it’s not Kraftwerk enough?)

The Rumblestrips – Alarm Clock (Sportsday Megaphone Stereo Adventure Remix)

Redhotcar from Fluokids sent me this rather splendid laid back remix of Johnny Cash by French kid Mondkopf which everybody needs to hear!

Johnny Cash – Gods Gonna Cut You Down (Plus De Sommeil Remix by Mondkopf)

On a similar remix/edit tip I’ve been caning the D*I*R*T*Y edits on the slutty fringe ipod recently. Pilooski’s Frankie Valli effort is rightly gonna blow up this summer thanks to 679 but there’s so much quality in the other edits.

Pilooski’s edit of Octet has this great snare roll around two minutes in and Joakim’s subtle edit of JJ Cale only adds to the notion that he can do no wrong (check his forthcoming remix of Cut Copy, definitely one of the remixes of the year)

Octet – Euro Vs Dollar (Pilooski Edit)

JJ Cale – Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)

Team Flagrant Fowl are on some mad production streak right now. Pockeknife and Cousin Cole have a new mix cd on the way called Tambourine Dream, full of remixes of new and old folk tracks, and they’ve sent out a teaser to whet your appetites.

Pocketknife’s remix of White Magic has some rather splendid percussive touches on it and a nasty little synth bassline drops in near the end. The mix should be off several hooks when it drops later this summer

White Magic – The Gypsies Came Marching After (Pocketknife’s Silk, Wool, and Rust Remix)

As a bonus I have the Pocketknife remix of Gatekeeper by Feist, which will also be on the Tambourine Dream mix, just in case you missed it. This remix is hot, and you can tell that Pocketknife hung with Theo Parrish when he was younger cos there’s some lovely detroit elements to it.

Feist – Gatekeeper (Pocketknife’s Faded Beach Towel Remix)

And Cousin Cole’s blend of Sonic Youth and Rekid has been keeping my ears happy this past month too

Sonic Youth – Do You Believe in Rapture Babe? (Cousin Cole Rekid blend)

Ms Hannah Holland just pointed me in the direction of the new Bastard Batty Bass Summer Mix packing some heavy tracks into 25 minutes. The Aston Shuffle remix of Whistler and Herve remix of Roisin Murphy being particularly hotttt!

1. Daft Punk – Oh Yeah
2. DJ Sany Pitbull – Funk Alemao
3. Tiefschwarz – Blow (Radio Slave Remix)
4. Audiojack – Robot
5. Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal – Everybody Rocking
6. The Crookers – Atomic Baile Boy
7. Claude Von Stroke – The Whistler (Aston Shuffle Remix)
8. Milton Jackson – Lets Go To Mexico / Yo Majesty – Kryptonite Pussy
9. Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Herve Remix)
10.Worty – Irste Te (Claude’s R U Thirsty Mix)
11.Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride

click on the booty to get on the download yo!

London peeps should head down to Dive @ Notting Hill Arts Club this Monday with yours truly sharing the decks with Hannah Holland and Team Starbuckers and some live band action from Mica, Lakaband, Republic Of Loose and I Shouted Gun.

Plus graffiti legend Inkie is going to be having a exhibition of his work early doors and daubing the Arts Club with his talented scribblings throughout the night – represent!

Hijack Mix

June 22, 2007

The nice people from HiJack sent through a 60 minute mix of chopped up low end house music – full of fresh new HiJack productions and edits plus some of my current fidgit favourites like Organ grinder and Atomic Baile Boy – splendid!

On the Brink Recordings has now gone purely digital so if you didn’t pick up the Hijackin’ EP when it was released last November you now have the chance to get it from Juno Download plus the excellent Crookers EP with the jacking Trevor Loveys rework and music from new signing Full Phat >> go here


1. Nic Sarno – Watch This
2. Jacob London – Return to Squirell (Oliver $ Remix)
3. HiJack – Listen Up
4. Pat Nice – All the Time (Lee Mortimer Remix)
5. HiJack – Can’t Touch
6. Crookers – Aguas de Parco
7. Solid Groove – Sicknagood
8. HiJack – Party People
9. Majik Johnson – Scanning for Viruses (Claude Vonstroke Remix)
10. Troydon – Drop It
11. HiJack – Trouser Jazz
12. Crookers – Atomic Baile Boy
13. Bulgarian – Lovely Bounce (HiJack Remix)
14. DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody (Switch Remix)
15. Trevor Loveys – Organ Grinder
16. HiJack – HiJackin’ (Herve Remix)
17. Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat (King Roc Remix)
18. Nic Sarno – Work (in the club)


