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Competition Time: The Chap ~ Live

February 27, 2007

Furthur Promotions are taking over the rather stush Luminaire venue up in salubrious Kilburn this Saturday and have invited down one of slutty fringe’s favourite bands, The Chap, to headline, with some splendid support from acid casual Capitol K and bearded electropop type Line. I’ve wrote sillyness about how ridiculously good The Chap are in the past and two lucky slutty fringe readers can win a pair of tickets to the gig by answering the following poser:

What is the name of The Chap’s second album?

Please send your answers here with I Want To See Your Chap in the header – the two lucky winner’s names will be drawn from a top hat on Thursday and notified by email.

The Semantics Of Fisting

February 26, 2007

Gosh, it’s been a long old weekend spent on the lash and kipping on friends sofas. Had some red stripe fuelled fun at Hot Sauce on Friday, caught Bonde do Role make the crowd go mental at Chalk on Saturday, watched Chelsea and Arsenal exchange handbags in a pub that felt like it was on the outskirts of hell then popped into bloggers delight for a wee bit (and nicked a Get Rude badge off Miss Odd Kidd in the process) but spent most of the time out the back giggling about the correct techniques for fisting (nuff said)

Tonight i’m off to see Paddy Wolf and Bishi (hotttness) at the ICA and tommorow it’s the Dazed Ed Banger party (Guess the Special Guest! Guess the Special Guest!)

plus I’ve got some bubbling interviews lined up this week (technology permitting *spies minidisc suspiciously*) Enough guff about how splendid my weekend was, I have lots of shiny new music to share!

First up, newling production outfit Blamma! Blamma! sent me through a couple of remixes they have done of electro rock types Headland. The lovely Acid Girls have already featured some of their previous work and the Love Hate remix has already sneaked its way onto the playlists of several national radio shows (Kiss Xfm on Radio 1)

The mark of a good track is when it sounds just as good to my ears sober the next day as it does when I’m listening to it for the first time half cut on mexican rum and orange/cranberry juice. These tracks definitely do, they are almost certainly a bit unhinged, and not really something you should be listening to first thing on a Monday whilst you are sipping on your skinny latte and shoving a pan au chocolat down your cakehole.

Headland – Love Hate (Blamma! Blamma! Morgasm mix)

Headland – Dogging Sisters (Blamma! Blamma! Remix)

Man Recordings, keeping the baile funk scene lively, are doing a new series of EPs entitled Baile Funk Masters (pretty self explanatory really) and the first one, put together by DJ Sandrinho is dropping this week on vinyl. Sandrinho was responsible for a superb Gotan Project Remix recently, and has worked on MIA and Edu K remixes in the past – this is more of the same i.e. raw, uncut booty music with the rudimentory usage of cheeky samples (danzel´s eurohouse hit “pump it up”)

Man Recordings kindly sent me through some Sandrinho mp3 samples a short while ago, but i’ve only just got round to posting them – this shit will only be up for seven days and seven nights so show some Man love and grab the ep from phonica

DJ Sandrinho – Italiano Lento

DJ Sandrinho – Pumpere Up

Audioporno have been keeping busy on the reeeemix front, after giving the Infants a speshul rerub they’ve now turned their skilled production hands to hard working Liverpool band To My Boy (check their gig list for evidence) and they sent it to little old me! This is a Superb glitchy house rework of an indie guitar track, it’s a very good look right now

To My Boy – Model (Audioporno Remix)

Ursula 1000 sent me through some new material thats coming out next month on ESL Music. A track entitled Electrik Boogie, which is on a real 80s electrofunkwelovePrince tip and reminds me of Superthriller and Chromeo.

I’ve been looking out for Ursula 1000 stuff since I heard the Faint remix on the Cut Copy Fabric mix last year so I was somewhat happy when he got in touch! Check the furry animal costume video here too!

Ursula 1000 – ElectrikBoogie

Finally, Glaswegian music collective Five20East hooked me up with some forthcoming fruits and one track in particular stood out. Grizzle’s low slung cut up hiphop track Edgy Sketch that reminds me of Tipper and Danny Break, and utilises quite smartly what sounds like a junkyard band drum break to me – booming!

Grizzle – Edgy Sketch

Check the rest of Five20East’s output on their website – Deportivo Street Team seem to be somewhat tasty too

Trailer Trash

February 22, 2007


Hannah Holland, DJ at London night Trailer Trash, jus sent through a new mix. Trailer Trash is certainly one of the best ways to spend your friday nights in east london (a fair few photos of girls with interesting hair that appear on these pages are from attendees at Trailer Trash)

Hannah is one of the hottest dj’s around at the moment (the curls is a good look too!) having recently played the Bugged Out! warehouse party alongside Mustapha 3000, 2ManyDJs, JoJo Da Freq and Nadia Ksaiba and this mix is full of the nasty electro booty shake that goes down at the sweatbox that is On the Rocks every friday. Check the Jamelia Crunk/Audion mashup at the start!


