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I Like This

September 30, 2006


Here’s a selection of tracks from recent albums which I’ve ben enjoying and that you should be grabbing

Dr Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought

This is from Jneiro Jarel’s recent album on Lex, The Beat Journey, which is on a madlib blunted jazzhop tip.

I been checking Jarel since I heard the Big Bounce Theory on Kindred Spirits a few years back and The Dr Who Dat? album seems to have finally given Jarel the critical acclaim his talent deserves. Braziliant Thought is probably my favourite from the album – Cop it at Piccadilly Records

The Rapture – Whoo! Alright-Yeah…Uh Huh

The new lp is tight, I like listening to it as it reminds me of hogging the jukebox in Max Fisch, and dancing to House Of Jealous Lovers with a hot girl called Karen. This track produced by Ewan Pearson is a definite highlight for me.

No doubt everyone and their cousin has Pieces of The People We Love already, but all the uncles should be getting it too at Piccadilly Records

Cassius – Jack Rock

15 Again is a really good album apart from a rather shoddy track featuring Pharrell, and Jack Rock is certainly the outstanding track for me – its all wonky acid squiggles, rave keys and whistles.

Cop the lp cheap here and look out for the Toop Toop remixes which are released on Monday.

Clark – Vengeance Drools

I remember hearing some mad cut up hiphop track called Roughage by Chris Clark that featured on the first Tru Thoughts When Shapes Join Together comp back in 99 which really got my attention, so I had to check his latest album, Body Riddle on Warp Records, which gets released on Monday.

Vengeance Drools is very much in a similar vein to the Roughage track, a heavy heavy beat, some nice tinkling keys and scattered riddims. Head over to Word for a much better review of the album than a putz like me could ever piece together (check the fuggin great DJ Shadow lp review too)

Go buy Body Riddle bobby digital styles at BleepBleep or cop it on CD/Vinyl at Boomkat

Bonobo – Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)

The new Bonobo album, Days To Come, may turn out to be one of the best releases on Ninjatune in quite some time (it might edge itself in front of the Daedalus lp which my ears have been loving plenty this year) the collaborations with Bajka and Fink work really well and the production is very very nice. I’m liking this track because it has a lovely melody, catchy horns and some nice dusty drum breaks.

Days To Come is released on Monday – go get @ Piccadilly

Justin Timberlake feat Snoop Dogg – Pose

See i think this track is brilliant, I thought Signs was a great pop record and this collaboration from the Future Sex/Love Sounds album is every bit as good. I’m hoping this comes out as a single as I would love to play it out when djing in places without cdjs. You can cop the album absolutely everywhere

Mira Ladytron twiddling knobs taken by photoflygirl

Legs For Sale

September 30, 2006

legs for sale?

mr wrongtom just delivered a nice nice remix of Deer In The Headlights by Legs For Sale to slutty fringe hq.

I will profess to not knowing very much about the band other than they reside in California and they’ve signed to Hard Soul Records in Lalaland, but I know I like this remix with its working mans club disco keys and wonky jacking kick drums.

Download: Legs For Sale – Deer In The Headlights (wrongtom cross country jackin remix)

oh check his myspace for a remix of LDN too

nice pins picture from Dutty Dutty Dancin

Destroy All Monsters @ Dragon Bar – 4th October

September 28, 2006

its a monster!

Destroy All Monsters – Wednesday 4th October

John Power (Furthur)
tonypoland (slutty fringe)
Stas Werno (Damian Phostle Productions)

Dragon Bar,
5 Leonard Street,

8pm til 12am
free entry all night

After a quiet summer for the DAM kids (setting up a record label, making music, writing about music, er moving to new zealand) we return (sans bretllinz) for a dirty slice of mid week girl sweat action at one of the best bars in the Olde Streete District.

Expect the usual combination of electro, disco, lifestyle mag hype, big blog ting tunes, hip hop, bmore, and er more and its with total freeness on the door!

