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sniTched Up

February 25, 2009

The parts of Team Slutty Fringe that responds to shouts of Tony and Poland have been invited to play sought after mp3s and trusted vinyl recordings this Saturday at the launch party of the much revered sniTch DJs new mixtape, craftily titled sniTch Tape Vol 2 down Commercial Road at The George Tavern.

Reason enough for the racing of pulses and eagerness to attend amongst fellow Londoners.

However wishing to spoil attendees some, Snitch DJs have also enlisted some special guests in the shape of a live appearance from long time Slutty Fringe favourite Rowdy Superst*r and DJ sets from up and coming producer Radioproof (him what done splendide remixe of The Shoes)  members of the always intriguing Dead Kids and Meesh, the part of the Super Super editorial that can actually mix.

Snitch Tape Vol 2 will also be giftwrapped and presented to each and every person that steps through the doors of The George Tavern. Do the socially acceptable thing and confirm your attendance here (and then tweet about it or something)

As a taster of what to expect grab the first Snitch Tape here

Snitch DJs – Snitch Tape Vol 1

tracklist follow the jump

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What Better Way?

February 22, 2009

Glasgow is becoming quite the breeding ground for epic disco cosmicness. Y’all know about Optimo’s love for the disco (We’re very excited for the forthcoming Den Haan stuff on Optimo Recordings and are quite giddy about Twitch’s edit of Bronski Beat under his Alexandre Parade nom de plume on Autodiscotheque) The Revenge/Ooft camp have been rightly getting props from all the good people over the last twelve months and joining them in garnering feverous attention amongst the disco glitterati is the Solardisco imprint.

Only two releases deep, both coming from the musical mind of Maelstrom, who also records for Eskimo and caused quite a stir witth his edit of Metro Area last year, the next release will be How We Lustre from Boston producer Brenden Wesley and is backed with remixes from such luminaries as Runaway and Nick Chacona. Also included is a nice discohouse chugger of a remix from Barca based DJ/producer John Barera which can be heard here.

Brenden Wesley – How We Lustre (John Barera Remix)

Hot On The Heels

February 22, 2009

Slutty Fringe favourite Plimsouls shuffles back into the limelight cocky in the knowledge that he has a rather spiffing debut release on Pieces Of Eight Records (thems who put out music by Style of Eye and Cassette Jam) slated for release in April. Entitled ‘If Not Now, When?’ The EP marks a maturity in the Plimsouls sound with a far more edgier and techier veneer which is quite exciting really.

Being a thoroughly nice young chap Plimsouls has offered up an alternate version of Twelve, one of the EP tracks, which comes across as a posher version of Township Funk and is really quite ace.

Plimsouls – Twelve (Alternate Version)

A Plimsouls covered bonus is his his remix of Mystery Jets which somehow got lost amongst the flotsam in my inbox last year

Mystery Jets – 2 Doors Down (Plimsouls Remix)

Shake Your Wonder Maker

February 21, 2009

Upping the super awesome stakes in Slutty Fringe HQ are Weave!

Effortlessly brushing off the loss of a band member who decided to pursue a dream career in carpet cleaning, Weave take up the punk funk mantle tossed down by Delta 5 et al and their self titled EP sounds like rediscovered tapes from the 70s.

Such a feat is quite remarkable given that most bands who currently trade in this sound tend to take on the appearance of a bunch of hipster jerkoffs who heard one Slits song on their mates itunes and decided the world needed their weak pastiche output.

The American Apparel goes San Fran Dippy Hippy look is a strong one too.

Weave! – Weave Say Leave

purchase Weave!s seemingly expensively imported EP from Rough Trade

The Monthly Bumps on Grind

February 20, 2009

Ace blogging network Grindin is not all trading recipes for Swedish meatballs, debating DJ Donna Summer’s flair for graphic design and marvelling at Aleks Discodust’s staunch liver.

No we like to compile charts too. Here is what’s making our ears and feet happy in February. Some are out there now or soon come, others are cherished by the chosen few.

