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On The Brink SoundSystem Mix

January 27, 2007

On The Brink Recordings

Oh My Gosh!!!

Some Rocks Are Better Than Others

January 26, 2007


needlework coverart produced by the talented Emma Ferguson

wrongtom’s rather splendid Cassetiquette mixtape hit the more independent shelves this week. The fruits of 30 days locked in a studio with lots of records, 4 decks, an SP12, a laptop and plenty of tea (most likely) – it’s sixty minutes of tasty blends taking in lots of artists I know you like, but I won’t mention to save thomas some legal fees… you may be able to guess what’s goin on from the tracklist though

Stakes & Chips
Jack Your Liquor Store
Jam Up the Pussy
Losing My Brain
Dubbing On Sunshine
Bring the Showers
Specific Rates Pt 1
Specific Rates Pt 2
Some Rocks Are Better Than Others
Biting Bambaataa
Being a Girl
Destination South London
Set for Life
Impregnated Samba
Cassetiquette Interlude
Song for the Fuggs
Chir Dalna
Immigration Ills
Let Me Kill Your Fantasy
Starship Connection
Aint No Other Green Man
Let Me See Your Bumps
B-More Baby

I’ve had this mix since December last year and it’s got heavy play on the Fringe Slut ipod and will definitely be in one of those arsey end of year lists I will be doing come December, but I’ve resisted posting any teasers till it got released. So here are a couple of my favourite exerts from the mix.

Download them, smile in wonderment at how good they are and then buy the cd from Banquet Records

Sirens / Stakes & Chips

Bring The Showers / Specific Rates

Some Rocks Are Better Than Others / Biting Bambaataa


London housed peeps should know that wrongtom and me will be djing at the Hot Sauce night down brick lane at 93 Feet East along with Destroy All Monsters whilst there are some splendid bands playing in the main room.

I will be playing the buffhypohmygosh bangers from around 10pm then i’ll be dancing with someone’s girlfriend till closing time – If you come down say hello, I’ll be the one smelling of rum!

look look look at the pretty flyer!


Greg Wilson Interview

January 24, 2007


Greg Wilson, who is considered something of a legend at Slutty Fringe, got in touch recently and agreed to answer some questions – which was reet nice (and made me squeal with joy like a school girl) Enjoy

SF: Firstly Greg, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Slutty Fringe. You first came to prominence back in the early 80s with residencies at Wigan Pier and Legend in Manchester, which DJs inspired you to get involved in playing records in clubs?

GW: I wasn’t so much inspired by individual DJ’s, but by the fact that I grew up living above a pub, which had 2 functions rooms, where parties and wedding receptions were held pretty much every weekend. It was the DJ’s who came with their mobile discos that made a collective impression on me. I lived there between the ages of 6 and 13, so I absorbed a lot of music in this way, sitting behind the bar at night with my mum, and even later, when I’d gone to bed and could still feel the beats coming up through the floorboards (this is how I believe I acquired my sense of rhythm).

Then, I met a school friend, Derek Kelsey, who built his own mobile disco aged only 11 (2 old turntables in a wooden draw with a switch between deck 1 and 2). Derek became a close friend, and still is, so I suppose that if anyone was an inspiration, it was him.

What was the first nightclub you went to?

Can’t remember if it was the Chelsea Reach in New Brighton, where I’d later work, or a club I managed to get into when I went on holiday to Majorca in the summer of ’74. Either way, I would have been 14 at the time.

How does the whole nightclub scene these days compare to the early days of Electrofunk?

It’s very different. Electro-Funk was first played on the underground black scene, which revolved around specialist club nights (often held midweek, as with my main venues, Legend and Wigan Pier) and All–Dayers (which took place on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays). If you didn’t read magazines like Blues & Soul and Black Echoes, or listen to the weekly ‘soul shows’ on local radio, you wouldn’t be aware of what was happening.

It wasn’t until later in the decade that dance culture exploded on a mainstream level, so this was the period when the groundwork was being laid for what would happen later. It was a scene that was very much led by the black audience, who were always into the most cutting-edge music, as well as being the best dancers. Dancing was much more focal back then, it was serious business where the black kids were concerned, with crews from different areas always trying to outdo each other. There were some absolutely amazing dancers back then.

