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On The Brink Recordings

November 28, 2006

on the brink

2006 has seen the wonky house stylings of the whole Dubsided/Counterfeet/Speaker Punks fam come to the fore. People want a crazy ass remix to give their band some buff hype they call up Dave Taylor and let him rip a new shit hole in their track (refixes of Spank Rock and Bugz In The Attic are among my favourite this year)

Next year will see a new name to look out for in the shape of On The Brink Recordings with upcoming releases from Hi Jack and SF favourites The Crookers. Slutty Fringe was lucky enough to get hold of label boss Craig Walsh and discuss what exciting things On The Brink has up its sleeve over the next few months.

Slutty Fringe: On The Brink has only recently been set up – How did you come about starting your own label and what are your plans for it?

Craig Walsh: I only physically started the label this year, out of boredom really. I’ve had the idea in my head for years, but was always putting it off.

After the HiJack EP is out on 18th december, February will see an EP by The Crookers, which will feature a very special Trevor Loveys remix.

From then on, I’m aiming to release 1 EP every 2 months. I’ve got some more dope shit coming from The Crookers, HiJack are working on new material, there is a bootleg EP coming out soon as well. I’ve got a few demos to go through, one in particular from a guy in brighton, who has done a wicked jump up version of ‘jesus walks’ by kanye west. Also, there is a certain kiss fm dj, who plays the whole baltimore club ting, who may be doing a remix !!!

Hijack are responsible for the first release on the label, can you give us some more information about them?

HiJack are these two dudes from bournemouth, jon chant & dan carro. Real good guys who make endless amounts of mash-ups and bootlegs for their djs sets. I got sent the ‘Can’t Touch’ track nearly a year ago, and just loved their tight production. I had to really persuade the boys to let me release some gear from them, but we got there in the end.

You have signed Slutty Fringe favourites the Crookers, what have you got planned with them?

Their first EP ‘Made In Italy’ is coming out in february, like I said. Trevor Loveys is remixing parts from 2 of the tracks, and melting it into one.They are making some really dope heavy beats, one being a crunk mix of jamelia. and I they’re gonna be involved in the bootleg EP, so some good things are coming from the Milan camp.

Hopefully we can make the relationship long term…

Can we expect some UK DJ dates for the Crookers?

I was due to fly over to milan in january to hang out with them for a couple of days, but its probaly looking like february or march now. they do some mad fucking parties.

Once the label has established itself, im gonna do a label launch party, maybe in London, and get the crookers over, along with hijack, and have a party.

Trevor Loveys and Joshua Hervey have provided the label with some hot sauce remixes – what has the reaction been like?

Trevor’s doing some real tight shit at the moment for lots of different projects, so I’ve not yet heard what he has done for the ‘made in italy’ e.p., but in the ten years I’ve been digging his stuff, he’s never disapointed me.

Josh is probaly the most diverse and talented producer in the uk right now, if not europe. From the tomorrow people stuff he’s done, to the dubsided gear, the guy’s on fire. When he called me and offered to do the remix, I never thought I would have got back what he sent me. Thats all I can say really.

On The Brink has just started a radio show – what’s the deal with it content wise?

Its just 2 hours of music I like really. Anything is being played, I’ve got my mate to roll the spliffs and do the mic shit, so its a good crack. The show is live, as I dont seem to find the time to pre-record it.

In the next few weeks, im getting some guests to send me some 30 minute mixes, just to break it up a bit towrds the end, and also try to promote music that people wouldnt normally listen to. I’ll be like Pete Tong, only uglier.

What other labels or artists do you see as an influence?

Two major factors that changed my life, in terms of music: 1. Discovering Underground Resistance, and 2. Seeing jesse rose spin records.

In terms of labels, I like the way ‘dubsided’ do business. no promotion, no mailouts, not even a fucking website, yet people still flock by the thousands to buy a dubsided record. Amazing. Ed DMX’s label ‘breakin’ is/was a cool label. All the labels under the submerge umbrella.

As for artists, the chemical brothers are still doin it for me. I’m also really digging all those unknown dudes on the underground london scene who are booting all kinds of shit together. I like all that ‘dont divide music’ attitude. thats what im trying to enforce on the label.