 1. Simian Mobile Disco – Synthesise
2. AC Slater- Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix/Bok Bok Edit)
3. Johnny Moog-Fantastic Lover (Girl-U.N.I.T. tropical remix) 
4. House of House – Rushing to Paradise
5. Jesse Rose – Well Now
6. Machines Don’t Care – Beat Bang (Mujava Remix)
7. Radiohead – Nude (Justin Martin Remix)
8. Piddy Py – Giggle Riddim
9. Bodysnatchers ft Goldmouth – I |Like What I see (Joker Remix)
10. Diplo & Blaqstarr – Get Off (DJ Rob 3 Remix)
11. Kris Menace – Scaler
12. Vyle – Second City (Norrit Remix)
13. Ghostman – 25th hour
14. Bok Bok- NNTF (Egyptrixx Remix)
15. DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Radioclit remix)

Lucifer Went To Church

February 19, 2009

Back before hype machine and the gazillion blogsites that feed it in those halcyon days when people got their music news on a monthly basis via the medium of magazine Jockey Slut ruled the roost.

Somehow managing to cover all strands of electronic music each month without having to resort to regurgitated monthly Clubland drug exposes like un-named still (somehow) going rival publications, it was written with irreverent wit and a dash of po facedness and had a profound influence on how we do things here at Slutty Fringe. It was a sad day in May 2004 when it was put to bed by it’s money hungry publishers.

Out of the editorial ashes of Jockey Slut rose Dummy Magazine and that didn’t seemingly last very long either…..

Not so anymore as Dummy has this week risen once again, running with the times as a online news portal akin to Slutty Fringe bookmark FACT and, clearly taking their cue from the Fringe, a record label with the first release Solid Gold by being those blog favourites the Australian merchants of shiney mystery disco The Golden Filter. Not only this but Clouded Vision, Russ Chimes and Mondkopf have been enlisted to remix

Perhaps recognising that the general internet dwelling public is made up of the following:

a) Kids who have no interest in paying for music

b) Digital DJs who quite like nice quality mp3s and don’t mind paying for them

c) Aging vinyl addicts

d) Socially awkward men who smell strangely of scented soap (hmmmm perhaps this is covered under category c)

Dummy have made this first release and it’s splendid remixes  available as free downloads in a quality not condusive to playing in Nightclubs and full quality versions available from industry standard Beatport with the original version on a rather nice looking seven inch available from the Dummy Shop for less than the price of a pint in London.

All these silly words are giving us a a nostalgic hankering for Jockey Slut – sadly in a fit of pique which can be described as almost crazy all back issues were thrown out of Slutty Fringe HQ at some unspecified point in the past, it’s all a bit vague but thankfully the much loved Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps CD covermount series were saved from this foolhardy cull and are cherished by ears at times when we need to escape whatever may have invaded the Slutty Fringe inbox.

As a wee treat here is one of the many gems from this series, the Hip House remix of Serve It Up by Clyde featuring the vocal dexterity of Capitol A by the missing in action Brooks, perhaps the highlight of the shortlived Hip House revival that stuck around for a month or two much earlier this decade.

Clyde Feat. Capitol A – Serve It Up (Brooks Hip House Remix)

Acid Is Good For Your Health

February 18, 2009

Whilst Frankmusik’s popstar ambitions hold up the release of Acid Girls EP on Kitsune we get our Acid fix with two mixtapes indeliably marked with the ingenuity of the LA duo.

Exhibit A

Both parts of the Acid Girls entity spend 30 minutes splicing remixes of Health with personal edits for URB magazine

Acid Girls Health Megamix

Exhibit B

The more hirstute part of Acid Girls who responds to shouts of ”Greg” indulges in further adventures far from the dancefloor to generous golf claps from team Slutty Fringe.