The re-edit has over the past few years come back into popularity, I assume Tirk got you involved in the Credit To The Edit series to demonstrate how it should be done. Should lazy bootleggers have their PCs taken away from them and given a revox machine instead for a few months to teach them some skills?

It’s like anything – there’s good and not so good. I hear lots of edits I really like, along with the stuff I don’t.

Starting out editing on reel-to-reel definitely gave me a solid grounding. Trying out relatively simple ideas could be very time-consuming, so I spent an incalculable amount of time splicing bits of tape together; often undoing what had just taken me maybe twenty minutes to try out, because it didn’t quite work. It might take me thirty seconds to do the same thing on computer now, but back then you were obviously limited in what you could do, and how quickly it could be done. However, working in this more measured way, almost in slow motion when compared to now, gave you a real connectedness with what you were doing, adding depth to your understanding of the whole process you were involved in, especially the mathematics, which, once you’ve spent enough time working this way, becomes second nature.

I’d been away from the club scene for so long that I didn’t realise there was this resurgence in editing. What really blew me away was the response when I played the edit of Chaka Khan’s ‘I Feel For You’ at my comeback gig in Manchester. This was something I’d put together in 1984, in an effort to show the record companies what I could do with limited resources, but nobody was really interested at the time, whereas now, two decades on, people were coming up to me to ask where they could get a copy! It was great to be able to include that original tape edit on Credit To The Edit – finally laying to rest the rejection I felt at the time.

Tirk are one of the best labels at the moment, the Fujiya & Miyagi LP is among my favourite releases from 2006, and anyone who gives Maurice Fulton the license to release his demented Syclops stuff will get love from me – What else do you have planned with the label?

Yeah, Tirk is definitely a label with its heart in the right place. I’m currently planning towards Volume 2 of ‘Credit To The Edit’, this time concentrating on more contemporary tracks – the type of stuff I’ve picked up on since I started deejaying again. Hopefully it will surface late spring.

2006 saw you release a number of excellent under the counter re-edits – Will there be more this year? The I Was A Teenage DJ 12 in particular was splendid

There’s a 2nd Teenage DJ EP on its way, plus a 2nd Young Dog Alien. I’ve also been busy remixing / re-editing a number of things, including a series of tracks from the forthcoming Groove Armada album, as well as Tom Findlay’s other project (with Tim Hutton), Sugardaddy.

Have you had the chance to dabble in the new technology that is becoming increasingly prominent in djing such as Ableton Live and Serato, and what are your thoughts on this technological progression?

A little while ago Ralph Lawson gave me a demo of Abelton, which I really like and would be well into incorporating into what I do. Only problem is that I haven’t been able to find the time to get my head properly into it, so it remains on the backburner for now.

I’m well into anyone using whatever technology available if it enhances what they do. The great thing about deejaying nowadays is that there’s a variety of ways in which to present the music you play, rather than just records and turntables, as has been traditional. I love vinyl, it’s what I grew up with – however, in my book, it’s not the format but the music that counts.

Which nightclub venue (past or present) holds the fondest memories for you?

Legend in Manchester on a Wednesday, circa 82/83, was the absolute height of things for me. I’ll never experience that type of intensity in a club again – all elements (the time, the people, the music, the atmosphere, the dancing, the sound and lighting) combining to make a deep and lasting impression on anyone who experienced it. It was right at the cusp of things, with regards to the underground dance scene prior to its gradual mainstream emergence, the most cutting-edge British club night of its era.


As an extra treat, here is a live mix of Greg Wilson at London clubbing behemoth Fabric, recorded last year

Download and Dance

And please  please do check greg’s website out as it contains a wealth of knowledge on electro, lots of articles and mixes to check

The Bulgarian – Twisted Fidget

January 24, 2007


durrr girl with the interesting hair courtesy of  DurrrtyDurrrtyDancing

The Bulgarian is the fidget house alias of a very talented musician based in Cape Town. He’s the latest signing to On The Brink Recordings, and is fully repping the fidget house scene down in South Africa.