So anyone out there, please send me some electroooooooo!!!!!

Also, if I can plug one thing, I have to tell you about a dj I know called Gristy. he’s in london now, so if anyone sees his name on a flyer, go and check him out. He is the dude….

If you could sign any artist to On The Brink, who would it be?

Duke Dumont is someone who excites me at the moment. he’s a dude. I fucking love his stuff. I think he pissed all over ‘when i hear music’. that boy is gonna do big things.

Feadz from the Ed Banger crew is doing some mad shit as well.

And if dubsided ever goes bust, mr harvey (if I havent kidnapped him already)



Hi Jack – Can’t Touch

Hi Jack – Hijackin’ (Herve fuck fuck remix)


On The Brink MySpace

Hi Jack MySpace

Crookers MySpace

Listen to On The Brink Radio here

Thieves Like Us

November 28, 2006

Modular Xmas party nyc style

When I stayed in New York earlier this year I rarely ventured from Manhattan cos I’m a lazy sod. On one of the few occasions I did leave, I went for a Monday night out in the Willmsburg district of Brooklyn and it was probably one of the best I had the entire month.

Me and a bunch of randoms from my hostel got some c*nt dust from a nice Columbian, played pool and drank cheep beer in a bar and then stumbled upon an amatuer Burlesque show at Galapagos Art Installation with a dj called Tikka Masala playing chart hiphop bangers inbetween the acts – shit like that makes me want to live in New York so if there’s any Brookyln Sugar Mommas out there that wanna get hitched to a cheeky scamp from London hit me up!

New Young Pony Club are touching down at the White Room in Williamsburg on December the 9th as part of their North America tour and have got the Juan Maclean (DFA) and M.A. (big ups to MaryAnn superstar DJ!) providing the hip shakers, plus this splendid band called Thieves Like Us are playing live.

Thieves Like Us are a bunch of Swedish/NYC kids who make music that is very much in the same vein as Cut Copy and Lo-Fi-Fnk, it being filtered synth disco pop with replete with looped up guitar sounds and nice melodies – its clear why Modular booked them.

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body

listen to more Thieves Like Us on their myspace and buy their records from Other Music and Rough Trade

Diesler – Hot Pot Hype

November 27, 2006

The Slutty Fringe Selection - Diesler

Volume 3 of The Slutty Fringe Selection is brought to these pages by Tru Thoughts artist Diesler.

Having featured on the Shapes compilation back in 2003, Diesler has since released two albums and number of EPs on the Brighton imprint and has been responsible for a slew of natty remixes on a variety of excellent labels such as Catskills, Free Style and Raw Fusion all of which betray his obsession with latin music.

For this mix Diesler has put together a selction of old favourites and current picks.


Quantic – An Announcement To Answer
Natural Self ft. Alice Russell – Don’t Need This Trouble
Alice Russell – Fly In The Hand (DJ Vadim Remix)
The Vibrettes – Humpty Bump part 1 & 2
Wand – Nega De Obalue
Mandrake – Berimbau (Bongo Re-Edit)
Diesler – Puppy Fat
Diesler – Real Cold
Gecko Turner – Limon En La Cabeza (Quantic Dub)
Jesus Aleman – Descarga De Hoy
Future Loop Foundation – What’s Your Name? (Quantic Remix)
Today’s Mathematics – Let It Go [Cedar Remix]
Marco Di Marco & Nathan Haines – Walking In St. James Park


Diesler – The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol. 3 Lancashire Evening Tunes (66mb)

The Chap

November 26, 2006

The Chap

On Friday I was djing at 93 Feet East for Hot Sauce, a new night run by Furthur, and it was remarkable for two reasons. Firstly, the bass at 93 Feet East is extremely bowel worrying (having the bassbins next to the decks doesn’t help either heheh) but more importantly I witnessed probably the best performance by a band this year in the shape of The Chap.

Hot Sauce had earlier that night been witness to some entertaining sets by Blah Blah Blase and the Ping Pong Bitches. I’d not heard any of Blah Blah Blase’s music before but I was impressed by their jerky electro pop stylings, the fact they have two hubba girlies playing the instruments and frontman Nathan Doom’s pink pants.