Jamelia – Something About You (Crookers Crunk Mix)/ Audion – Mouth to Mouth (Hannah’s Mashup)
Hijack Hijackin’ (Herve Fuck Fuck Remix)
Afro Jack – In Your Face
Radioclit – Mature Macho Machine (Sinden & Solid Groove Remix)
Partial Arts – Trauermusik (Alter Ego Remix)
Deekline & Wizard – Make Your Girl Feel The Bass
Marc Romboy Vs Blake Baxter – In The Club
Sebastien Leger – The Bug
P Diddy feat. C. Aguilera – Tell Me (Switch Remix)

Download Hannah Holland – Unleash The Beast

Smashed It

February 22, 2007


Oh my gosh did MSTRKRFT smash it last last night – Plastic People was jumping. Ajax played a blinding set too!

Crookers are hitting London in April to play at clubbing behemoth Fabric, though i’m sure there will be other London clubs with some crookers heat booked around that time. They just sent me a remix they’ve done of Icelandic eurocrunk trio Steed Lord check that nasty bassline!

Steel Lord – Dirty Muthafucka (Crookers Remix)

Drop The Lime will be doing a mix for slutty fringe very soon, but in the mean time he sent me a little something which is typical DTL madness & also I have the ridiculous cutup drop the lime refix of the track that just won’t die – Justice vs Simian (watch out for the Scottie B Baltimore version coming soon)

Drop The Lime – Coal Oven Fevers (Curses! remix)

Phat Camp – Never Be Alone/No Friends (DTL Rmx)

The new album from Joakim, Monsters & Silly Songs is released on Monday on !K7 and it’s splendid, real nice mix up of dancefloor heat like Drumtrax and I Wish You Were Gone (one of last years best tracks) and tracks that highlight his talent for songwriting.

Here’s a live version of Rocket Pearl, one of my favourite tracks on the album . Also check his podcast mix on Resident Advisor (you need to subscribe, but you should already be!)

Joakim – Rocket Pearl (live)

its bwonking time

Kid Collect, designer and dj in Brighton (runs the Thursday Club with man like Alex Stacey) sent me through a nicenice mix of wonky house, techno and dubstep sounds – this flows real nice an he’s promised more mixes soon!


1.  Oliver Huntemann "Matchbox" (Confused Recordings)
2.  The Bald and THe Beautiful "Double Dutchin'" (Odori)
3.  Jesse Rose & Sinden "Duckbeats inst." (madetoplay)
4.  Sons Of Slough "Real People/Phil Kieran RMX" (Electrix)
5.  Kead "whatchugonnado" (Circus Company)
6.  Audion "Titty Fuck" (Spectral Sound)
7.  Krazy Baldhead "Dry Gillotine" (Ed Banger Records)
8.  Marc Houle "Bay Of Figs (Minus)
9.  Matt French "Die Rakete/1UP RMX" (Tora Tora Tora)
10. My MY "Invitation Only" (Circus Company)
11. Noze "I Am" (Circus Company)
12. MY MY "Lifetime Trick" (Circus Company)
13. The Martin Brothers "Venus Fly Trap" (dirtybird)
14. LFO "Freak" (Warp)
15. Para One " DuDun-Dun/Mstrkrft RMX) (Institubes)
16. Holden "Lumpette" (Border Community Recordings)
17. Sebastian "Head/Off" (Ed Banger)
18. Skream "Tapped " (Tempa)
19. Coki "Officer" (DMZ)
20. Skream "Dutch Flowers" (Tempa)

kid collect – its bwonking time

gem the brave

The lovely Gem The Brave also sent me her latest mix, entitled FJTGLITCH, and crammed full of splendid wonky house music, including some exclusive Duke Dumont regal shit that you won’t hear anywhere else. That Trevor Loveys track and the Switch remix of Infusion plain kill it (click on pic to download)


I’m off to see preening pop eccentric Patrick Wolf at the ICA on monday, so expect some words and sounds  from his new album next week!

Gold Dust

February 17, 2007


I had so much fun at Bardens last friday, doin the shoulder lean to Prince Paul and friends that I’ve been listening to Hip Hop Gold Dust all week in a somewhat vain attempt to recreate the fun in my ears. Whilst this was never going to happen, I am impressed by this compilation of r@re and unreleased tracks that was released back in 2005, especially the Chubb Rock and Biz Markie track as they both possess very funny rapping voices – buy it here NOW!