Magical Musical Box Mix by Greg Acid Girls

Delia Derbyshire – Air
Skeeter Davis – My Coloring Book
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)
Ryuchi Sakamoto – Rain
Del Shannon – Magical Musical Box
Robert Wyatt – Memories of You
Tones on Tails – Lions
Autechre – Kalpol Introl
Herman Dune – Smalltown Boy
B.E.F. – B.E.F. Ident
Roxy Music – A Song for Europe
Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt – A Girl in Winter
A Mountain of One – Freefall
Starkey – Time Traveler
Iggy Pop – Tiny Girls
Fleetwood Mac – Although the Sun is Shining
Flayer – Wanna Get Back Your Love
Johnny Harris – Footprints on the Moon
Dorothy Ashby – By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Hildegard Knef – Ich Liebe Dich (DJ Koze Remix)

Magical Musical Box Mix by Greg Acid Girls

First And Last And Always

February 15, 2009


Our love for all things Sportsday Megaphone is well documented on this site, in fact at times I’ve felt slightly like an obsessive stalker, constantly lurking at the fringes of his gigs or finding ourselves sharing bills. Luckily for us rather than reaching for a restraining order Hugh has indulged us with even more of his gorgeous saccharine sweet technicolour synthetic pop.

New single Meet Me In The Middle is out soon and it goes without saying you should buy it, it will brighten up your life by approximately 350%. He has just finished animating the video, one which swiftly switches from ‘AHHHHHH!’ to ‘EWWWWW!’ and as an added bonus we also have a clutch of remixes from the great and good such as fellow day-glo pop futurist David E Sugar, sometime LOAF‘er Vincent Oliver and the infuriatingly young Max Justus for your sampling pleasure.

Sportday Megaphone – Meet Me In The Middle (David E. Sugar remix)

Sportday Megaphone – Meet Me In The Middle (Vincent Oliver remix)

Sportday Megaphone – Meet Me In The Middle (Max Justus remix)

If that isn’t enough then you can also get your ears around this melancholic pitch perfect cover of Buzzcocks’ painfully good ‘Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)’. Possibly one of my all time top singles ever, this cover was recorded for Buffet Libre‘s Rewind 2 project, and Hugh has pulled off the not too simple task of covering a stone cold classic and not fucking it up. Handclaps all round as Tony might say.

Sportsday Megaphone – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)

Fresh Off The Production Line

February 15, 2009


Eschewing the Resident Advisor endorsed notion that the only fun to be had in Berlin involves minimal techno (and lots of drugs and sharing awkward glances with a bear called Jens in Berghain) are CLP who mix up techno with less po faced genres like hiphop and booty bass and really should be given more attention.

After releasing the rather special Ready Or Not EP on Boys Noize last year (replete with super awesome Diplo vs DJ Sega Remix) CLP return to the spotlight with the 101st release on the Shitkatapult imprint with the Homecourt/Dip Shorty EP next month and to generate some internet hype they put together this excellent mixtape of rowdy club type hiphop that meets bass heavy raveatron behind the bike sheds for a game of feed the donkey over 88 minutes.

CLP – Factory Fresh Mix! Tracklist

Lil’ Mama – Lip Gloss
50 Cent – I Got Money (Lazer Sword Remix)
L.L. Cool J – Come And Party With Me
V.I.C. ft. Frank Ski & The Package Store – Wobble
CLP ft. Zion I & Data MC – Rockin’ Wiz Us
Nicki Minaj – Beam Me Up Scotty & Boy 8-Bit – Fog Bank (MashUp)
EPMD – Run It (Duke Dumont Remix)
The Cool Kids – Pump Up The Volume
Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg & Kardinal Offishall – Bottle Pop
CLP ft. Kovas – Dip Shorty (Unsportsmanlike Remix)
Common ft. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control
Kid Kaio – We Don’t Give A
Polka Shit vs Bitches – Mr. Licious (Bootleg)
Le Le – Breakfast Beesmunt (Baltiflage Edit)
Stuffa & Andy ft. Mapei – Pretty Girls (Krazy Fiesta Remix)
Dj Madcom – Put Your Drinks Up
Mikix The Cat – Freeze
CLP ft. Kovas – Dip Shorty (Bugati Force A Rabiata Mix)
The Death Set – Listen To This Collision (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)
Dj Mujava – Township Funk (Dj Rob3 Remix)
LFO – Freak
Monsieur Monsieur – Gambler (Rave Re-Edit)
Dj Edjotronic – Turn Off
Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize (Cold Blank Remix)
Trackadamicks – Enjoy What You Do (Shadow Dancer Remix)
Mr. Patron – Give It Up
Killa Queenz – Sweaty Wet
N.E.R.D. – Rockstars (Disco Villians Remix)
Robb G – 12 Inch Therapy (Bass Kleph’s Dirty Ows Mix)
Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Diplo Remix)