Club Hoppin

June 19, 2007

The cassette tape is a much missed format in my opinion, I used to have a big Teletubbies metal bin full to the brim with old breezeblock shows, sketchy mixtapes, my favourite albums which a old flatmate liberated from my possession on the day I left Brighton (cheers for that Robin)

Some people have been doing their bit to keep the format alive, before Jamie T spent his days answering the same questions in every single style magazine, he used to put out singles accompanied by mixtapes on c90s. Dummy Magazine’s latest issue has a rather nice feature on cassette tapes plus it’s free now and has a excellent lead feature on Justice – get the pdf podcast through itunes here.

Now French label Mort Aux Jeunes Records are releasing the new single from French fringe electro popper Catherine Ferroyer – Blanchard on cassette format with remixes from SatanicPornoCultShop, Scalde and Les Petits Pilous.

Catherine Ferroyer ~ Blanchard – C’est Bien Trop Tard (Scalde Remix)

Catherine Ferroyer ~ Blanchard – Chanson d’Amour (Satanicpornocultshop remix)

Those lucky enough to live in Paris should head down to the launch party on the 22nd June at La Flèche D’or with a live performance from Catherine plus Teenage Bad Girl (loving their album right now) Don Rimini and Pharrell Fluokids – all this for non euros!


Keeping it on the French tip is a re-edit of Club Hoppin by Para One sent through by Small Saul of the Monkey!Knife!Fight! party peeps which was very nice of him becuse it is all sorts of splendidness!

Para One – Club Hoppin (Small Saul Re-edit)

Having conquered the Bristol party scene, Monkey!Knife!Fight! have decided to head south and take on the cockerney jessies who put on nights in the East End with two rather special looking parties over the next few weeks.

The 30th June sees them drop on the Horse and Groom with live performances from Curses! Turbowölf (these guys are jokes!) and Miss Odd Kidd plus the MKF DJs – if I wasn’t djing I’d be here in a shot!

The 7th July sees MKF take over the Pool Bar with Guns n Bombs and Sportsday Megaphone live plus Patchwork Pirates and the MKF DJs.

Sven Vath Pissed In My Bed

June 17, 2007

I can’t say I’ve ever been that intrigued by Mark E Smith’s music though I do remember fondly a tale from Jockey Slut about a DJ gig where he rocked up with a load of italo disco and when asked by the person mixing for him what to play next, he replied simply “Leave this record on cocker, the next track’s splendid”

Anyway he has a new project with Mouse on Mars (another band i’ve never really been that keen to listen to) under the name Von Südenfed. I got sent the recent single Fledermaus Can’t Get It and was sufficiently impressed by it to invest in the album Tromatic Reflexxions and by gosh if it’s not one of the best album’s I’ve heard this year! Smith’s humorus rantings sit well with the electrogrimebreakstephouse that MoM have created.

My favourite tracks are Flooded, which includes a brilliant line about Sven Vath, Duckrog which defies genre and closing song Dearest Friends which is a lovely acoustic amble of a song. The album is definitely worth checking out and shows how dominant a record label Domino are becoming.

Von Südenfed – Fledermaus Can’t Get It (Dr. Dong-Hun Chung We Call It Rave Bounce Remix)

Von Südenfed – Duckrog

Von Südenfed – Dearest Friends

You can buy the album from Boomkat or Rough Trade – also check this interview with Mark E Smith on the guardian website

Another act I never really got into before is Two Lone Swordsmen, despite the fact I’m mad keen on Radioactive Man productions (Keith Tenniswood’s alter ego) – the machine funk they are renowned for has always done very little for me.