For a wee taster of how things run at Destroy All Monsters check this 5 minute mini mix Stas did

Download: Stas Werno DAM Minimix

sum fine ass remixes

September 27, 2006

it's the poland

Bugz In The Attic – Don’t Stop The Music (Switch Remix)

Bugz In The Attic – Don’t Stop the Music

Head over to the BITA site to preorder the rather large remix package for Don’t Stop The Music

Teki Latex – Disco Dance With You (Para One Remix)

Grab the Disco Dance With You 12″ at Piccadilly Records has some more hefty remixes from VV and Spank Rock feat. Amanda Blank

The Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)

The Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow

Check the Klaxons myspace for info on new releases and gigs

Hot Chip – Over and Over (Justus Kohncke’s Baking Horse Club Mix)

Justus Kohncke did my favorite remix of this hot chip classic. I’m liking the boy Justus, I have a real nice version of Heart Of Glass he done. Head over to Phonica to pick up The Warning, a truly great album, which includes the splendid original version

Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Freeform Reform)

Nice disco boogie refix by Anu and company (love how they can switch between straight up house and this type of stuff so easily) which was on the recently released Remix package on BBE – get it from Phonica

Spektrum – May Day (DJ T Remix)

great stripped down refix of spektrum out of the get physical camp – Phonica has copies

Random Music

September 24, 2006

Iman in NYC

The clue may be in the title but below is a bunch of random music that has been keeping me smiling recently, been mad busy and thats kinda hindered my posting – for that I apologise!

Slope – Want’ Choo Longa

Having lost my mad keeness for broken boogie over the past year, this jem of a track released on Sonar Kollectkiv in 2005 slipped under my radar. Mad bassline and catchy lyrics, those people that grabbed the recloose mix I posted up here will recognise this track.

Go to piccadilly records to grab it on vinyl and check Sonar Kollectiv for more info

Spiritualised – Black: Angel Sigh / Sway / 200 Bars

I first heard Sway way back when I was a teen hooked on the Breezeblock, I used to love that radio show, made me want to get into the whole djing thing! Anyway Mary Ann Hobbs was pushing the Lo Fidelity All Stars in their initial guise bigtime, and she had them in to do a mix and they dropped Sway halfway through, I had to investigate Spiritualised after that.

My best friends older brother did me a tape of Ladies & Gentleman…. soon after and that became one of my favourite albums but I never got round to picking up Lazer Guided Melodies until recently when I snagged a cd copy at a car boot sale. And its one of the original copies as the cd is split into four colour coded movements which works really well, So you are getting the final three songs off the album here.

Pick up Lazer guided Melodies here

ESG – Erase You

The thingI love about music is you can know a song for so long by ear before you ever find out who its by and then its like a slap in the face. This track I heard on the 117% splendid Voila mixtape by Spank Rock that came out last year (and is now sadly deleted, I might post it at some point so long as Big Dada isn’t watching) but never ever clocked it was ESG, picked up A South Bronx Story recently and BANG there it is!

Head over to SOTU and pick up A South Bronx Story

MF Doom – Potholderz (Featuring Count Bass D)

Been listening to nufff MF Doom affiliated hip hop recently, this track from MM Food kinda stuck in my mind, maybe because of the nagging sample that I recognise from somewhere

grab MM Food from Boomkat

Booka Shade – Night Falls

I think Movements may end up being one of my albums of this year, I wasn’t overly keen on it upon first listen but its soundtracked many a saunter across london town on the tube and sounds better and better through a pair of big headphones. Night Falls is by far my favourite track, lovely slippery melody combined with some depp bass sounds.

Get Movements here


September 21, 2006


Despite being a member for several years now, I’ve only recently begun to browse the extensive band section of myspace

so it came as more than a pleasant suprise whilst searching in vain for the Solid Groove/Switch myspace (please if there is one, someone point in the right direction)when I stumbled upon the Crookers. Two fellas out of Milano who are making the same kind of sick bass heavy wonky house music typified by the counterfeet/dubsided/speaker junk camp which is killing it in London right now.

They very kindly sent me some music that they have been working on, all of which is 100% splendid, there was a couple of tracks for a promo mixtape they are putting together which features some Italian MCs which sounds vee vee promising plus a couple of tracks off their forthcoming EPs, The Get It on Reckless Records 002 and End 2 End on P Records.