It will be a few months yet before his EP for On The Brink see the light of day, but he was kind enough to put together an exclusive mix for Slutty Fringe that includes his own productions and some Crookers heat plus lots of Switch and Herve wonkiness.

This mix has been duking it out with the new Joakim album for bragging rights on my ipod since I got it at the weekend and has also helped me not lose my rag at fellow passengers on the DLR during crush hour. It’s very very good

The Slutty Fringe Twist mixed by The Bulgarian:

Crazy noisy intro (Jamie Lidell – When I Come Back Around + Trentemoller – Vamp + Noze – Gaia)
The Bulgarian – Your House
Trentemoller – Vamp
Mr Rippertone – Coolbass (KiNK’s jackin’ mix)
Crookers – Jetso Jetso
Herve – (I can) Get Down
Jacob London & Mossa – Touch The Dingle
Lilly Allen – LDN (Switch Mix)
The Bulgarian – Rock Miao Miao (It’s Brunch)
Karandila – Gipsy (KiNK mix)
Crookers – Bumble Bees
The Bulgarian – Listen Man
Crookers – Massive
The Black Ghost – The Face (Switch mix)
The Bulgarian – Lovely Bounce
Mason – Bigboy Exercises
The Bulgarian – One Away From You
The Bulgarian – Loop Poop
Spektrum – Don’t Be Shy (Speakerjunk Remix)
Mossa & Jacob london – Father’s Milk
M.Y.N.C. Project – Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix)
The Bulgarian – Ignition
Troydon – Wanna Tell Ya (The Bulgarian Remix)
The Bulgarian – Uptown Jack

Tools Used Throughout:
Injecao – Deise Tigrona
Trentemoller – Vamp

Download hurr

Dirty Ear Sex Noise (by Audioporno)

January 21, 2007


Swiss DJ collective Audioporno just sent me through their remix of Infants Firetruk Theme. My love of Infants is well documented and I’ve been liking Audioporno ever since I heard their Pig Mix from last year.

They run Ghettotronica records and were responsible for that ill Bmore Joints & Eurocrunk Funk 12″ with DJ Shir Khan that came out last autumn which had some nasty blends of spank rock, mia and justice on it. If you haven’t got a copy yet then head over to Juno now and pick it up for some StrateUpPartyHeat

Infants – Firetruk Theme (Audioporno Remix) 

Audioporno – Pig Mix

All Round Splendidness

January 20, 2007


I will give out some prizes (Crookers mixtape, Modular Records Mix plus more) to the first person to correctly guess the location where this video was shot – send entries to with “video competition” in the header.


Kryptonite Pussy

January 17, 2007

Yo Majesty are a trio of girls from Tampa, Florida who are pushing their own unique flavour of durty hiphop and getting plenty of hype for it! Big Stereo has been repping them for a while now and the Yo EP, their new EP produced by (unknown to me) punk funk band HardFeelingsUK has just dropped in the shops (get it here)

Lead track Club Action has been getting airplay on MTV’s DIY Disco show and Huw Stevens Radio One Show and has been played on the dancefloors by djs like Hint and wrongtom.

Stateside blog It’s The Moneyshot is hosting a competition to give Club Action the refix treatment – head here for the full details

Yo Majesty – Club Action

Yo Majesty – It’s A Warning

Also check hardfeelings uk’s music here – is nicenice

Husky Rescue – Nightless Nights

January 16, 2007

I’ve been in love with this song for a few months now, it’s just the best piece of music I have heard for quite some time, get goosebumps and shit when I listen it.

Catskills have done the right thing and released it as a single this week – available on cd, 7inch and download preceding their second album, Ghost Is Not Real which drops at the end of this month. It’s worth getting the album for the full 7 and a bit minutes of this track.

Down For The Count

January 15, 2007

out for the count

Leeds based label I Can Count sent me through some music just now, which is right decent of them. They specialise in putting out some of the most impressive and interesting alt pop music there is, with no restrictions on genre, kinda like a northern sister to London’s pouting Alt<Delete.