Their recent album Wrong Meeting took a radically different approach, with the beats and bleeps dropped in favour of guitars and singing from Mr Weatherall. On first listen, I wasn’t that enamoured, but it’s really grown on me over the past few weeks. Weatherall’s voice ranges from sounding suprisingly young and spritely on tracks like Patient Saints and Rattlesnake Daddy to some rockabilly action on tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Grindhouse soundtrack

Two Lone Swordsmen – Rattlesnake Daddy

Two Lone Swordsmen – No Girl In My Plan

A follow up album, cunningly entitled Wrong Meeting II, has just been released and from what I have heard it sounds just as impressive. Thems that feel a bit flush might feel like dropping £50 on a mad limited edition Wrong Meeting Boxset which you can purchase at Phonica.

Slutty Fringe June DJ Chart

June 17, 2007


1 New Young Pony Club ~ Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix) //Modular
2 Crookers ~ Atomic Baile Boy //Man Rec

3 Jence ~ Wired //Kitsune
4 Simian Mobile Disco ~ Piggy In The Middle (Punks Jump Up Remix) // Cassette
5 Hot Chip ~ My Piano (Dub) // !K7

6 Wonder feat. Kano ~ What Have You Done (Radioclit Remix) // Uppercuts
7 Pharaoh Monch ~ Body Baby (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix) // Island
8 Trevor Loveys ~ Organ Grinder //Dubsided
9 Goose – British Mode (Jester Remix)
10 Bobmo ~ Let’ s Go Bobmo! //Institubes

You have the exciting opportunity to see me play these records and some other blouse bangers at the rather special looking Man Make Music on the 30th June at Hub alongside Patchwork Pirates, Gem The Brave, Modsleep and lots of impressive dubstep and drum and bass types

Rest In Peace

June 17, 2007

I found out the other day that Finnish producer, and man of many psuedonyms, Joe Snow passed away a few weeks ago and felt it would be a fitting tribute to show some word love for his music. Working under the names 12timesone, Buyuk Mabet, Polly Six, Gengar, Vic 20 and Ikkyo Mahl (what I know him for) he put out a veritable feast of electronic music and set up a sorely missed label with bird fancying friend The Crane (check his Bird of The Day blog heheh) in Tzanda Recordings.

I’m gonna post some Ikkyo Mahl tracks, which are on a 8bit arcadeelectropop tip and if they take your fancy you can get lots more at the Ikkyo Mahl and Tzanda LastFm pages for free – dooowit!!

Ikkyo Mahl – Drunken Ninja Arcade Master

Ikkyo Mahl – Peshtah Poker With Love

A Certain Air Of Exclusivity

June 12, 2007

Yes yes I have a exclusive Crookers remix for you all – seriously, other than myself and the good kids from Milan, only two other people have this in their possession. In fact it’s so exclusive, the identity of the artist/band they have remixed hasn’t been disclosed to me.

????? – Set Your Body Free (Crookers Remix)

Some not quite as exclusive remix heat comes in the form of Kate Nash. I can’t say I was ever the biggest fan of Kate Nash, certainly not as much as Mr Upside Down Stupid Hat, out of all the so called Mini Allens I always preferred George Pringle.

But I got sent a new remix of her track Foundations by refixers du jour Metronomy last week (blame a hefty weekend on the rum et al for the fact it’s only being posted now) It’s quite pleasant in a wonky folk gets it on with sloppy hiphop behind the bike shed sorta way.

Kate Nash – Foundations (Metronomy Remix)

The Glamour Soundsystem just hooked me up with a few tracks. Back when I interviewed Miss Odd Kidd she was more than glowing in her plaudits for this one man electro outfit out of Birmingham.

Some concerted research on the internets demonstrates that she is not alone in being quite fond, with more myspace friends than the population of The Faroe Islands (perhaps) and several glowing articles for his recently released Drink after Drink single and the fact he’s played gigs with Digitalism, Teenagers and Miss Odd Kidd herself among others.

Whats the music like you might be saying? Well it’s nice yo, just the right amount of camp art student performing the new wave music from The Mighty Boosh at All You Can Eat whilst drunk on white wine, with big synths and sloppy electro drums and laser gun noises.