They also included a rather tasty Crookers Reeeemix of Bossy by Kelis which i’m posting up – check their myspace for more of their music though, Atomic Baile Boy is fricking off the hook


Kelis – Bossy Recrooked


Crookers Myspace

Crookers Website

I Gots That News

September 18, 2006

First up, Big Dada have signed Wiley!

big dada

Press release says:

Big Dada is very pleased to announce that Wiley has joined the label. We’re sure grime’s greatest maverick needs very little intro, but he’s the founding father of the mighty Roll Deep and the man many credit with starting the scene itself. We’re incredibly pleased and excited to have such a UK pioneer join us. As for Wiley, he had the following to say…

‘I think it’s good because all my life I’ve been looking for a creative control, to make an album that I’ll enjoy listening to and performing… a grime album that I really want to make!

The debut album for BD is set for next year, but for now you can download a taster of Wiley’s latest mixtape right here!

Slutty Fringe says: Is the fantastic news yo! And continues big dada’s penchant for scooping up the musical hot sauce a la diplo, new flesh, ttc, spank ro (list go on an on)

NYPCNew Young Pony Club have finally unleashed the Ice Cream

Yep, The Ice Cream EP pon Modular is out in in shops this week and it has remix action by DJ Medhi and Comets aka one third of cut copy plus some new songs on both vinyl and cd format – head over to Piccadilly records to pick it up. I would also recommend heading over to the Mock and Toof myspace page as they’ve recently posted up their own spaced out disco remix of Ice Cream which is suitably fine!

I do hope Tahita recovers from her croaked out voice soon, I was mighty dissapointed when I heard they had to pull out of performing at White Heat last week.

Other new records that are causing a bit of a stir round my way include the new Speaker Junk ep , the Alice Smith remix 12″ on BBE (Maurice Fulton and Freeformreform? Nice! the bassline on the freeform mix is quite special) The Presets “Are You the One?” on International Deejay Gigolos (tuff SMD remix) Swallow by My Robot Friend on Soma, the new TM Juke ep (if the forthcoming lp sounds as good as this then it’ll be a certified killer!) The new Rapture lp and the Lack of Afro 12′ on Freestyle

And in a rather subtle segue, if you like the Lack of Afro record I suggest you head over to The Root Down to savour some fine mixed musical delights courtesy of Lack of Afro and his rootdown cohorts, Pinks and Heavy Stylus. The recently added rootdown live mix by heavy stylus is very speshul indeed!

Finally, man like Spanner from Stuff Records out of Glasgow recently sent a lovely mix by Jackmaster from the Stuff DJ Fam and he said I could share it so thats what i’m doing. Theres no semblance of a tracklisting but its a bmore meets electro affair and includes some surkin, drexciya, justin timberlake, spank rock and a healthy dose of obscure baltimore house

Listen/Download it hurr

Dead Disco @ Stylish Riots – 333. Old St

September 18, 2006

Victoria Dead Disco

So on Friday I sauntered down Old Street to catch Dead Disco at the Stylish Riots jump off at 333. Having quite clearly stated my affections for the Dead Disco girls in the past, I was very excited about the chance to see them perform live. And it seems everyone else there was a certified Dead Disco fan judging by how cramped the 333 basement got as the preceding act, The Video Nasties, played a rather noisy set which seemed to go down very well amongst the asssmbling crowd. As did the rather incongrouous crunk and bmore set the dj played while Dead Disco were keeping us waiting (Props to the dj for having to persist with an itchy pioneer cdj for the duration too)

When the girls finally did pick up and play they did not dissapoint at all, turning up the heat a fair few notches in the basement and getting the crowd dancing and hollering. I have to point out that Victoria, as well being very sexy (wearing a hot frock that had all the boys swooning and all the girls green with envy AND she gots a hottt west yorkshire accent what what!) is also a very impressive front woman, jumping on the rails on the stage and generally vibing up the crowd somewhat.