Last year they put out a compilation, snappily entitled I Can Count Music – Volume One that contains some splendid wonky electronic pop and acoustic niceness that garnered some buff hype from some of the more independent minded Radio DJs and is subsequently getting a re-release on the 5th of February.

February is gonna be busy for I Can Count as they are also putting out their first single on the 12th, a rather nice little release by Grand Prix 86 called Everybody’s Dancing which also contains a splendid remix by David E Sugar.

I’m really starting to develop some love for this man’s music. He is responsible for the amazing GrecoRoman Soundsystem theme tune which was on the Greco Roman mixtape that was floating around the cobweb last month (mix of the year too I think)

Oi oi New York this is London… Oi oi New York GrecoRoman!

and he has just put out a EP out with this grime MC called Ears that’s on Brikabrak (get it here)

I’ve also been tipped that Slutty Fringe favourite Miss Odd Kidd is gonna feature on the second installment of I Can Count Music that is out in a few months. 2007 should be a interesting year for I Can Count.

Head over to their online shop to grab a upfront copy of the Grand Prix 86 ep and the I Can Count comp or some of their custom apparel (I’m liking the tees).

They’ve kindly let me post a few tracks up to get your ears interested. The Fingers on Whips track in particular I’m loving – it’s on a New Young Pony Club tip with some fooking ace 808 acid squiggles

Loren P Nikkel – Me & Green (taken from I Can Count Vol 1)
Fingers On Whips – Love Injection (taken from I Can Count Vol 1)
Grand Prix 86 – Lights In Your Eyes (David E. Sugar ‘It’s Rigged’ Remix) (taken from the Everybody’s Dancing single)

Man like Electric Zoo also has some tracks from this comp posted up – so head over to his excellent blog and download the excellent mix he did recently. The kid is really on his game as well lots of great stuff , I best sharpen up!!

She’s Got The Looks

January 14, 2007

the good look

glasses is a good look from DirtyDirtyDancing

French electro kid Felix Cartal sent me through some tracks. He’s done a rather natty remix of The Looks by voocoder obsessives MSTRKRFT and he also sent me a tuff tuff original track he has done called Decadanse (whether it’s an ode to the lovely La Decadanse I don’t know) peep the rest of his excellent productions over at his myspace – I”m liking his refix of Ashlee Simpson (good look on the thigh high socks too!)

Felix Cartal – Decadanse (zshare)

MSTRKRFT – The Looks (Felix Cartal Remix) (zshare)

Zombie Disco Squad, fully repping tits n bass music to shake your money maker to in London and responsible for the Gutter Broadcast blog (see them giving The Crookers some love yessir) sent me through one of the many mixes they have on the cobweb – best listened to in the company of drunk girls with interesting hair.


Download and dance – Zombie Disco Squad – 3pm At The Titty Bar mix

London peeps can catch them at Bloggers Delight tmrw along with Herve, Knifehandchop (I think) the BD residents and some others who I have forgotten.

On a Bloggers Delight related note, Casper Fluokids has just done a reet nifty podcast for Adventures In The Beetroot Field that is rammed full of excellent tracks – I’m feeling the Duke Dumont track and the Sinden & Herve refix of Fergilicious yessir but i’m not convinced on the Plastikman/Tom Jones marriage hahaha peep the tracklist……..

Wolf and Cub – This Mess (Serge Santiago Dub)
Justice – Phantom (Faex Edit)
Luke Solomon – Ghouls (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
Duke Dumont – Lean n Bounce*
Simian Mobile Disco – It’s The Beat (Instrumental)
Klaxons – Golden Skans (Erol Alkan’s Ekstra Spektral Remix)
Tomboy – I Kill Guitar
Voodoo Chilli – Look What You’ve Done To Me
Martin Brothers – Stoopit
Para One – Midnight Swim (Riton Remix)
Radioclit – Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove)
Jo Jo De Freq – Make Some Noise
P Diddy – I Like The Way You Dance (Switch Remix)
Buraka Som Sistema – Yah!
Buraka Som Sistema – Coozi O Mambo
Kissy Sell Out – Get Busy Tropicana*
Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 8
Das Glow – Cathedrale
Plastickman vs Tom Jones – Sex Spastik (Casper C’s mistimed Ableton edit)
Guns n Bombs – Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere (Acid Girls Mix)
Fergie – Fergielicious (Count Of Monte Cristal and Sinden Kudurulicious Remix)*
DJ Scottie B and King Tut – You Can Call Me Al (The Almighty Simon Joint)
The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover (Zongamin Remix)