Glamour Soundsystem – So Much Jealousy

Glamour Soundsystem – Wear Out That Dior

London kids can catch the Glamour Soundsystem at Neon @ Scala on the 23rd

Didn’t I Show You Love

June 12, 2007

love supreme

Italian space disco enthusiasts Love Supreme have just released their second EP on the ever splendid Tirk Records. Entitled Eleswhere, all three tracks on the record take in the full spektrum of their influences, touching on the soundtracks of Carpenter and Moroder, early Detroit Techno, Kraut Rock and Italo Disco.

To celebrate the release, Love Supreme sent through a dj set recorded live at the Tunnel Club in Milano recently. Check it!

Love Supreme DJ set (recorded live) Tracklisting

Joakim – Lonely Hearts
Kaos – Cerebral Tremolo
Love Supreme – Pork Chop Express
Vincent Markowski – The Madness Of Moths
Inflagranti – Business Acumen
Lindstrom – The Contemporary Fix
Padded Cell – Moon Menace
Unknown – White Label
Emperor Machine – Labocatocs (Vincent Markowski’s Polski re-dub)
The Glimmers – More Frantic (Tommie Sunshine’s edit the re-edit)
LCD SoundSystem – Sound Of Silver
MC Lane Explosion – Oxygene (Greg Wilson re-edit)
Emperor Machine – Expanding In Reproduction
Emperor Machine – Sh3a

Download here (direct link)

Buy the Love Supreme Elsewhere EP at Phonica

Those lucky enough to be heading to Sonar this week can catch Love Supreme play at the Tirk Sonar party at Hotel Omm on Thursday 14th June alongside the Tirk residents and a special DJ set from legendary producer Martin Rushent (watch out for his EP dropping on Tirk in September)

Modular Recordings Competition CLOSED

June 6, 2007

 This competition is now closed – winners to be drawn within the next hour or so – good luck and thankyou for your participation!

Modular Recordings are taking over the one decent day at next weeks O2 Wireless Festival on the 16th June with a whole host of splendid acts to keep you satisfied till Daft Punk do their thing in Hyde Park.

LCD Soundsystem, Klaxons, CSS, New Young Pony Club, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco Live! (rather special at Fabric live last Friday according to the regal Duke Dumont, whose opinion we should all trust!) Muscles and Bang Gang DJs to name but more than a few.

Not content with having Hyde Park on lockdown for the day, they have decided to take over Canvas and continue the partying long into the wee hours with DJ sets from Simian Mobile Disco, Joakim, Sinden, Buraka Som Sistema, Bang Gang, Klaxons, Nadia Our Disco and some special guests (I wonder who?)

Them nice peeps at Modular have given me some prizes to give away in a Wireless Festival Afterparty shaped competition. First prize is a pair of guestlist tickets to the Afterparty at Canvas plus a Modular Loves You gift pack (which includes a modular tote bag/promos/tshirt and some rather natty badges) whilst two runners up will get a gift pack each.

For your chance to get with the niceness, just answer this Modular related question

What is the title of the forthcoming New Young Pony Club album?

Email your answers here with Modular Jump off Competition in the heading along with your name and address. The competition will close on Monday afternoon. All names will be placed in one of my hats and drawn by a independent advisor (my mate Alf) and the winners notified shortly thereafter.


I Can Count Music Vol 2 Is Out!

June 6, 2007

So no sooner have I wrapped up an interview with young whippersnapper Mica, whom I discovered on the excellent I Can Count Music compilation that was put out last year than the second volume arrives at Slutty Fringe towers!

The first volume of I Can Count Music took me by surprise when I heard it as I wasn’t expecting such a consistent collection of music spanning a number of genres from relatively unknown artists.

So it was with this in mind that I’ve been awaiting the second volume with eager anticipation (Basically severe badgering of label boss Sweeney regarding release info for more than a few months) I’m very happy to say that despite it being shorter than the first volume, with only 12 tracks, they haven’t crimped on the quality one little bit.

You got dancefloor heat with Miss Odd Kidd’s Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat (a classic round these parts) representing the filthy girltalk over electro genre I like so much, pouting art rocker disco pogo with Saturday Night from Brighton duo Beauty Skool Dropout and some wonky 8 bit pop from Sportsday Megaphone (you have to catch this guy live yo!)