In fact the band as a whole are incredibly tight performers live, showcasing some shiny new material (some of it so fresh there were no song titles) with heavy drums and nagging spiky bass lines and at one point during a song implementing a very splendid switch in tempo (these things kill me for some reason) They finished what seemed like a short set with Automatic which had the dancefloor pogoing. (apart from me as I was typing out the bones of this as a rather elongated text message incase I had alcohol induced memory loss)

So to summarise, Dead Disco are the splendids live, girls playing instuments are hothothot and I think I fancy Victoria something rotten.

Sadly I didn’t get to check any of the other acts in the other rooms as I had to scoot over to Angel to catch Moneyshot and his bol, Kovas, play some records which was very good yes.

Check Dead Disco on myspace for details of forthcoming gigs

Grab Automatic from Piccadilly Records

Victoria Dead Disco photo provided by Lalalalaetitia




Words from the Wrong ‘un

September 15, 2006


mr wrongtom just delivered a nicenice remix of Robots In Disguise to slutty fringe and stopped long enough to answer a few questions – check it

You seem quite prolific on the remix front at the moment, can you reveal any future relicks that will see the light of day shortly?

There’s loads in the pipeline, i’m just finishing off an uptempo one for a band called legs on sale from LA, there’s a couple more dubbed out versions i’ve done with the stoneleigh mountain rockers for the ripps on catskills and jay bharadia on lumenessence, plus i’ve done a couple of versions of an old bob n marcia song which’ll hopefully come out on trojan next year. There’s also some talk of satanic crunk with a remix of geoff barrow’s new signings, blood island raiders.

And whats the haps on the original production front? Is there a particular musical direction you see yourself going down?

I’m all backed up with plans for my own stuff, trouble is i’m all over the shop genre-wise, but i’ve got some house tempo material almost ready to go, i’m trying to make an album which’ll take in the sort of stuff i play out so we’re talking ragga, synth pop, latin, chicago house etc. god knows if it’ll fit together but it’s worth a go.

There’ll be some straight up reggae business with the stoneleigh mountain rockers too, and i’m just finishing off a kind of mixtape/album which is a more elaborate version of some of the 4 deck stuff i’ve put together in the past.

Will we ever be lucky enough to be graced with a Wrong Distance long player? Fat Bottom Girls kills me every time I hear it.

Wrong Distance is an awkward beast to tame, there was mention of covering “where’s me jumper?” by sultans of ping FC but it’s complicated as we’ve both got a lot of stuff on at the moment, u know, watching youtube, personal hygiene and stuff.

Your love of Phoebe Cates is well documented – do you think you could take Kevin Kline down in a fight over her affections?

There’s no point getting negative, i don’t think it’d come to that, i’m sure the fact that they’re together proves that he’s an all round great guy, i still maintain the fact that i saw her first though – kev just doesn’t seem like your average gremlins fan you know?

Whats your tea of choice?

I’ve just cut down on my tea intake, maybe one day it’ll be just water and rice cakes but i’m still partial to a good old yorkshire brew. Peppermint tea is a nice subsitute when i need to get to sleep before 6am too.

Care to share any Hard Fi tour secrets?

shaddupayaface is a tour bus singalong favourite.



Robots In Disguise – La Nuit (toute la nuit avec wrongtom)

This is a killer remix – I couldn’t stop listening to it when I first heard it, some proper bassline nicety, is madexclusive too as the single is not released until November

To get a further taste of the wrongtom remix, I suggest you purchase the shiny new Uncharted Audio compilation Idea Hoard Uncut which contains a speshul dub refix of the track Knob by label boss Kone – R, as well as artists such as Cursor Miner and LJ Kruzer.

You can get in mp3 format now from Bleep or wait till the 9th October to get the album on cd. There is also a 12″ sampler released the same day. Available in all good record shops what what.

Check Robots in Disguise on myspace

Check here for info on wrongtom’s dj runnings and here for his stoneleigh mountain rockers project

Touch here to peep the wrong distance songs – Fat Bottom Girls!!