and grab it hurr

And in more exciting mixtape news, wrongtom has just added to his website a veritable feast of mix shaped delights from the past few years which includes his Mixmag CD from last June, a Xfm R!nse session from 05 and the dusty Vietnang mix he put together for this very site gawd bless his cotton socks. Peruse the offerings hurr

Not only this but there is a new concept based mix entitled Correct Techniques part 1: Stalag which is based entirely of songs on the Stalag riddim – is nice yes

check the tracks

Super Beagle “Dust A Sound Boy”
Bounty Killer “Go Now”
Lone Ranger “Fe Mi Woman A De Bes”
General Echo “Arleen”
Cedric Myton “Battlefield”
Big Youth “Jim Squashy”
Dillinger “Melting Pot”
Nardo Ranks “Skin Out”
Tiger “Murder”
Nicolette “Beautiful Day (Islands Mix)”
The Sindecut “Skit”
Tenor Saw “Fever”
Wayne Smith “Come Along”
Sizzla “Azanldo”
Slick “Give You All Of Me”
Reggie Stepper “Cu-oonuh”
Buju Banton “Do Dem Supm”
Tenor Saw “Ring The Alarm”
Ansell Collins “Stalag 17″
Big Youth “All Nations Bow”

Grab it here

Thats it for now, I’ve spent the week whoring myself over Myspace trying to get a whole bunch of people to contribute mixes to Slutty Fringe so be expecting some aural dirty sex noise to pop up here very soon. I might actually post some songs too…

More Of The Same

January 11, 2007

Smoke that

I’ve had some more splendid mixes thrown at my over the past few days and felt it was the decent thing to share.

The guys who put on Disco Slut and Gash up Preston way sent me through their most recent mix – it’s heavy on the Modular flavours which always sits well with me, and also contains alot of their own edits. It’s very good and you should be listening to it!



The Rakes – 22 Grand Job, (Filthy Dukes Society Mix)
The Maccabees – X Ray, (Filthy Dukes Sprayon 131 Edit)
Crystal Castles – Air War
Van She – Around The World Again
Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows, (Ajax remix)
The Valentinos – CCTV, (Bang Gang Vs Van She Tech Remix)
Goose – Bring It On
New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream, (Comets Remix)
Sunshine Underground – Ain’t Losing Any Sleep, (Serge Santiágo Remix)
The Presets – Are You The One, (Jims Cut N Copy Edit)
Trabant – The One, (Filthy Dukes Dub)
Neat People – Baby I’m Bored, (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
John Starlight – Shadowbreaker, (Boyz Noize Remix 2)
Sebastian – Walkman,
Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again, (Digitalism Remix)
The Whip – Trash
Klaxons – Not Over Yet



As a side note I’d love to hear from peeps from wherever who put on club nights for girls with interesting hair – send your mixtapes to me, If I like them I will put them up goddamit!!

Next up, Man like Alex Stacey who fronts the nattily titled Face4Radio show (think about it, it took me a good minute to get it but i’m slow at the fastest of times) out of Brighton sent me through a nice wee mixup of all things electronic that are good plus some Bobby Brown.

