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If This Is Gonna Be That Type Of Party

July 27, 2008

Some new Plimsouls for your ears be heres.

Firstly, amusing Bristolian hair metal revivalists Turbowolf have the hair metal revival element replaced with a nice warm house sound which is perfect for summer evening dancing if you live in a country where the summer is nice enough to be outside in the evening dancing, we just have to make do with smelly nightclubs

Turbowolf – Power (Plimsouls Remix)

Secondly, generous bouts of proscratination on the part of an un/named label has resulted in Plimsouls giving the internet two tracks that were at one point poised for full release.

Plimsouls – Into The Night

Plimsouls – A History Lesson

Nuff Cruff

July 27, 2008

Those nice people at Big Dada sent me the accapella for the recent Roots Manuva single Buff Nuff. Given that using accapellas whilst Djing is far too complicated a technique for a simpleton such as myself, it has been decided that the budding toddla t’s amongst you might appreciate it for DJing/Remixing purposes

Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff (Accapella)

Those of you that really like Roots Manuva, so much that you would go to Elephant & Castle, might, just maybe fancy heading down to the Infinite Livez gig at Corsica Studios on Wednesday apparently…..

oh you should go to DJ Mk‘s blog for more funny pictures like the above heheh

Lower Beard Stays the Same

July 23, 2008

If people treat you like you are at a loose end this Friday, come down to the first Adventures Close To Home at the not very decadent looking Last Days of Decadence where the Modular Weekly used to be before they got scared off by the intimidating Russian owners*

Gameboy / Gamegirl are playing their first London gig and they’re the next big Australian thing after the last big Australian thing and MIA’s favourite MC Afrikan Boy is joining in with the liveness.

Plus there is the added swoon bonus of Isa GT and Naomi// djing along with the Illest of Wills and Choaf

Plus Headphone Sex and Slutty Fringe will be doing the bloggers can DJ routine

Plus Ben Richards & The Secret will be rocking the lush, mind-spangling italo-disco-techno-arpeggio-core

Plus I will have my rave on about the new Batmans I will have seen at the Imax the night before

Plus Will and Choaf are buying cocktails for everyone**

*this may not be factually accurate
** it’s true Headphone Sex told me

Late Night Rongness

July 22, 2008

Having missed out on a vast number of the limited Rong Music releases over the past few years the recent Rong Music Promo Only CD compiling a smidgen of their output was snapped up promptly and has provided much enjoyment for these ears ever since.

One track however was glossed over for some reason until Friday night / Saturday morning when after a evening of drunken merryness and naughtiness it merited repeat listen until after 8am due in no small part to it’s absolute craziness

Thick As Thieves – Kinky Luv Nut

Get Thee to Phonica and purchase the CD now and grab their new Chocolate Star – The Professor Here twelve for the disco jack that is the Greg Wilson remix (the artwork for which adorns this post)

Field Day Competition

July 22, 2008

The Good Folks at Adventures In The Beetroot Field have kindly donated a pair of tickets to the Field Day Festival that readers of Slutty Fringe can win by entering into the below competition.

For those who like to pretend they are ostriches, Field Day Festival takes place on Saturday August 9th in the nice and green part of East London called Victoria Park offering up an exemplary cross-section of leftfield bands, artists and DJs for the true music lovers’ delectation.

Now in it’s second year and expanded to five stages with Eat Your Own Ears, Bugged Out and Bloggers Delight all involved and a variety of acts including Modeselektor, The Field, Richie Hawtin, Simian Mobile Disco, Mystery Jets, Brodinski, The Emperor Machine and Crookers confirmed to play it promises to be an all too rare event – a decent festival within London.

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to Field Day you will need to think up a suitably splendid answer to the following quandry

If you were given the carte blanche to curate your own stage at Field Day which bands and DJs would you add and why?

The most impressive answer wins the tickets and the second most impressive answer will get a bunch of promo cds

Please direct answers here with a subject title of Field Day Freeness.

Competition will close on 1st August with the winners being announced on the 2nd August.

Slutty Fringe might be popular the world over but this competition is ONLY for those who can feasibly make it to the festival.

Those lacking the imagination to enter can always purchase tickets for the event here

Blamma Blamma – Carry Me Home

July 22, 2008

Whilst the gents from Blamma!Blamma! have been holed up in the studio making some head worrying music for wee Little Boots to sing over, a talented young director in the making called James Cook decided to make a video for their famous on the internet & club soundsystems electro behemoth Carry Me Home.

Labels wishing to furnish young James with big budgets for prospective pop promos should direct their pleas here.