Those that live down Brighton way should head down to Above Audio where wrongtom will be joining Catskills boss jonnyreggae behind the decks for a night of splendid music yes yes

Soon come on slutty fringe – A Dead Disco gig review and some sick wonky sounds from Milano

All The While We Do It Scandinavian Style

September 14, 2006


Todays post is to show some love for the scandinavian hotness I have been feeling recently (sadly only of the musical variety)

Lo Fi Fnk

I first became aware of this Swedish duo after hearing a rather nifty remix of Change Channel by Mock and Toof earlier this year that tickled my pickle somewhat.

Their new album, Boy Life has just been released on Moshi Moshi and it is certainly splendid. Crafting together elements of pop and dance music, I can see this album featuring in end of year lists, and its probably only a matter of time before Lo Fi Fnk get snapped up by a larger label, like Bloc Party and Hot Chip before them!


Lo Fi Fnk – Change Channel (Mock & Toof Remix)

Lo Fi Fnk – A.D.T.

You can buy Boy Life direct from Moshi Moshi here

Peter Bjorn & John

Here are two remixes of what is clearly one of the songs of the summer, Young Folks, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this track recently. The Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve remix adds some nice little touches but doesnae fuck with the formula too much, The Punks Jump Up remix adds a new bassline and makes the song more alot more nicenice to dancendance.


Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)

Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks (The Punks Jump Up Special Disco Remix)

You can still get the original version of Young Folks at Piccadilly Records

Sondre Lerche

A few years back when I still bought music magazines I got a free Blue Room mix cd with Muzik which for the most part was uninspiring, there was however a real nice acoustic guitar track called Dead Passenger by a Norwegian called Sondre Lerche that stuck in my mind.

I heard nothing more about him until I was in New york earlier this year, sitting in a bar supping guiness and feeling sorry for myself cos i had flu on st paddys day, leafing through TimeOut and there was an interview with him as he had recently moved to New York. I decided then to investigate his music further, is very nice yes, probably something completely different to what i normally post here but yer man Sondre deserves the props!


Sondre Lerche – On The Tower

Sondre Lerche – Modern Nature

Check Sondre on myspace and grab his album Two Way Monolgue from Play

The Whitest Boy Alive

Despite it being my friends contention that I am indeed the whitest boy alive (with irish polish blood what am I to do) this is also the name of the band Erlend Oye now sings in – It is also the same friends contention that Erlend spent his formative years on Greenwich market selling knocked off t shirts.Er, anyway heres two tracks off the eagerly anticipated album Dreams.


The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning

The Whitest Boy Alive – Figures

Check out The Whitest Boy Alive at myspace for some nice songs not on the lp and get Dreams at Play

Picture of Victoria Bergsman provided by Kirstie Cat

Oh No Not Him Interview

September 13, 2006


Oh Not Not Him took some time off recording his debut album to kindly answer some questions for Slutty Fringe

Where does your name originate from?

My friends mum used to say it when I went round to his house. She was a bit uptight but I kind of fancied her as well. It sort of stuck in my head, then I used it in a song and thought it would be a good moniker.

What is the title of your debut lp and what can we expect?

Its called Dumb N Bass and you can pretty much expect that. Dumb lyrics and bass heavy beats. There are songs about getting your trainers knicked and having to walk home barefoot in the rain , annnoying people on the bus by singing along to your walkman, bizarre sexual encounters, celebrity culture, losing your life and mind to computer games, oh and of course my friends mum.

Are there any artists in particular that influence both your music and style of singing/rapping?

I always have this big list of names that I reel off when people ask me what my influences are but I dont really sound like any of them. Fleetwood Mac are a good example. And 2 Unlimted. Though to be honest I probably sound quite a lot like them.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Probably Liars. I think There’s Always Room On The Broom is amazing.

I very much enjoyed your performance at Bardens Boudoir – you don’t seem afraid to mooch among the crowd whilst performing, though I’m sure some of the haircuts there were a bit scared – Where are the best and worst gigs you have done and why?

The best one was probably Paris in the summer. They didnt have a clue what I was saying but they went crazy anyway. They wouldn’t let me get off stage, I had to keep playing songs. I ran out pretty quickly because I dont really have that many songs.

The worst one… well to be honest I’ve cleared the room on more than one occasion.

