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Calling Shotgun

November 30, 2007

Glaswegian electropunkfunkdiscopogo act Big Face are the latest act to get a single release on prolific French/Japanese for fashion imprint Kitsune Maison this week with the suitably sartorially named  I Wanna Be A Style Crusader which comes backed with some heavyweight remix action from David E Sugar and DatA.

There’s already been some bloglove for Big Face on Big Stereo, Streetkiss & BiBaBiDi but I gots some fresh Big Face earjuice for youse!

Big Face – Big Face Rides The Front Seat

Pick up Style Crusader in digital format here and thems of you that still love the vinyl head over to Phonica plus you can get some Big Face demos on their myspace

It’s The Only Way I Know

November 29, 2007

 photo by Peter Radford ©

Production/dj peeps Streetlife DJs have been bubbling under for the best part of 2007, they were responsible for that natty CSS/TomTomClub edit that was supposed to get an official release but for a change of heart from some bumbling record execs, only to see a white label release promptly sellout – since then they’ve been commissioned for some major label remix work and played out in clubs such as Chew The Fat, Together and Modular Weekly.

They’ve been hard at work in the studio of late putting the finishing touches on the debut Streetlife DJs EP and dropped off two fresh tracks, Gunn Crime which laces a nice wee sample to splendid effect (the clue be in the title) and also a remix of Michael Jackson which is more inventive than Herve’s attempt with his track Cheap Thrills

Streetlife DJs – Gunn Crime

Michael Jackson – Wanna Be (Streetlife DJs Cut n Run Remix)

Keep your left eye out for the Streetlife DJs taking over the Essential Mix in a few weeks, your right eye out on their debut EP which the grapevine says is getting released on a prolific heavy hitter label and both ears on a forthcoming remix of Don Cash on Relish (it’s pretty fucken ace)

Hug It Out

November 22, 2007

The next Thugs n Hugs LDN party takes place on 30th November at The Legion pon Old Street and residents Patchwork Pirates & DJ Gigolo “The Mixx” Knight have only roped in rising dutty dancehall producer Toddla T to DJ along with a live PA from Serocee.

Even if you don’t call yourself a Londoner, you gots to check this tuff Thugs n Hugs promo mix Toddla T has just done, it’s been on repeat play all day round this way. Nice to see some Hint in there too, peeps should be up on his new At The Dance EP

1. Evette Michelle vs Back Yard Dog – ‘Feelin Pipes & Orton’
2. Supafix – ‘Grindin’
3. Mr Vegas – ‘Nuh Fight Over Man’
4. Toddla T Ft. Serocee – ‘Inna Di Dancehall’
5. Toddla T Ft. Miss Bienek – ‘Back Chatter’ (Micas Version)
6. Toddla T Ft. Mr Versatile – ‘Fill Up Mi Portion’
7. Elektrons – ‘Classic Cliché’ (Small Arms Fiya Remix)
8. Hint Ft. Laura Vane – ‘Keep Your Shirt On’
9. Pizzy Elliot vs New Flesh For Old – ‘Could You Be Sticked’
10. Small Arms Fiya Ft. Serocee & LS – ‘Give It To Mi’
11. Unique 3 – ‘The Anthem’
12. Princess Superstar – ‘Licky’ (Herve Goes Low Remix)
13. Crookers Ft. MC Leka – ‘Para De Grachina’
14. Duckbeats vs Twista
15. Slarta John – ‘Jaxx Redemption’
16. Toddla T – ‘Do U Know’ (Sinden & Counte Monte Of Cristal Dub)
17. Forgemasters – ‘Track With No Name’
18. Supafix vs Trigganom – ‘Jom Girls’
19. Wideboys – ‘What You’re Thinkin’ (Up Norf Dutty Bass Mix)
20. Dub Militia – ‘Fya Water Pt. 2’
21. Benga – ‘Night’ 22. El B – ‘Ghost Rider’
23. DJ C Ft. Zulu – ‘Body Work’

Download – Toddla T Thugs N Hugs Mix

Get on the recent Toddla T sevens from the 1965 Records Store here and cop the Toddla T Ghettoblaster Mix here which thems at FACT Magazine have bestowed the title of Mix Of The Year on! Check the recent FACT feature here too.

What Alcoholics Refer To As…..

November 20, 2007

Prolific remixers Blamma! Blamma! came a knocking today with some extremely upfront refixness of Clarity by hirstute Hampshire band Rival Joustas (of whom I know very little, a fact which you should not lean on for for too long) which has not even reached the ears of the band.

The B!B! kids completely rework the track from it’s origins retaining only the slightest detail, turning it into some rather splendid psychedelic fucked up disco. It sounds like something you’d hear at Optimo Espacio at precisely the moment you have forgotten every single one of your friends names, perhaps.