CLP – Factory Fresh Mix

I Woke Last Night To The Sound Of Thunder

February 14, 2009


The Last Days Of Disco, the little club with big ideas that I run with Clem and David from Be returns in March, not only is it our first party in 2009 but it also marks the start of our new monthly slot at Bardens. For March we’ve roped in the devil’s own house band Padded Cell for a live set and the wonderful Matt Waites (Nightmoves) to join us on the decks and show off why he’s racking up some serious airmiles these days travelling from club to club around the world.

Our last party back in November, easily stands as my favourite night out in 2008, so to say I’m looking forward to this is a bit of an understatement. Heavy dubbed out disco, gay spacemen and loved up starlets fellating the bus boys, it’s a strong look.

Matt got lost deep in the mix last week and this seems as good a time as any to suggest you join him.

Matt Waites (Nightmoves) – Cable Mix


1. Arcadion – Arc
2. Wild Geese – Who Cares Wins
3. Slimline – If You Can Dance You Can Do It (Inflagranti Edit)
4. James Pants – Dragonslayer
5. Dfd – Dis Our Night
6. Skyy – First Time Around (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
7. Walter Jones – A.I.P. (Filiberto Marmelade Flat Tire Mix)
8. Jackpot – Ragazza
9. Burglar Tom – Is Your Mind Clear
10. Fudge Fingas – Ghost House
11. Paperclip People – Jerry Lewis On Acid (Mayday Mix)
12. Kaos – Flaco Rhythmo
13. Morgan Geist – Detroit
14. Soundstream – Live Goes On
15. Chateau Flight – La Roquette
16. Runaway – Use Me
17. Maserati – The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Mix)
18. Plastique De Reve – Lost In The City
19. Naum Gabo – Evo (Joakim Remix)
20. Dmx Krew – Acid Cow
21. Members Only – Do You Like It?
22. Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks – Shout (L.S.B. Edit)
23. Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Henrik Scwarz Live Edit)
24. Bogdan Irkuk – Jewel Of The Black Sea

Different Colours Made Of Tears

February 13, 2009


It’s 1969 and you’ve just spent the night ruining a pair of ex convent girls for other men. Half asleep and still fuzzy from the previous evenings acid you stumble through the dreamlike corridors of your house. Feeling your way downstairs you head towards the primal rhythm echoing down the hall and walk in on a naked ex convent girl shaking her sacrament to the sounds coming off the record player.

Back down the rabbit hole you go…

Papercuts – Future Primitive

Papercuts new album You Can Have What You Want is out in April on Gnomonsong.

Bring It Back, That Old New York Rap

February 13, 2009


My uncle went to New York in the seventies, no real reason it just seems he and a mate decided school was a bit boring one day and thought a change of scene would be fun. Apparently the highlight of his week involved being chased out the Bronx by one of the local gangs who took umbrage at these youthful tourists’ presence.

I’ve always liked to think it was none other than Bambaataa himself resplendent in full Zulu headgear who ran him out of the borough, his Black Spades whipping at their heels as they scarpered to safety.

Anyway flights of fancy aside, the Big Apple has always held a special place in my heart. As the birthplace or at least incubator of jazz, disco, hip-hop, punk, electro and a million other briefly shining sub genres that I invest far too much in, it has loomed large in my psyche for some time to the point where any actual visit will probably end only in massive dissapointment.

Still assuming that I could overcome that gloomy mindset and somehow afford more than a Zone 1-2 travelcard then one of my first stops in the city would be Nublu, one of those musical melting pots where musicians from around the world gather to kick the shit out of their instruments in the name of jazz.

The club have their own label too and they’ve just put together a compilation Nublu Dance, which sees buff and indeed hype producers from all over the globe, such as Claude Von Stroke, Brennan Green, Underground Resistance and Christian Prommer, take the razor blade to some of the label and clubs regular artists.