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt, drugged or deafened in the creation of this video

Living In A Box

July 18, 2008

Something that has been played numerous times of late at Slutty Fringe towers is the Dissident Records compilation Veros Artis Volume 1 – Intrigue regarding the Dissident canon was always countered by a reluctance to part with the best part of ten pounds for one sided vinyl with only one track.

Luckily the Veros Artis CD compiles 10 of their best releases from the likes of Binary Chaffinch Invisible Scum and  Helium Robots for the same price as one twelve inch.

Respecting the anti-mp3 stance of the label I suggest you go to Phonica with your feet or with your mouse and purchase the album, marvel in it’s splendidness and decide to saunter to the next Dissident associated night club event which as luck would have it is Buzzbox on the 2nd August on Kingsland Rd with Binary Chaffinch and Andy Blake joining the Buzzbox residents.

Please to check out the Ali Renault mix that Bodybox currently have up, it is rather goods

Ali Renault – Slow Action Mix (direct link)

A Formal Introduction

July 18, 2008

After a weekend of industry schmooze at Sonar Festival just recently, fledgling boompty boompty house label Formal are pulling up socks and getting down to the serious business that is releasing music.

The first Formal Fruits drop in August on mad limited vinyl and USB format and there is mention of a secret boat party along the scenic climes us Londoners know as the Thames on September 13th with a very special guest.

Before all that happens expose your listening facilities to this short but sweet mixtape of deep bump by Formal artist Shudder – look out for some special Formal material on this here webspace in near future

Formal Worldwide Presents – Shudder (45 Min re-edit DJ Mix)
1. Isolée – Forever LOST (Remix by The Glimmers)
2. Modeselektor – Dancing Box (Sleeparchive Remix)
3. Unknown
4. Lopazz – Migracion (Luciano Mix)
4a. Moodymann – Sunshine Loop
5. Alexi Delano -Would You
6. Josh Wink – Have To Get Back (Vox Version)
7. Gaiser vs Heartthrob – Nasty Girl
Download Here

New Rooty Tooty Video

July 15, 2008

Next Roots Manuva single Again & Again out August 25th with Shy FX on the buttons for this track – keep your left eye out for the album dropping 1st September


Mutes And Drops

July 15, 2008

My ears had steadfastly refused to acknowledge anything good about either Vampire Weekend or MGMT, perhaps because they had not been witnessed in the right context namely a festival (much like listening to the Burial album on a nightbus)

Whilst in New York the benefit of doubt was taken into consideration when Vampire Weekend played a free concert in Central Park along with Kid Sister and Born Ruffians, however half of New York queuing up to get in and a rare but welcome rainstorm, given the heat, put paid to this plan and a prompt retreat to the Museum of Modern Art was made.

MGMT, there is even less enamour – this may have something to do with the presence of Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann on the buttons as there’s plenty of scorn for the Flaming Lips here, it might have something to do with the fact after dismissing Oracular Spectacular at first a few months back the track Kids lodged in my head when I attempted to give the album another chance – most annoying.

Such was the disdain, recent Aeroplane and Justice remixes of Electric Feel were left unlistened too. But today in the mail came a remix of the same track from Pedro aka James Rutledge whose recent album You, Me & Everyone has garnered more speakertime than MGMTs these past few months.

Thus intrigue overtook disdain and gosh if it’s not good, emasculating the vocals some and adding some nice cut up drums, tape delay effects and a splendid synth 3 minutes in

MGMT – Electric Feel (James Rutledge Remix)

Conveniently remembered this remix of Vampire Weekend’s Cape Kwassa Kwassa by the DJ’s DJ Ruckus Roboticus which adds a nice and simple crunchy bump to the Graceland pastiche of the original and has been sitting pretty on my desktop for a few weeks

Vampire Weekend – Cape Kwassa Kwassa (Ruckus Roboticus Refix)

Tight Fit

July 15, 2008

There wasn’t an hour of every day that went by over the last few months where the just in section of Piccadilly Records was not checked in the vain hope that the pressing plant putzes employed by Money Studies had got their act together and put the Fully Fitted EP out there. Seriously, it feels like this record has been listed as soon come since granma Poland was a teenager.

For thems that don’t check record websites every hour or don’t fill their heads with endless information on music, the Fully Fitted EP is the culmination of XXXchange‘s re/edit collaborations with vocalists such as Amanda Blank, Pase Rock and The Genevan Heathen and fellow producers Chris Devlin and Ronnie Darko.

Baltimore Bass Connection classic 50 Ways gets re rubbed with a verse from Blank to complement the chipmunked Paul Simon/ness. Blaqstarr‘s Shake It To The Ground gets a excellent NY Disco rerub. Chicken Lips standard He Not In is re/imagined with extra synths and a lickle dancehall flavour.

You get the idea…..