Prince Paul, Chubb Rock & Biz Markie – No Rubbers, No Backstage Passes

Groove B Chill – Top Of The Hill

Justin Warfield – K Sera Sera

I also went to see The Violets at skinny jeans and sluttyfringes destination du jour White Heat on Tuesday which was all sorts of fun (probably had something to do with all that myers and apple juice I drank) Previous to White Heat, the only Violets stuff I had heard was Foreo, but I was impressed by the ramshackle nature of their set.

I was also impressed with the garters sported by the singer of the band on before the Violets (though not impressed enough to actually find out who they were)

The Violets – Foreo

Zombie Disco Squad jus sent me a new mix they dun – gutterbeatheat – click image to download


London peeps should saunter to the social up on lil portland st next friday (the 23rd) as Zombie Disco Squad are taking over and have the hottness that is Miss Odd Kidd performing – ‘low it on the sambuca Miss Odd Kidd.


head down Sick Lane and go to 93 Feet East for Seven Shades Of Shit Versus Hot Sauce with Headman and Chik Budo playing live and Nasty mcQuaid, wrongtom and yours truly playing the best of Phil Collins and Kenny Loggins in the Pink Bar.

If you are at a loose end this evening then come down to Audio Sushi @ the shiny new looking Dogstar – Vicarious Bliss from eD bAnger is making a rare trip back to these shores from his Paris retreat to dj and Daddy G of Massive Attack fame is playing along with a raft of others. I will be in the VIP room (heheh) with the hottt Lina Riot playing all manner of scenester music.

Love to Brooklyn Vegan for the shoutout!

Broken Hooker DJs

February 13, 2007

So yeah I had a crazy old weekend that began with a Dazed digital party at the amazing 3 Rooms in Brick Lane on Thursday, seeing Prince Paul DJ at Bardens on Friday and playing records at Be Proud in Camden on Saturday (check out Peggy Sue and the Pirates, who have a residency there, is lovely stuff!) Felt rotten up till yesterday…

anyway, Middlesborough’s finest, the Broken Hooker DJs jus sent me through the latest installment in their Hooker DJ Mix series and it’s a bit good and is put together with alot more love and imagination than many mixes (certainly any that I could attempt)


1.Surkin – Plastic

2.DJ Mehdi – Leave It Alone

3.Like Woah – Oh I like (Hookers Remix)

4.CSS – Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (Hookers Edit)

5.Bell X1 – Flame

6.Blur – Death Of A Party

David’s Message

7.DDamage – Ink 808 (Krazy Baldhead Remix)

8.LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver

9.Surkin – Play Do

10.Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body

11.Betty Bottox – Is It Sex ‘Yer After

12.The Rapture – The Devil

13.Vivien Vee – Wanna Feel

14.Glitch – Jason Rocktron

15.KIM – By The Time (Bagraiders/Hookers)

16.The Boggs – Arm In Arm (Hot Chip Remix)

17.Rob Hubbard – Commando

18.Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Weird Science

19.Yuksek – Composer (Surkin Remix)

20.The Chemical Brothers – Nude Night

21.New Young Pony Club – Gotta Get Into You

22.Dorp – Extreme (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

23.The Teenagers – Homecoming (Shadow Dancer/Sluttt Remix)

24.The Drifters – Save The Last Dance





Grab it hurr




Also check out the radioshow they do, ArePeopleReal? as they have some decent special guests on the horizon with the next French electro phenomenon Yuksek, the lovely Nadia Ksaiba from Our Disco and Les Petits Pilous (latest Boys Noize signings) all dropping by.

Sweet Like A Lemon

February 9, 2007

Good Gosh!

Crookers have been busy! they jus sent through a new mix, and it’s full of new jamms, and it is just ridiculously good.

I’m fucken loving Massive (grab it at floukids) the trevor loveys Crookers rework (On The Brink On Point! Don’t think they can press enough copies of this EP) and their own edit of Phantom by bloggers delight Justice.

Download it now!!!


Crookers “Watotoro”
Crookers “See the crown”
Stefano feat. Crookers “Midnight square”
Crookers “Watotoro”
Crookers “Disco fidget”
Unkle Jam “Love ya” (Herve dub doubledit)
Crookers “Massive”
Crookers “Aguas de Parco”
Crookers “Chippin it up 4 a killa” (Trevor Loveys re-work)
Freeform five “No more conversation” (Switch rmx)
Justice “Phantom” (Crookers surprise edit)
BASSNECTAR ft. KristinaMaria “Yo” (Speaker Junk’s Jackin’ Brazilian Rave Remix)
Crookers “Pollution”
Crookers “Limonare” (The Bulgarian’s sweet like a lemon mix)

Fresh Produce >> Remixes

February 6, 2007

oi oi

Just been sent some splendid remixes, gosh they are good.