I’m digging the sports casual look you have going on – Is that purely for stage or do you rock a luminous yellow sun visor when you are getting some potato waffles from iceland?

Yeah I keep it real 24/7. Actually some of the stuff I wear on stage is handmade. It will be available on the internet to buy and wear soon.

You also dj, what kind of music would we get from the Oh No Not Him Soundsystem?

Liars mixed up with Uk Apache.

What did you want to be as a kid?

I was quite serious when I was very young. According to my mum I wanted to be an architect. I dont remeber this, plus I am crap at maths so it doesnt matter anyway.

What is your favourite pie?


If you were a Proffesional Wrestler what name would you go by?

Actually when I was a kid we used to play wrestling at breaktime at school but then James Hold ripped his own ear off after he got it caught on his Casio watch. I dont know it happended exactly but it was pretty gruesome. We werent allowed to play it anymore after that. I always used to be The Ultimate Warrior though obviously for copyright reasons I doubt I would be able to call myself that.

What rubbish records do you still own for sentimental reasons?

We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus. I once had a fist fight with my older brother about who owned the record. He won but I seem to have ended up with it some how.

What five songs/tracks are pleasing your ears and feet at the moment?

Triceratops by Drop The Lime
Wine And Dine by Man Like Me
Neet Chic by Goldielocks
Volume Adjust by Niyi
Solta O Frango by Bondo De Role

Can you name your favourite slutty fringe?

Oh definitely the girl with dark hair in The Pipettes.


Oh No Not Him releases You’re Just A Dick on Natural Shy Records at the start of October – It will be available on mad ltd white vinyl and for download. An album will follow early next year

Check his myspace for music and details of a few gigs in September up north

Bass Woosh Part Three – The Final Chapter

September 12, 2006


It seems while I was walking round in circles at the Brick Lame Festival (when I’m drunk I know that area like the back of my hand, but sober is a completely different issue) on Sunday, Bloggers Delight somehow got Justice to dj at the Lock Tavern – you can peep pics here and here

Anyway heres the last part of the bass woosh trilogy

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control (Brooklyn Fire Retouch)

The bearded face of Tommie Sunshine was always on the top friends list of five out of ten peoples myspace pages when i was bored enough to go browsing – so it was a pleasant suprise when it came to my attention that he is Brooklyn Fire and is responsible for many a good remix – check Big Stereo for a new Peaches refix!

Soulwax – Krack (Nite Version)

Tuff track, no more needs to be said – get it from Juno

Daft Punk – The Brain Washer (Erol Alkan Horror House Remix)

Heheh, its always fun to mess around with the EQs on this one – taken from the Human After All Remixes album that was released only in japan.

James White And The Blacks – Contort Yourself

Love this track, one of the seminal figures in the New York No Wave Movement, releasing music on Ze Records – get to Sounds of the Universe and pick up Mutant Disco for a overlook of the Ze output

Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)

Absolutely lovely refix of Rhythm & Sound by the man Carl Craig – get the remix cd from boomkat

Kate Moss graff taken by Invisible A

While I Should Be Sleeping…..

September 10, 2006

What you say bout my momma?

Later today I’m off to the Brick Lane Festival which should be fun – Also be talking cheese with a Bar in the Ye Olde Street vicinity about putting on a new DAM night which is rather exciting what what. Heres a couple of triple dope mixes for your ears cos i’m in a grand old mood

Cut Copy – An Evening With Cut Copy

This is a very rare promo mix done for a clothing label – Its along the same lines as the Fabric Mix Cut Copy have just recently put together which is one of my favourite releases this year. Those of you who are smart enough to own that will love this!!


those of you who are all umm and ahhh about purchasing the fabric mix get on the download – you will want the fabric mix after listening to this

Swag – While You Were Sleeping

One of my favourite mixes from last year, a very nice selection of wonky disco house sounds – if your ears warm to it then check the Swag website for lots more nicenice mixes

Jon Carter – Essential Mix 4

I used to cane this mix when it came out a whole decade ago – and it still sounds great now. Peep the track listing here

Other Mixes You Should Check

it seems everytime I post up some mixes, Discobelle have some up that are so much goddamn hotter yes – They gots a Cosmo Baker mix as part of their Mixin’ It Up Series and some Scottie B neat heat – go seek!