It finally dropped in Turntable Lab the other week (conveniently not soon after I had left New York) and found it’s way to these shores just the other day.


Those of you that aren’t vinyl heads will be able to cop it in mp3 format from TTLab digital in a few weeks.

Here is the Justeeece meets Dirty South head blower that is 100 Million from the EP which was on the madddecent blog a few months back but you probably have forgotten all about it you xxxxxxclusive mp3 hungry lot.

Fully Fitted – 100 Million

Here are some recent XXXchange remixxxes which are good for ears

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam (via RCRD LBL)

Daedelus – Make It So (XXXchange Remix)

Kudu – LFWWS (XXXchange and Devlin Remix)

Piracy Funds The Hip Swing

July 13, 2008

Gots a fresh new Patchwork Pirates mix for your ears from thems at Fabric – next Friday they are keeping  it gully in Room 3 of the clubbing behemoth alongside Sinden, Boy 8 Bit and Starkey whilst all manner of Kill Em All affiliated electropopness goes off elsewhere with the likes of Annie, The Whip, Riton, Headman and more.

On Saturday you can catch them at 93 Feet East with Midnight Juggernauts, Skull Juice, Mac 3000, Slutty Fringe, Fred Pretty Beat and Mike Oman also DJing at the first Hippocampus on Brick Lane. It is also my birthday so come and buy me me rum.

Enough with the advertising cop the mix and tracklisting after the jump

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Tremmuh Control

July 13, 2008

My favourite Tru Thoughts artist Hint has a new album called Driven From Distraction out on the 28th July and it’s been a constant on the somewhat dusty looking ipod these past few weeks.

To pique your interest Hint has just put together a new mix which is very much on the up scale of tempo, combining some of his own productions with the NOWTHEN sounds of Fake Blood and Kid Cudi and the broken sounds of Don Seiji and Don Domu.

Check the Hint remix of Hot 8 Brass Band which goes all Oizo halfway through and is out soon too!

Hintertainment Vol 10
1. Hint – At The Dance [Tru Thoughts]
2. Pase Rock – Get Money Kids [unknown]
3. Karizma – God Made Me Phunky (Karizma Re-Rub) [Defected Urban]
4. Fake Blood – Mars [Cheap Thrills]
5. Bassbin Twins – Woppa [Cool and Deadly]
6. DJ Snoopy & Lil Mama – Handclap [Unruly]
7. Martyn – All I Have Is Memories [Applepips]
8. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes – The Block Party [Arista]
9. Sunship – Cheque One-Two [Filter]
10. Hint – Scrawny’s Beat [Tru Thoughts]
11. Double S – From Day [Alwayz Recording]
12. Hot 8 Brass Band – Jisten To Me (Hint Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
13. Me&You – Sneaker Thief (Hint Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
14. Erykah Badu – Honey (Seiji Remix) [Island]
15. DJ Class – Do It Girl [Unruly]
16. DJ Zinc – 138 Trek [Phaze One]
17. Broke’n’English – Take It Low (Domu Remix) [Fat City]
18. JuJu – Punks [NarcoHz]
19. Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite [Fool’s Gold]
20. Tinchy Stryder – Sorry, You Are? (ft. Chipmunk) [Adamantium]
Download Here

Theme from Paris

July 4, 2008

This is incredibly late.

Last week got sent the track When You Go Out by The Rhythm Method aka Seb Grainger who used to be in Death from Above 1979 before they split and Jesse Keeler took to wearing American Apparel hoodies and hockey masks and releasing the same song more or less as 50% of MSTRKRFT.

My mind can’t help but wander to the days of big beat whenever I see the words Rhythm Method and recoil in horror at how poney Bentley Rhythm Ace and the Crystal Method were, but I suppose the tail of blame can’t be pinned on Sebstian Grainger’s donkey for this

This track is allegedly Seb in party mode and has been around in one form or another for some time but is fnally getting released on seven inch along with the track Renegade Silence on 21st July – you can hear this other track on the 50 Bones myspace and buy it now as opposed to going into a record shop in a few weeks. I

The Rhythm Method – When You Go Out / ysi link

Top Ranking

July 4, 2008

Not content with running one of the best musical podcasts in ArePeopleReal and being residents at the rather splendid Polaroid club up Leeds way, the Broken Hookers have decided to dip their toes into the heavily populated swimming pool that is more commonly known as musical production.

Having previewed tracks on Myspace for a minute, they sent through two for people like you who are reading this to listen to. Get People is sort of on a Feadz tip whereas Dig This is more of a marauding old school piano house throwback, both good looks.

Broken Hookers – Get People / ysi link

Broken Hookers – Dig This (Part One) / ysi link

They’ve just thrown up a new track called GoGo on their myspace – so point your ears in that direction if you are like what you hear.