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Meet My Girl Cleo

September 26, 2008

Let’s remember now there is more to contemporary Brazilian music than some girl shouting about her popozuda over a recycled Betty Boop loop, here are some examples of that.

Nancy hail from Brasilia and revel in a whimsical indie pop sound more commonly associated with the slew of bands that are borne out of Glasgow. Warp Records rising stars Born Ruffians, the best thing to come out of Toronto since my friend Jen with the curly hair, have just completed their first remix of Nancy’s track Keep Cooler which is more a glorious dub than extreme makeover.

Nancy – Keep Cooler (Born Ruffians Remix)

Far Out Recordings is a label I always used to check in the days before I got run over by the bloghouse bandwagon and was dragged along for several miles (For example of their past excellence check the Troubleman track Strike Hard which absolutely kills on a big sound system)

Anyway Far Out floated back onto the Slutty Fringe radar through the presence of splendid Rio band Binario whose wonky combination of electronic psychedelia and trippy Pluto funk comes as a welcome change from some of the guff that lands in my inbox – even if I have no idea what they’re talking about

Binario – Vamada

Additionally some rather splendid artists have been enlisted to reimagine the Binario sound, among them are Andy Votel, Slutty Fringe favourites Michachu and rising London producer Kwes. Kwes has remixed the track Jazzhole which will be released on rinky dinky seven inch on November 10th, coincidentally when Binario’s self titled new album gets released too.

Binario – Jazzhole (Kwes Rework)

To get more of a Kwes fix hit up Pinglewood for his re/version of The Invisibles

Watch The Tapes

September 26, 2008

Close your eyes and let blog darlings Designer Drugs take you back to the VIP lounge of White Castle in LA circa 1987 where you’re downing Jim Beam from the bottle and snorting coke off Elizabeth Shue’s breasts whilst Don Johnson is explaining the supposedly intricate plotlines of Miami Vice to a bored looking Kim Basinger.

Little Boots – Meddle (Designer Drugs 80’s Coke Jam Remix)

Love Is On The Rocks

September 26, 2008

Whilst some people use mp3 blogs as a means to blag free music, entry into gigs and any social function with free drinks (the DZD gallery is good for this) and an excuse to get booked for DJ gigs others use their internet celebrity status for a greater cause, set up labels and give their favourite artists the exposure they deserve.

A case in point are Gallic lovelies Fluokids whose record label Fool House is on the cusp of their virgin release, The (Declaration of) Principles EP by yet another talented French producer, Mondkopf. Those whose faces are glued to the internet may recognise the young Parisian’s name after he remixed Teenagers and Grand National.

Musical critics who get paid for their opinion have compared Mondkopf’s sound to Modeselektor whilst Ed Banger boss Pedro Winter is so excited by Mondkopf’s music he got So Me to design a One To Watch sticker and covered the young Parisian in them.

The (Declaration of) Principles EP switches between sweet techno with thumping kick drums and glitchy hiphop and is several degrees of splendid. Look out for the limited vinyl when it drops on October 4th.

Mondkopf – Sainte

Those who call themselves Parisian might want to let their feet guide them towards the Point FMR on October 4th for the launch party organised in conjunction with RA – Mondkopf will be joined by labelmates Gentlemen Drivers, TyeDie from Italians Do It Better, Kompakt artists Skatebaard, Ortzroka and lots of pretty young things. Get your new facebook on here

Tonight I Want You By My Side

September 25, 2008

Elsewhere on the web those good people at Fact are keeping us entertained with another of their ever contentious Top 20 lists. This week’s one, sure to cause some playground beard pulling, comes from Joel Martin of Quiet Village and looks at his Top 20 Disco Records. Even better once you’ve finished raging at the lack of Class Action’s ‘Weekend’ you can download the accompanying mix and bathe away your worries in a cosmic disco jacuzzi.

Download: Joel Martin – FACT Disco Mix

1. Bobby Martin – Call Me Your Anything Man
2. Personal Touch – It Ain’t No Big thing
3. Touch of Class – I’m in Heaven
4. First Choice – Love & Happiness
5. Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Donut
6. Disco Energy – Disco Energy
7. Demis Roussos – Midnight is the Time I Need You
8. Clymax – Musicland
9. Joni Haastrup – Greetings
10. Barrabas – Woman
11. Rozza & Wine – Disco Boogie Woman
12. Dennis Coffey – Wings of Fire

Big Onion

September 23, 2008

The ninth installment of the Hollertronix series has just dropped on Turntablelab with Kuduro given the spotlight

Diplo and Buraka Som Sistema add further to the canon of A Milli versions, Buraka Som Sistema mess with Skream and Missy, Radioclit cause me to break out into an electroclash flashback induced panic by resurrecting Fischerspooners Emerge and Angolan producer DJ Znobia fuses Junior Reid with Switch to pleasing effect.