I had caught the Ping Pong Bitches a few years back performing at Nag Nag Nag, and they have morphed into a more electro rock outfit with some natty metal riffs to accompany their shouty girl stylings.

The Chap were something else completely, I’d never heard their music before and had the preconception they were steeped in electronica (mainly cos they are on Lo Recordings) so it was pleasantly suprising to see them blow the roof of the main hall with a sweat filled set of angular sleazy rock reminiscent of the sadly defunct Clor.

I managed to snag a copy of their album, Ham, after their performance and its excellent, clearly not as noisy as The Chap live, but containing some excellent production, taking in a number of different styles.

The Chap have a EP coming out on Lo Recordings early next year, replete with remixes from Hot Chip and sonic terrorist Zilla, and they have also just completed a remix for Beck which will be on the deluxe edition of The Information – Go Seek!

You can purchase Ham, the fine second album by The Chap here and to get a taste of The Chap live go here


The Chap – Baby I’m Hurting

The Chap – Clissold Park

Dirty Noise

November 21, 2006

modular jumpoff presents

Well I was planning on writing about how much of a jolly good time I had at the Modular End Of Year Party but unfortunately a combination of me drinking lots of rum and a disagreement, over something I have no recollection of, with one of the Canvas security team meant I was there for only 30 minutes. I did get to see some of New Young Pony Club’s set and they were quite special (You can see pictures of the event here)

Anyway, Modular aren’t ones to rest on their laurels and they’ve got plenty of exciting music lined up for 2007 – A New Young Pony Club longplayer, the much anticipated (and delayed) debut from MSTRKRFT, new material from the Avalanches and Cut Copy and quite excitingly some new stuff from The Bumblebeez!!

The Bumblebeez caused a bit of a stir a few years back with the release of the excellent (and quite rare) White Printz EP on Wichita (I remember the sorely missed Jockey Slut touting them as the Next Big Thing) they released a further EP on Wichita and were then snaffled up by Modular who put out the album excellent Printz in 2004. And then The Bumblebeez kinda went off the radar.

But now they are back! On Monday, Black Dirt is released on veeee veeee limited 7″ vinyl and is some more infectious scuzzhop sounds and they’ve put together a funny video to celebrte this fact! Tiger Suits are splendid no matter what anyone says!

I’ve also stuck up a couple of tracks of theirs which I think are great!

Bumblebeez – Step Back

Bumblebeez – Microphone Diseases

Hey Bobby, Whats The French For Donuts?

November 18, 2006


I got my hands on the DJ Mehdi album last weekend, it’s right up there with my albums of the year (absofuckenlutely great cover art too!) and as the first longplayer released on Ed Banger it’s a mad heavy statement of intent from the label cos in 2007 we can expect albums from Uffie, SebastiAn and Justice (wow!)

Instead of posting tracks from Lucky Boy, I’m sticking up a promo album Mehdi put together called Les Loukoums, a collection of tracks and out takes put together with the immense Donuts by J Dilla (RIP) in mind – its very nice nice!

Download: DJ Mehdi – Les Loukoums

Citrus Goodness

November 18, 2006

hubba x 2

Man like Drop The Lime has just remixed Infants, one of the most impressive bands I was lucky enough to see this year. I catched the Infants at Pile On in Battersea back in February and they kicked it hard (As hard as it can be kicked on a shiestey barge in Battersea) and now Drop The Lime is remixing one of their best songs, Firetruk Theme. It’s a good look!

People who call themselves Londoners or even Cockneys should direct their feet towards Kilburn and seek entrance to the rather special Luminaire on the 25th of November as The Infants and another of my favourite bands right now, Headless (the very defintion of shouty girl music) are giving stellar support to Selfish C*nt for what looks like a excellent night of live music.

Get On The Download:

Infants – Firetruk Theme (Drop The Lime Remix)

Infants – Firetruk Theme

Blessed be Dutty Dutty Dancin for pics

Foxy Sounds

November 16, 2006

Kitsune LoveNext month sees the release of Kitsuné Maison 3, the latest compilation from Gallic Indie Hot Sauce imprint Kitsuné and it’s chocolat full of Slutty Fringe favourites!