Thems that live close enough to eat Grubbs burgers seven nights a week should check out Mr Stacey play records with Kid Collect at the 3and10 every Thursday evening (Its so good they don’t need no myspace for it) for more of whats in this mix.


yazoo – situation
modeselektor – dancingbox (feat ttc)
trentemoller – rekketid
bugz in the attic – booty la la
mahala rai banda – mahalageasca (felix b jaxxhouz dub)
akufen – wet floors
siriusmo – discosau
skream – stagger
boory at the kell it the ah
supercat – ghetto red hot
tipper – blat
bobby brown – don’t be creul
osymyso – clonque rock
grange hill cast – just say no

Download Alex Stacey – This Is Backwards Mix

D Lex who runs the splendid Dollop night out of Nottingham and also writes the Triple Dollop blog which should be on your RSS feeds or in your delicious lists has put out a mix that is crammed with exclusive tracks and general buff hypery – the Midfield general remix of Krazy Baldhead is off every hook!


jimi Hendrix – foxy lady (speaker junk remix)
k.i.m – wet & wild (midnight juggernaughts remix)
the chemical brothers – electronic battle weapon 9
teki latex – disco dance with you (para one remix)
freelance hellraiser – weightlessness (puzique remix)
the japanese popstars – rodney trotter
hijack – hijackin (herve’s f*ck f*ck mix)
the klaxons – golden skans (erol alkan vocal remix)
justice – phantom (jc90 remix)
trashtalk – tank girl
chromeo – destination overdrive (dfa remix)
krazy baldhead – crazy muthafuckas (midfield general remix)
robbie williams – never touch that switch (nightmoves remix)
duoteque – aydra
altern 8 – infiltrate 202 (altern 8 vs astrix & space mix)
duke dumont – pop dat poosay

download – d’lex – “big bag of boom” mix

On a bit of a more moody machine funk tip Andrew Weatherall has just put a nice winter mix up on the Rotters Golf Club website – lots of Get Physical niceness thats perfect for ignoring the cold that’s sucking away the warmth in your fingers.


Fuck Pony – Bongo Porn
Fuck Pony – Pony Pumper
Steven Bodzin & Marc Romboy – The Alchemist
Falco Broksieper – Point 88
Discemi – Tango Or Cash
Szenario -Spandiforific
Trevor Loveys – Finger Jackin’
Mufo – Kopper
Will Saul – Maximal
D.I.M – Sysiphos
Puzique – Thomas

Listen / dowload here

Mixes For Friday

January 5, 2007


It doesn’t quite feel like a Friday afternoon in my head yet (still wonky from nye) but I do have a couple of extremely hottt mixes to give the bigs ups to.

Tactic, a DJ duo from Kansas City very kindly sent through the Second Volume of their MoneyShot mixtape series. Discobelle had the first one which was more of the buff hipster tip and is definitely worth copping. Volume Two is a party burner with more of a hiphop flavour, with just a wee dash of buff hype.

Tactic – Money Shot v.2

Amerie – Take Control
U-Tern – Set Your Flag On Fire
The Pack – At The Club Instrumental
Robbie Williams – Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub Mix)
Stereotyp ft. RQM – Nothing But Love
Young Sneed – Bounce Dat (DJ A Remix)
Tepr ft. Grand Marnier – Minuit Jacuzzi
Diplo – Shake It Over And Over
Lady Sovereign ft. Missy Elliot – Love Me Or Hate Me Remix
The Rapture – Get Myself In To It (SebastiAn Remix)
De La Soul – Me, Myself, And I (White Girl Lust Acid Edit)
Ying Yang Twins ft. Wyclef Jean – Dangerous
E-40 ft. Juelz Santana – White Gurl (Them Jeans Re-Edit)
Big Gipp & Ali – Go Head (Them Jeans 115 Re-edit)
DJ Mehdi – Saharian Break
Phon.o ft. TinTin – Pimpin TinTin

Download here

Buddy Peace, Genius DJ and Producer and Banquet Records employee took over Rhythm Incursion‘s radio show at Christmas and treated listeners to a 60 minute journey through some of his favourite indie music.

Buddy Peace is a very good dj, he compiled a special mix with man like Zilla for Warp’s 10 year anniversary DVD, has done countless collaborations with Bully Records and put together one of my favourite hiphop mixes with his Good Grief Mixtape.

RI have now made the show available for download for those silly enough not to have it podcasted. This show is a bit different to thekind of stuff I normally feature n Slutty Fringe but it deserves to be heard by a wider audience cos it’s speshul.