Cop the EP at TTLab now and check this Diplo and Buraka track which isn’t on the EP – Proppage to P Devro for hookup!

Diplo & Buraka Som Sistema – Inna De Ghetto (Remix)

Dusty Cabinets

September 23, 2008

Not content with being among the more interesting DJs in this city called London, Allez Allez are beginning to gain a rep for splendid production.

keep your ears to the beat for forthcoming their forthcoming Heartbreak remix which has already creeped into the charts of Tronik Youth and Casper C plus those cosmic pagans at 20JFG  have done their usual veeering off the tangent about it.

Treat them ears to this glorious treatment of Brooklynites High Places which soars close to the reminiscent heights of Gui Boratto

High Places – Heads Spin (Allez Allez Remix)

Start of Autumn Chart

September 23, 2008

Buy some from Junodownload or Phonica – others are forthcoming….

1 In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Arveene & Misk’s Business Acid Remix) //Kitsune
2 Heartbreak – Soul Transplant (Allez Allez Remix) // CDr
3 Liquid Liquid – Rubbermiro (Thee Loving Hand Remix) // Domino
4 Sisters of Transistors – The Don (Acid Girls Grey Disco Mix) // This Is Music
5 Dez Dickerson – Modernaire (DMX Krew Remix) // Citinite
6 Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk (Greg Wilson Edit) // Flexx
7 The Chap – Ethnic Instrument (Joakim Remix) // Lo Rec
8 Eamon Harkin – Innit // Wurst Edits
9 Prince : Controversy (Purple Mix) // BVR
10 Plugs – Body Heat (Heatbreak Remix) // People In The Sky

Hot Pockets

September 18, 2008

The springboard to further musical acclaim that is Dissident Recordings continues apace. Ali Renault is set for big things on Lex Records with (the oft covered here) Heartbreak and now Cage & Aviary are set to spread their musical butter over a number of labels in the coming months including the ace Tiny Sticks, DFA offshoot Death From Abroad and Parisian label Astro Lab.

Cage & Aviary are also nearing the cusp of the next of several ltd edition vinyl releases of remixes on their own label The Walls Have Ears, being their stop start Tom Tom Club-esque rerub of rising London female duo Toy Toy (one of whom you may recall likes to sing about rude things with Swallow)

Toy Toy – Hot Pockets (Cage & Aviary Remix)

Those who now consider themselves Toy Toy fans might find delight in the news they will be featuring on the forthcoming Girl Powder compilation put out by Lofty Records which scoops up a international selection of unsigned Female talent including Miss Odd Kidd, The Real Heat and Goldielocks from these shores. The album drops November 10th

EDIT: Head over to Illegal Tender for a Cage & Aviary mixtape and some unreleased trackage

Modernism Begins At Home

September 18, 2008

Much like the US Goverment bailing out AIG in these credit crunching times, Car Company Scion A/V is doing it’s bit for the music industry by commissioning (and paying!) some exciting producers to remix a slew of musicians.

The Scion spotlight this time is thrown on the Dirty South sound that booms out of the Atlanta area with former Goodie Mob alumni Big Gipp getting the uptempo twistage from the much vaunted Treasure Fingers, Klever and Rob Wonder.

Rob Wonder’s version wins out here, head in the direction of Big Stereo for the Treasure Fingers version though

Big Gipp – Hot (Rob Wonder Remix)

It’s The Principle Of Pleasure

September 18, 2008

One of my most treasured possessions is a battered VHS copy of Queen’s Live In Budapest concert, recorded in ’86, it showed the band and their flamboyant lead singer at the heights of their power. For a textbook lesson in how to hold a couple of hundred thousand people in the palm of your hand it takes some beating and as an impressionable youth I would stand in front of the TV screen aping Mercury’s every move, soaking up his style like a little pre-pubescent gay sponge.

It made quite an impression and I credit my early obsession with the band and Farokh Pluto Bulsara with turning me into the sordid man I am today. Now I never got to see the band live but I glimpsed an echo of Mercury last Saturday when I caught Lex Record‘s latest signings Heartbreak doing their thing at Proud. One of the best shows I’ve seen in recent months, Heartbreak may trade in dark, electro pop and italo disco rather than stadium pomp rock but the band delivered their songs with the conviction and arrogant swagger of superstars and in Sebastian Muravchix possess a frontman worthy of the title.