As with previous compilations from the label, everything about Maison 3 is splendid and mad current. A quick glance at the tracklist demonstrates this as it begins with some fresh new Simian Mobile Disco, ends with a shiny new remix of Digitalism’s amazing Zdarlight by Paranoid Asteroid and inbetween contains tracks and remix duties from such buff scenester luminaries as Fox n’ Wolf, The Klaxons, Freeform Five, Boys Noize, Soulwax and The Bag Raiders.

I think Kitsune have a secret Now! Machine with a special Now! Button which they press nonchalantly everytime they want to release a compilation and it releases some sort of magic Now! dust into the Kitsune office space which inspires them….

hmm yes anyway, I’m particularly delighted Dead Disco are on the compilation in Metronomy mixed form cos I have a well documented soft spot for the girls from Leeds

01. Simian Mobile Disco / I Believe
02. The Lovely Feathers / Frantic
03. The Whip / Trash
04. Fox n’ Wolf / Youth Alcoholic
05. Klaxons / Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)
06. Freeform Five / Home With U
07. Boys Noize / Feel Good (TV=Off)
08. Gossip / Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
09. Alex Gopher / Motorcycle (Wet Clutch Short Edit)
10. The World Domination / Galactic Lover
11. Dead Disco / The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)
12. The Valentinos / Kafka ! (Bag Raiders How’d Ya Like at Five Remix)
13. Oh No ! Oh My! / I Love You All The Time
14. The Whitest Boy Alive / Done With You
15. Digitalism / Zdarlight (Paranoid Asteroid mix)

To download here’s the excellent Nite Version of The Gossip by Soulwax

The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)

Don’t be Afraid

November 16, 2006

bloggers delight!

(Apologies for the delay)

So on Sunday I got to play records at Bloggers Delight, the sunday shindig run by Casper Fluokids and Skull Juice, down at the Lock Tavern in dirty Camden. Despite the fact I was feeling battered from a hefty Saturday night on the rum and 3 hours sleep I had a very good time – it was splendid to meet Casper and the SJ kids for the first time and I also bumped into man like Headphone Sex.

Matt Walsh took over record playing duties from me and definitely managed with the sound delay problems much more proffessionally than a putz like me. I met David E Sugar who couldn’t play due to a mixup, but I was intrigued by his gameboy as instrument setup and checked his music out on myspace and he’s doing some big tings.

Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstance, neither Simian Mobile Disco nor special guest James Murphy could make it down, I’m glad personally cos I wimped out and left around 9ish due to being knackered but Skull Juice were smashing it upstairs as I was leaving – these kids are seriously tight on the 1210s and cdjs, tweaking the eqs like they were Eva Greens’s nipples. I was especially impressed with Ben Skull Juice’s sly little bootleg of A Bit Patchy by Switch which passed me by when it was posted on their blog a while back

Download – Benedict X – A Bit Boxy

During the night I also got chatting to a little firecracker of a girl who turns out to be a superb filthy mouthed vocalist going by the name of Miss Odd Kidd. It would be easy for me to compare her to Uffie cos they both like to talk dutty, spit verse over some nice nice grimey electronic sounds and are HOTT but Miss Odd Kidd definitely has her own distinctive London girlie ting going on.

She was lovely enough to send through a couple of tracks which I thibk are excellent – Motha Fucka, the collab with The Cock n Bull Kid & Goldie Locks, has a real dirty bassline and some analogue nastiness going on whilst Don’t Be Afraid has some wicked bleepy action and a proper nice synth sound that appears every so often.


Miss Odd Kidd – Don’ Be Afraid To Sweat

666 aka Miss Odd Kidd, Goldie Locks & The CockNBull Kid – Motha Fucka

I’m a try catch Miss Odd Kidd perform soon, check her Myspace page as she’s playing venues all over London Town over the next few weeks – I suggest London heads go see her too!