Presented by BUDDY PEACE for GLUESTICK ACOUSTICS Productions

1. ‘Introductory Column’ Sequence featuring BROADCAST, YO LA TENGO,
2. LOVE AS LAUGHTER : ‘In Amber’
3. KARATE : ‘Bass Sounds’
4. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ Interlude
5. CUL DE SAC & JOHN FAHEY : ‘Nothing’ / TOM WAITS : ‘What’s He
Building In There?’
6. LIARS : ‘Front’ / THE EVENS : ‘Everyody Knows’
7. THE HERBALISER : ‘It Ain’t Nothing’ (featuring MF DOOM) (ANDREW
BRODER Remix) / A message from our good friends at PACIFIC STEREO
8. THE SHINS : ‘Weird Divide’ (Buddy’s ‘DIVISION BEAT RADIO’ Remix)
9. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC COMPANY : ‘Farewell Transmission’
10. ‘Maverick Axe Training’ Interlude
11. SUBTLE : ‘The Mercury Craze’ (Buddy’s ‘ARTERY KNOT’ Remix – the
winner of the remix contest! HOLLAH!)
12. DAVE HOUSE : ‘Death & Taxes’ (with intro and outro edits)
13. ‘Intermission Break’ Sequence featuring DEAD TEXAN : ‘Aegian
Airlines’ / STARS OF THE LID : ‘Requiem For Dying Mothers’ (Part 2)
14. SCOUT NIBLETT : ‘Kidnapped By Neptune’
15. ‘End To End Draft Card Burner’ Sequence featuring BRANDON WADE /
HALO BENDERS : ‘Bomb Shelter’ (Part 2)
16. FUGAZI : ‘Afterthought’
17. ARCADE FIRE : ‘No Cars Go’ (SMEE & LONAN Remake / original EP version)
18. ‘Yeah I Got Some Last Words…’ Sequence featuring TOM WAITS,
19. THE BLACK KEYS : ‘240 Years Before Your Time’ (bonus cut version)
/ ‘Afterlude’ featuring Q & NOT U and EXHAUST
20. THE GENTLEMEN LOSERS : ‘Salt Of The Sea’ (Buddy’s ‘FOLLOW FOR NOW’ Remix)
21. SEBADOH : ‘Spoiled’

Grab it here

Sound Love

January 4, 2007

The Emperor Machine – The TV Extra Band (ysi)

This sounds like it should have beeen the theme tune to that stupid Torchwood thing, brilliantly eeery Sci Fi space disco buy here

EMYND – Then He Kissed Me (ysi)

I’m a sucker for chopped up Motown vocals , Baltimore House and Percolator samples.

Four Tet – Pockets (minimal version) (ysi)

Sometimes Mr Hebden’s instrumental wonkiness can be a bit over indulgent for my tastes, thankfully this track from his recent DJ Kicks compilation is a splendidly stripped down bit of melodic house music buy here

The Presets – Are You The One? (Van She Tech NYC Rush Mix) (ysi)

Van She were sososososo consistent with their remixes in 2006, this fuckaround with the Presets classic is without doubt my favourite buy here

Theo Parrish – Friendly Children (ysi)

Simply Brilliant!

Trentemøller – Vamp (ysi)

I sat on the Trentemøller album for ages, gave it a few listens over the festive period and can now understand why it was in so many albums of 2006 lists, this track is my favourite – love the rubber band bassline buy here

Is That Your Dad?

January 3, 2007


So 2007 got off to a rather splendid start for myself, spending all day on the pish in Camden, nominally to catch The Rapture djing at the Lock Tavern but I don’t really recall whether they did actually , was nice to see Casper Fluokids though.

I’ve also struck upon a genius marketing tool – defacing an old vice t shirt by scribbling somewhat wonkily “My Only” and “Is Slutty Fringes” either side of the vice logo – I’m gone get some proper tees printed up (perhaps)

nuff of that nonsense, Sick Of Nature are starting a new night at the Half Devil in Old Street (otherwise known as 333) called Pick Up The Pieces with the first night on the 12th January – and it is a bit special, with Tigerbeat 6 taking over the main room (knifehandchop & drop the lime people!) and Infants are also djing – plus in the basement hot tip for 2007 Zilla is doing his dancehalltechstepglitchhop thing.