Like all great acts (and some truly terrible ones) in their minds they already are legends and the world is just playing catch up. Their debut album Lies is out at the end of this month and should do a good job in speeding up the process, in the mean time download their RA podcast, grab the MP3s below and catch them live wherever you can, you won’t regret it.

Heartbreak – Destroy All Power
Heartbreak – Living Just For Fun
Lesser Panda – Ghostdance (Heartbreak Remix)

Oh and since we’re legally obliged to swoon over her at least once a week, here’s a rather nice piano version of Heartbreak’s ‘We’re Back’ as performed by Little Boots… Es Muy Dramatico!

Just For A Minute

September 15, 2008

Acid Girls prove once again that there is more to life than pontificating about music on the internet with a joyous remix of The Don, the debut release on This Is Music from Sisters of Transistors – the culmination of one acid house veteran’s collaboration with a bunch of talented female musicians from greater Mancunia

Sisters of Transistors – The Don (Acid Girls Grey Disco Remix)

Upfront vinyl copies at Piccadilly, full release 29th September

Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright

September 12, 2008
A quick blast before I drag myself off to watch a modern dance interpretation of the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider (do not ask…), just in from one of our favourite Berliner’s Shir Khan, another fine mix to keep you on your toes this weekend.

And with that I’m going to crack open a bottle of scotch and try to drink the pain away.

Download: Shir Khan – Your Home Is My Inferno
1. Morgan Geist – Lullaby / Environ
2. Golden Bug – Looklooklook (In Flagranti Rmx) / Gomma
3. Bot’ox – Babylon by Car (Invincible Scum Rmx) / I’m a Cliche
4. Soundstream – Rainmaker / Soundstream
5. DFD Disco Edits – La Poppe / Electric Minds
6. Kaos – Just like thiSSSssssss (K on 45 Mix) / Astrolab
7. Liquid Liquid – Optimo (Optimo Rmx) / Domino
8. Subway – Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix) / Soul Jazz Records
9. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (L.S.B. Baqueira Jam Mix) / Rekids
10. Zoo Brazil – Rock the House / White
11. Armand van Helden – Shake that ass (Mowgli Rmx) / Southern Fried
12. The Death Set – Listen to this collision (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix) / Bang Gang 12″
13. Debra Dolche – Goodies (ZS Dolle Rmx) / Coco Machete
14. SR-EM – Smells like Srm / Smells like Srm
15. Nina Simone – Take Care of Business (Pilooski Edit) / Verve Remixed
16. FM Belfast – Killing in the name of (Lotus) (Antipop & Gaea No Killing Lotus Mix) / Thugfucker
17. Bomb the Bass – Butterfingers (Adam Sky Ravebuffer Rmx) / K7!
18. Italoboys, John Coltrane – Bahia (Mucho Lungo) / Mothership
19. The Sound Republic – Get Loose (Take a breath) / SpatulaCity
20. Jeff Doubleu – Foxy Jazz / White
21. Monte Laa Productions – Tooney / Haikai Music
22. Act Yo Age – The Flash (Shir Khan Powerhouse Rmx) / Sweat it out!
23. Adam Sky feat. Danny Williams – The imperious urge (Kubo Rmx/Interlude) / Exploited
24. Erdmöbel – Au Pair Girl / Tapete Records

Logan’s Drum

September 11, 2008

As we are still washing the Bestival mud out of our jeans and don’t have to spin tunes at Be this Saturday, I was actually looking forward to a night in with a curry and 6 hours of Bergerac repeats on UKTV Gold. Sadly it looks like my quality Nettles time will have to wait as Greco Roman are throwing another of their unmissable parties in London again, this time to celebrate the release of the new Drums Of Death 12″.

No idea on the location, though I’d hazard a guess that it’s at the same place the one back in February was, which was one of the best places I’ve been to for a party in ages, even if one of the little shits I got chatting to in the lift on the way out looked physically sick when he found out I was over 25. The horror.


So as you might have noticed from one of our comments that it seems this weekend’s Greco Roman party has been cancelled… Which actually works out quite nice for me as according to a scribble on a scrap of paper i found last night I am actually supposed to be DJ’ing at Proud on Saturday… Whoops.

So if you’re in need of a decent night out head to Camden where you might just catch one half of Slutty Fringe DJ’ing alongside Kitsune types Streetlife and with live sets from Die! Die! Die! and the wonderful, awesome, totally amazing Heartbreak. BONUS!

Even better drop them a line HURR and they might even sort you out some cheap guestlist action.