More pics from sunday (minus any of my pale hungoverboat race thankgod!) can be found at Dirty Dirty Dancing

The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol 2: Crookers

November 13, 2006

Volume 2 of the Slutty Fringe Selection has been put together by the Crookers, the hottest thing to come out of Italy since Monica Belluci! I featured the Crookers a few months ago after discovering them on MySpace, they are producing some of the freshest sounding house music right now, being right on the whole Sinden/Speakerjunk/Switch/Dubsided wonky bassline and cut up baltimore baile funk tip but definitely with their own unique flavour.

The mix they have put together for Slutty Fringe is jam packed with their own productions – listen out for the cheeky MOR Chanteuse sample on Just Ghetto!


1. Bugz in the Attic “Don’t stop the music” (Switch rmx)
2. Crookers “Crooked to play”
3. Crookers “Get it”
4. Crookers “Brookah”
5. Beckett & Taylor “Hand on the plow” (Caro mix)
6. Bald and Beautiful “Double Dutchin”
7. Crookers “Buzz beat”
8. Andy Caldwell “Warrior” (Claude VonStroke Mix)
9. Crookers “Futurer”
10.Crookers “BumbleBees”
11.Crookers “Just ghetto”
12.Crookers “Stab X”
13.Spank Rock “Bump” (Switch mix)
14.Crookers “Atomic Baile Boy”
15.Sebastian “Walkman”
16. Crookers “Gipsy P”
17. Uffie “Ready to uff”

Download: Crookers – The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol. 2 (54 mb)

illustration by ME!

Why Myspace Is Good

November 12, 2006

I had a wicked time at blogger delight today despite a serious lack of sleep, played some laavly records, met some splendid people (Casper Fluokids is a legend among men for nudging kronenburg after kronenburg in my direction and running tings smooth despite having twice the weekend I had) anyway more about that tommorow when I’m a bit more sober….

Myspace is great cos having recently discovered The Blow, after friending them up, I gets bulletin from producer Mr Jona aka Yacht disclosing details of a fuggin excellent mix he’s put together fpr French National Radio (more details here).

Download the mix here


01 Lucky Dragons – Martha’s Work
(Previously Unreleased)

02 The World Court – Animal Oracle (YACHT Premix)
(Previously Unreleased)

03 Dear Nora – Defeated and Lonely
(From “There Is No Home” on Magic Marker Records)

04 Kixly – Heart Sparks
(Previously Unreleased)

05 The Blow – Babay (Jab Micha Och Elle Remix)
(Previously Unreleased)

06 Adrian Orange – No More Wild
(From “Bitches Is Lord” on Marriage Records)

07 Tussle – Second Guessing (YACHT Remix)
(Previously Unreleased)

08 High Places – Head Spins
(Previously Unreleased)

09 White Rainbow – nov6number1MIDDLE
(Previously Unreleased)

10 YACHT – See A Penny (Premix)
(Previously Unreleased)

11 Pash – Once Made
(Previously Unreleased)

12 Panther – Tiger’s Touch
(Previously Unreleased)

13 O.Lamm – Open Malice (with Zoe Wolf)
(From “Monolith” on Active Suspension)

14 Dirty Projectors – Imagine It
(From “New Attitude” on Marriage Records)

15 Girl Talk – Smash Your Head
(From “Night Ripper” on Illegal Art)

16 Momus – Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
(From “Ocky Milk” on Analog Baroque)

17 The Konki Duet – Inflammable
(From “Mountain Mouton” on Active Suspension)

18 Hawnay Troof – Expectations And Delivery (Feat. BARR)
(From “Dollar And Deed” on Retard Disco)

19 The Blow – Hock It (YACHT Remix)
(Previously Unreleased)

Today, It Is The Remix

November 10, 2006

Eva Eva Eva

Hot Chip – Over & Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)

Plan B – Who Needs Action (Hot Chip Remix)

The Teenagers – HomeComing (Casanova Remix) <<<<< Shot Callin HEAT<<<<<<<

Gang Of Four – Not Great Men (Phones Extended Version)

Beck – Black Tambourine (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

Curse This Noise!

November 10, 2006

bloody osx

New York bassbin explosion specialist Drop The Lime just sent me through some fruits of a new side project he is working on, which was very nice of him! Check it, it’s ever so slighly unhinged and I like it alot!