This is all mixed up with some nice kitchen sink bass heavy 2 step action from Ear PWR, a dash of melodic synth pop called Eighties from Revox and speaker worrying hiphop laced with a sweet female vocal from Mr Bearsley plus some lovely acoustic tracks from Humanboy and Spaceships Are Cool.

Some of the more discerning DJs at Radio One have been giving this compilation some serious FM love of late with Rob Da Bank proclaiming I Can Count to be one of his labels of the year and Huw Stephens featuring them on his DIY Label Of The Week.

In fact Huw Stephens seems to have taken quite a shine to Miss Odd Kidd, as he invited her and The CockNBullKid to the swanky Radio Studios at Maida Vale to record a session for his show recently, which will be broadcast on the 13th June. You best listen!

You can purchase the compilation from the I Can Count website for the princely sum of £4 and be sure to check out the stush garms they got on sale too!


Beauty Skool Dropout – Saturday Night

Ear PWR – Turn Out The Lights

Interview With Mica

June 5, 2007

I managed to get some time to ask the rather talented musician and producer Mica a few questions before she jets off to the sunny climes of Barcelona to perform at the prestigious Sonar Festival later this month.

Slutty Fringe: So Mica, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Slutty Fringe, why not kick off by telling thems that don’t know a little about who you are and what you do?

Mica: I am Mica. I am a 20 yr old girl. I write grime/hiphop beats and guitar songs and “experi”mental” music.

I first heard you with the track Go Now on I Can Count Vol 1 – that’s Taz on vocals and you on production duties yeah?

Yeah, me and Taz did that track at school, was nuts we never expected it to ever be on a cd ever (my friend stepan lavrov mastered it thanks stup).

How did the track end up opening the album?

dunno? It’s nice though

That track differs greatly both from when I caught your performance at Proud Galleries and the tracks posted on your myspace. It’s clear you like to mix up the genres yeah?

I suppose, in a way people who write music are trying to write what they wanna hear right, and I, like most people like loads of different types of music I reckon its only natural to mix it up a bit, plus if your always producing tracks on a computer you forget about things like oxygen and acoustics etc I think its probably healthy to play a guitar every so often.

Taz and yourself also form part of the Cluster Collective, what’s the deal with this group?

Well were now called “Mica And The Cluster” but in essence its a collective of rappers and singers I work with… the point is to turn tracks we make- live.. you know?

And my idealistic aim was to have this collective that people can bounce in and out of it. We got a jazz keys player called Kit Downes, Taza, Miss Bienek, Yvette RW, Baker, Ghost Poet.

So Mica And The Cluster are performing at Sonar too, which day and is it part of the Day or Night festival?

on the 14th in the day bout 4? At the Accidental showcase.

You must be looking forward to playing at such a prestigious festival, it’s crazy there too – I had a proper jokes times when I went two years back

I’m shitting it!

What have been your best and worst gigs?

best gig errrr one cluster did at 93 feet east. Worst gig, a guitar one, the promoter asked me if I was on crack.

Wot 4, the track you sent me is a lovely little song – what’s the song about and did you perform the tongue clicking noises on it?

thanks maaaan. lovely. It’s about 2 kids (a boy and girl) who are hanging out and something bad happens and then the girl doesn’t care about things anymore. Then they grow up and they are together as a couple, but hes nasty coz she doesn’t care and its gone a bit tits up and they don’t communicate at all really. then they fight and then you know she regrets all that shit. I didn’t do the clicks whilst singing on the recording but I rinse that gimic when i play a gig.

You’ve been round the Suicide Dogz Laboratory recently to work on some tracks, what can we expect from this meeting of minds?

I’m Putting out a mixtape and Mr Dogz is putting a few tracks on it.

What bands/artists are you feeling right now?

Kwes, Man Like Me, Dolly Daggers, Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear, Capitol KN dubz, Naked and the Boys. There loads of good things i’m sure i’m not getting to. Errrrr Xenakis is a sick one. Harry Partch.

If you collaborate with any artist or producer dead or alive who would you choose?

Harry Partch & Captain Beefheart.

If you were a professional wrestler, what would your name be?

Chug Lightning – Thunku

Who has the best slutty fringe?

Miss Bienek hands down!



Mica – Wot 4?

Mica Featuring Taz – Go Now