The recent news that The DFA gang are embarking on a DJ tour of North America to promote the forthcoming DFA Remixes: Chapter 2 has reminded me that you can still get all the seven shades of splendid Radio Mixes for nowt here

The Shit Robot and Juan Mclean mixes are especially nice

You should be checking Resident Advisor podcasts for some nice squelchy house mixes – I got the Maurie Fulton mix which is top notch.

Bass Woosh Part Deux

September 9, 2006

hot chick

See part one for description – BASS WOOSH!!!

Rinocerose – Bitch (JD Twitch Optimo remix)

Killer remix from the Glasgow Optimo camp – this track got nuff play on my saunters through New York, is lovely to bounce down streets to!

Buy the Rinocerose LP that has the original version of Bitch here and check out some of their other music pon Myspace

check the Optimo website for how things run in Glasgow- theres a rather nifty electro mix up there at the moment, go seek it out

The Presets – Down Down Down

After seeing The Presets in Dalston recently, I finally got my mitts on their album, Beams (props to Kirsten @ Modular) and it is splendid. This track is one of my favourites from the lp, proper dancefloor pogo with a definite hint of campness like all good modern electro should have innit.

Presets are cureently embarking on a rather large tour – they played at Galapagos in Williamsburg on Tuesday, La Decadanse has posted some video footage and there is a very good review of the show here

Get over to Piccadilly Records and pick up a copy of Beams

ESG – Insane (Bass Mix)

This was the lead single from the new ESG album, Keep On Moving, and unfortunately its the best thing on what is a dissapointing return. Trademark ESGisms like stripped down bass and drums and some rasy vocals are prevalent, and it mixes atreat with some bmore.

Sounds of The Universe has plenty ESG for yo ass and ears

Spektrum – May Day

And from one of the Punk Funk originators we go to a band who are taking that sound and putting a modern day london spin on proceedings. The new Spektrum lp, Fun at The Gymkhana Club, is ready to drop next month finally, so in anticipation heres the scuzz filled single they put out last year. Theres some real nice remixes of this floating about at the moment, Get Physicals DJ T has done a great job especially.

Peep their myspace for a taste of the forthcoming lp

Phonica can cater for your vinyl spektrum needs

Spektrum are celebrating the launch of the new album at fabric on October the 14th and have invited M.A.N.D.Y. along to share the jelly and ice cream.

Shut Up And Dance – Black Men Unite

Now this is certified Bass Woosh – I got it on a Electric Chair 10 year anniversary cd, which contained The Unabombers favourite executions from all the time they have been running EC. I can only imagine what this sounds like on the very phat soundsystem at the Music Box.

Manchester peeps should head to Electric Chair on the 30th for a Swedish love in – Red Astaire and Mad Mats PLUS Crazy P in the shack with Kelvin Brown

Check here to buy Shut Up And Dance records

Sinden & Solid Groove – Red Hot

It’s more than likely you will have heard this in clubs recently, some nasty production that veers towards going over the top from the lad sinden and man Taylor. And judging by Sinden’s recent mix on Roy Dank’s EVR show, they got plenty more mad shit up their sleeves.
Kiss FM have just given Sinden a weekly wednesday night show, demonstrating that the station is back to the forefront of pushing the new music.

Check Sinden on myspace for gig dates and exclusives

Seed Records presents….. Soviet

September 8, 2006


Seed Records is taking over the Coronet in Elephant and Castle again on the 21st October for a allnightraveup and have put together a huge lineup of djs and acts that includes Phil Hartnoll, Cristian Vogel, Kenny Larkin, Neil Landstrumm, Milanese, Cursor Miner and A Very Special Guest

(check the full line up here what what)

And in a rather nifty promotional move, Seed have put a 14 track compilation of artists playing at Soviet to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE at Bleep

Buy tickets online for Soviet 2 here or get them at Phonica, Sister Ray and Rough Trade (£16 +bf)

Get the free Soviet compilation from Bleep here

Peep the video gallery from the last Soviet party here