Curses! – Hungry 4 Love

More Curses! music can be found right hurr

Bloggers Delight – This Sunday

November 9, 2006

bloggers delight

Slutty Fringe has just been added to The Bloggers Delight lineup this Sunday – Nice One Son!

Will be downstairs fighting a hangover from 5pm and playing some niceup sounds- say hello!



Blogger’s Delight
The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road

More details and the enticing prospect of Myspace friendship here

Some Splendid Sounds

November 7, 2006


Time to share some music thats been worrying my speakers recently. First up we have The SoftLightes, a band from sun kissed California who recently signed to Modular. Their debut single for the imprint, Girl Kills Bear, is released on Monday and comes with a lovely melodic synths and hand claps remix from Lo Fi Fnk. The Softlightes sound is clearly a deviation from the Modular norm (distorteddiscopogopunk) and I like it!

The SoftLightes – Girl Kills Bear (Lo Fi Fnk Remix)

On a Modular related note Slutty Fringe affiliate and hot sauce London promoter types Furthur are running a compettion this week – Furthur Honcho John Power says…..

In this weeks Furthur mailing list i have 2 ‘Modular Love’ packages to giveaway containing vinyl, CDs and badges from acts like Mstrkrft, New Young Pony Club & Van She and tickets to the mighty Modular Warehouse party at Canvas on the 18th of November

if you’re not a member sign up HURRR

Doowit!!! I think the mailout is dropping tommorrow so get on the case cos the Modular jumpoff is gonna be Heavy like Fat Joe!

Right, back to the music. The Rapture’s second album is very nice, it’s definitely in my top ten albums of the year and Ed Banger artist SebastiAn has done a lovely cut up remix of Get Myself Into It, one of the standout tracks from Pieces Of The People We Love. Ed Banger for Label Of The Year anyone?

The Rapture – Get Myself Into It (SebastiAn Remix)

Greg Wilson caused a bit of stir last year with his excellent Credit To The Edit album on Tirk and he’s done some mighty fine re-edits this year – two of my favourites being Spektrum’s Horny Pony and the Missy Work It refix under the Young Dog Alien alias.

The Horny Pony edit gives full attention to that lovely bass line and the Work It refix slaps Missy’s accapella over Body Talk by Imagination adding vocal snippets of Tweet and Marvin Gaye for a real dancefloor bubbler.

Tirk Records have got Gregory in his studio with the tape delay machine working on a second volume of Credit To The Edit which is due for release early next year – Good News!!

Spektrum – Horny Pony II (Greg Wilson’s Wonky Disko Mix)

Young Dog Alien – Gotta Keep On Workin’ It

Hit up Piccadilly for all Greg Wilson goodness!

From one re- edit genius to another (check the smooth segueing going on here!) as I bring you the sounds of Mr Johnny Miller – a rather talented musician out of Mancunia who has recorded for Wah Wah and is now in the Phuture Lounge fam and has been stealthily leaking a set of soul/funk re-edits over the innanet this year (gawd bless technology!) which have found their way to me!

Erm two of the tracks i’m posting wouldn’t neccesarily be classed as soul or funk but I love em and Family Tree is a bomb disco track! Wait for the flutes to drop!

Ian Dury – Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt.3 (Jonny Miller Re-Edit)

The Doors – Ghost Song (Jonny Miller Re-Edit)

The Family Tree – Family Tree (Jonny Miller Re-Edit)

Click here to get Jonny Miller’s eps in digital format

Finally, I will leave you with a tracks from Max Steele & the Party Ice, a bunch of kids from New York who nudged some of their music my way this weekend.

Coming on like a strange cocktail of Garage Rock, Art School Camp, Belle & Sebastian keys and rave synths its quite like nothing i’ve heard before! It all sounds a bit rough round the edges but there is a certain charm to their music. I never got round to checking out any bands when I was in New York so I’m glad they sent through some tracks.

Max Steele and the Party Ice – Pick-axe & Shovel

There’s plenty more i’d like to post like The Duke Dumont remix of Mekon, some Kuduro, The Sinden remix of Epic man and Plan B but Fluokids have them all up any way !!