Zilla’s mixtapes are a thing of legend, and he has kindly let me put his mad limited (100 copies in the world) One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air mix from 2003 for download (Erol Alkan booked Mister Zilla to play at Trash after hearing this mix)

It blew me away when I first heard it and still makes me guffaw with delight whenever I stick it on. One glimpse at this tracklist should engender similar reactions in you.

Laurie Anderson-The End Of The World
7 Hurts-We Keep On
Laurie Anderson-The Salesmen
Zilla-Scene Setting
Dj Shadow-Midnight In A Perfect World (extended Mix)
Eknah Easwaran-Meditation
Meredith Monks-Liquid Air
Dj Krush Ft Dj Shadow-Duality
Nigo-Very Good My Friend (acapella)
Laurie Anderson-Born Never Asked
Death In Vegas-Dirge
Laurie Anderson-Walking And Falling
Dj Krush-Meiso (dj Shadow Remix)
Dj Shadow-Monosymbalik
Epmd-Its My Thing
Dj Shadow-Mutual Slump
Bjork-Possibly Maybe
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy
Doors-Riders On The Storm
Chemical Brothers-Buzz Tracks
Britney Spears-I’m A Slave 4 U (instrumental)
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon
Dj Food-Spiral Dub
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation
Mr Fingers-Can U Feel It
Armand Van Heldon-Reservoir Dogs
Unique 3-The Theme
Smoke & Mirrors-New York Joint
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon
Run Dmc-Beats To The Rhyme
Company Flow-End To End Burners
Piero Piccioni-Italanamericana Collage
Dj Shadow-Lost & Found
Unkle-The Knock
Rufige Crew-Dark Metal
Boom Bip & Dose One-Untitled Outro
Levi 167-Something Fresh To Swing To
The Herbaliser-Mother
Queen-Rock You
Billy Squire-The Big Beat
Beastie Boys-Professor Booty
Pink Floyd-What Shall We Do
Pink Floyd-Money Lust
Dj Shadow-Blood On The Motorway
Roots Manuva-Witness (dub)
Jeru Tha Damaja-Playing Ya Self
Dj Cam-Success
Notorious Big-Hypnotise
Timezone-Zulu Warchant (funky Remix)
Butler Kiev-Rewind
Original Hampster-Notorious Dsp
Blackalicious-Rhymes For The Dear Dumb & Blind
Tino-Tino Dub Breaks
Steady B-Serious (remix)
Dj Shadow-Number Song ( Cut Chemist Rmx)
Raekwon-Can It All Be So Simple Remix
Supreme Nyborn-Versatile Extension
Tribe Called Quest- Oh My God
Chemical Brothers-Kling To Me & I’ll Klong To You
Frijid Pink-Crying Shame
Funky Porcini-Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (from Hell)
Neotropic-Je Suis
Byrds-Mr Tamborine Man (acapella)
Dj Krush-Oce 9504
Adam Johnson-Changer Demain
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation
Machine Drum-Uptown
Beatnuts-Off The Books (acapella)
Ulrich Schnauss-Nobodys Home
Ol’Dirty Bastard-Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)
Laurie Anderson-Walking & Falling

Hello again heheh, theres a few more tracks at the end of the mix that are missing from this list, but the internet is not being very friendly.

Zilla One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air (84mb)

On the topic of splendid mixtapes, my good friend, phoebe cates enthusiast and talented producer and record player, Mr Wrongtom, is on the cusp of releasing an extremely well crafted mix cd called Cassetiquette. He very nicely sent me a promo copy back in at the start of December and it has been duking it out with the new LCD Sound System album for most listens on my ipod over the past few weeks.

If you head over to his Myspace page, you can get a wee teaser of what to expect come it’s release. For me I think it’s gonna be one of the best mixes you will hear in 2007. I will be playing records at Hot Sauce, 93 feet east, with mr wrongthomas on Saturday the 27th January in the Pink Bar. Expect lots for buff scenester music for c*nts, it should be a hoot!