For a taster check out these re-rubs from the oh so London Sinden and the oh so wonderful In Flagranti, after that you may wish to click here to buy the whole album.

Kudu – Let’s Finish (Sinden Remix)

I Led 3 Lives – Curious Red (In Flagranti Mix)

Cold As Ice

February 12, 2009


Much as you can’t go anywhere in East London these days without tripping over a band from Brooklyn, the inhabitants of Berlin need only throw a wurst up any given street and the chances are it will strike some moody looking British techno producer. And who can blame then, cheap to live in, full of artists bouncing off each other and home to some of the best clubs in the world, as long as you like techno you’re laughing.

In the vanguard of this exodus was Martin Wheeler, known to quality dancefloors worldwide as Vector Lovers. No doubt tired of me asking him to play back rooms of shitty venues for fuck all money, Martin did a runner several years ago and listening to his last few releases it sounds like the move worked out well.

He’s just finished off a remix for icy cool Fringe favourites Ladytron‘s next single ‘Tomorrow’ and their label have been kind enough to ping it over to us to put up. A pulsing slab of polished tech-funk, I imagine it would sound stunning under the flashing ceiling of Watergate or blasting out your car stereo as you night drive round Shinjuku District, a thousand coloured lights reflecting off your chrome bumper. As it is I’m in a cold flat in New Cross and it still sounds great.

The single is released on March 2nd, you may want to consider buying it.

Ladytron – Tomorrow (Vector Lovers Mix)

SMD Synthesise – Video

February 11, 2009

Early reports of the usage of Toucans by Moross and Sushon proved wide of the mark – golf claps all round

Phoenix – Kitsuné Tabloid

February 10, 2009

With Kitsuné’s milking of the Digitalism cow for all it’s worth becoming quite tiresome, Gildas and Masaya has bucked up their ideas of late.

Licensing a two year old In Flagranti release last year turned into a mutually beneficial exercise in the back scratch. The Brooklyn duo’s profile was helped no end by the popularity of Business Acumen last year (despite that rotten You Love Her Coz Shes Dead remix) and Kitsuné were generally happy to see their release in so many DJ charts.

Furthermore, the current presence on their single roster of Joe & Will Ask and Acid Girls is a further indication towards Kitsune taking a less throwaway approach to dance music.

And now we have Phoenix being comissioned to compile the second Kitsune Tabloid. For the younguns amongst us, Phoenix are French musical Royalty. Back in the pre mp3 blog days before Kitsuné released electronic music that is quite removed from the later editions of the Maison series, the only French band other than Daft Punk that didn’t elicit uncontrollable bouts of laughter were Phoenix

(Those that feel the need to post comments highlighting Air should stop and think whether they actually like Air’s music)

And what a delight it is! Quite removed from Digitalism’s opening gambit in the series which sloppily pasted together whatever tracks were hot at the time, Phoenix compile eighteen tracks that hazily meander through soul, synth pop and rock & roll that sounds very much like the mixtape you wish you had made for your sweetheart instead of crudely laying PJ Harvey over a bumping house beat.

Working the decades effortlessly, typically horny RnB from D’Angelo sits perfectly next to 11 minute Lou Reed excursions, Dusty Springfield classics, and the psyche pop of 13th Floor Elevators. The French synth rockers even get away with a Iggy Pop track that leans heavily on a sax solo. A bold move by Kitsuné, a curveball even but very enjoyable none the less.

Kitsune Tabloid is released on March 23rd


1. Kiss – Love Theme From Kiss
2. Dirty Projectors – Rise Above
3. The Red Crayola – Victory Garden
4. The Impressions – I’ve Been Trying
5. Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos
6. Roxy Music – Pyjamarama
7. The 13th Floor Elevators – I Had To Tell You
8. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Shipbuilding
9. D’Angelo – Send It On
10. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train
11. Urge Overkill – Stull (Part 1)
12. Lô Borges – Aos Barões
13. Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Master Charge
14. Dennis Wilson – Lady (Falling in Love)
15. Irma Thomas – It’s Raining
16. Ritchie Valens – In A Turkish Town
17. Dusty Springfield – I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
18. Lou Reed – Street Hassle