First up, Juno Records are celebrating a decade of selling vinyl of all genres (even scouse house) by releasing ten classic dance tracks throughout 2007, all of them featuring new remixes from rising talents and established artists.

First up is Faze Action’s seminal In The Trees and Juno have only roped in Carl Craig to give it the remix treatment – it’s all sorts of tuff and is very pleasing to see Mr Craig continue his fine run of remixes into 2007.

Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig C1 Remix)

LCD SoundSystem’s second album, Sounds Of Silver, is due to drop in March (though it’s likely that anyone who reads mp3 blogs has already heard it) and it is gonna be one of the best albums this year no doubt.

There’s already been a few remixes floating round of North American Scum, but William Russell, a producer out of Cleveland, just sent me through a dirty dirty remix of Time To Get Away which leans away from the typical (and much loved) DFA sound of the original and sounds fresh for doing it.

LCD SoundSystem – Time To Get Away (William Russell Remix)

Finally, here’s a nasty Herve remix of the new single Love Ya by the hotly tipped UnkleJam, who are clearly down with Prince. As with all of Herve’s recent output, this remix absolutely kills it!!

UnkleJam – Love Ya (Herve Remix)

Out of Time

February 3, 2007

This past week, earning some money seems to have got in the way of perching in front of my Mac and writing silly things about music, which is a shame. Anyway I have been sent some splendid music recently, which is always very nice.

Streetlab, a producer out of Brooklyn sent me through a raft of remixes that he’s put together recently, which included some guitar hero classics and more contemporary bands – here are my favourites, check his website for the rest.

Professor Murder – Free Stress Test (streetlab mix)

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (streetlab mix)

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (streetlab mix)

La Greve General

La Grève Générale are a production duo based in the salubrious belly of East London that is Hackney and seem to be most happy when making mixes of buff hype proportions. They sent me through the Soixante-Trois Minutes mix they put together recently and it certainly is something that I wish I had the talent and patience to do myself. cop it after the tracklist.

Explicit Samourai – Interlude 3 minutes
Explicit Samourai – 3 Minutes
Tepr – Tits, yepo and yum yum
Daft Punk / Spank Rock – Harder, better, faster, stronger pussy on me
Uffie – Pop the glock (SebastiAn remix) / 20 Fingers – Short dick man
Epic Man feat Plan B – More is enough / Kavinsky – Testarossa nightdrive
Justice – Phantom / Dead Prez – Hell yeah
Lady Sovereign – Random / Rage Against The Machine – Township rebellion
TTC – Une bande de mec sympa
Robots in Disguise – The dj’s got a gun / Refused – New noise
Yoshimoto – Do what u do (Trentemoller mix)
Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
Surkin – Radio fireworks
Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler
Salt-N-Pepa – Push it
The Rapture – House of jealous lovers / David Bowie – Let’s dance
Yelle – Je veux te voir / Modeselektor – Dancing box / Vitalic – La rock
Daft Punk – Digital love / Michael Jackson – Smooth criminal
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms night (Timo Maas remix)
Klaxons – Golden skans (SebastiAn version 1.2.0 remix)
The Killers – Mr Brightside

Soixantes-trois minutes mix (63mins, 89Mb mp3)

Modular Records recent sun kissed pop signing, The Softlightes, are releasing a new EP entitled Heart Made Of Sound on the 19th of February.

Following on from the ultra ltd 7″ release of Girl Kills Bear back in November, this CD and download EP includes both Girl Kills Bear and the sweet sweet Lo Fi Fnk remix that was on the flip of the seven, and is a further glimpse into their warm, fuzzy sound that combines subtle electronic touches and nicenice melodies.

An album is expected in April!

The Softlightes – Noah And The Electric Cholos

Modular are also putting on two parties at the end of February to toast the release of their new compilation Leave Them All Behind 2, which kinda scoops up all their favourite tracks from 2006 and spreads them in mixed and unmixed format over two cds.

London peeps get to party hard at Turnmills to MSTRKRFT, Green Velvet, Klaxons (DJ), New Young Pony Club (DJ), Hot Chip (DJ), The Gossip (DJ), Ajax & Para One (live) & Modular DJs among others.

Whilst up in Sheffield, Shuffle @ Plug has Erol Alkan, Digitalism (live), The Whip, Black Wire, Run Hide Survive Soundsystem (DJ set), Clarky Cat in the live room with the dom p and hip shakers