Rival Joustas – Clarity (Blamma!Blamma! Clear As Mud Remix)

On a equally upfront tip Bugged Out Resident and rising production talent JoJo De Freq done hit me up with a remix she has just done of the latest Miss Kittin single Kittin Is High, which contains an extremely wonky rubberband bassline that kinda reminds me of Trentmoeller for some reason.

If you feeling this, toddle off to Beatport and get a nice hefty version to play out!

Miss Kittin – Kittin Is High (JoJo De Freq’s Beauty Is Terror Remix)

Party Of The Year Competition – NOW CLOSED

November 20, 2007


Modular Rec have had a pretty decent 2007, their weekly whoreditch parties always have splendid DJs (including yours truly!) New Young Pony Club got nominated for the Mercury Music Award for their lp; they’ve signed a gem of a band in Whitest Boy Alive; they seem to have the Australian music scene set up as a feeder club (look out for Muscles debut lp out on these shores next year) and the slew of their releases this year has included one of the better mix cds to get released in 2007 in Theee Bang Gang Deejays LSD mix.

So it goes then that a beast of a Modular party is just around the corner at Turnmills including all the names in that flyer up thar and maybe some more. Worth the entrance fee alone to discover if The Kills have finally shook off their reputation for somewhat shambolic live performances, Slutty Fringe readers have the chance to shake hips to all this for free as Modular have given me a pair of tickets plus some other Modular related goodness to give away.

For a chance to win, rack your cells for the correct answer to this really quite easy quandry:

What’s the alter ego for the new Spank Rock and Benny Blanco tribute to 2 Live Crew project?

Hit here with your answers and details for delivery with the words Soup Soup Soup in the title place.

Thems The Rules>>>>

Winner will recieve 2 passes to party and lots of Modular goodies.

One runnyuppper will receive a consolation prize of Modular goodies

Open to UK Residensts only

Competition will close Monday 7pm. Both winner and runnyupper will be notified by email shortly after.

Should you wish to avert your eyes from what is essentially a buffhype gift horse, you can purchase tickets to the event here


Turning Discos Into Warzones

November 17, 2007

The offer of some intriguing free Bloc Party remixes by JFK (him off of mstrkrft) and Metal on Metal among others, tempted me into buying the New Musical Express for the first time in some years this week.

The JFK remix is predictably the best effort though the Metal on Metal remix does have a nice wonky breakdown a la South Central in the middle

Bloc Party – Flux (JFK Remix)

Buy Flux replete with everyone’s favourite anonymous dubstepper Burial remix here

I have avoided reading indepth about such exciting things as Kele Bloc Party’s top ten dance tracks and whether the new Killers album sucks as the writing tends to bring out a feeling of nausea deep in my head (probably much like when you read all this guff)

There was, however, an interesting article expounding the delights of electromosh (mentioned here previously) which seems like another leaden madeup genre following the debacle that was New/neu/nu rave – though it’s unlikely to be as eponymous a genre.

At least one of the more popular, and indeed last few, music publications in print is giving artists like DIM, Brodinski, Yuksek and Passions (all featured) some exposure.

Speaking of Yuksek I got sent his forthcoming treatment of the Plugs track That Number this week. Putting aside my complete lack of interest in Does It Offend You Yeah? (for Morgan Quantaince plays in both the aforementioned bands) the press release proclaiming Plugs as a post rave, afro influenced groove monster was wanky enough to garner my interest.

Having spent the morning listening to the EP whilst trying to remove the fuzz that surrounds my head, my ears seem to think Plugs are very much in the Hot Chip school of pleasing melodic electropop and the Yuksek remix is just so sicksicksick!

Plugs – That Number (Yuksek Remix)

That Number is released in February next year and you can catch Plugs alongside the excellent Holy Hail and the splendid Cadence Weapon at the inaugural We Were There, a joint venture between Fact Magazine and Adventures Close To Home at the lovely Amersham Arms on the 23rd November (get tix hurr)

Juke Joints

November 15, 2007

This week my ipod’s been fully fixed on some new mixes – I’ve dipped my toes into dubstep with the new Caspa and Rusko Fabric live mix which has some nice wobbly basslines but I can’t really see myself embracing the good ship dubstep like it was Jessica Alba.

Deviating slightly, what little I have done listened to the new Burial album Untrue made me wonder what all the gosh it’s genius talk was about, Archangel and Raver sound to me like Moodymann if he’d spent a week smoking rocks in a Brockley council flat. Impressive but not exactly the next level shit all the reviews have said

The new DFA Radio 2007 mixes are fucken great, especially the two Tims Halloween set, head over to the DFA Radio site to get on that shit (You should all have the DFA Radio mixes site bookmarked though right)

Milan Men like Crookers have done a mix for the Together podcast ahead of their appearance at the Together Find Me A Superhero party on the 24th at Turnmills >>>> go get

But the new Tactic mix, We’ve Only Just Begun, has been bossing my rather shoddy looking earphones these past few days. Anyone’s who’s been raiding MP3 blogs for a minute will know all about Tactic. This Kansas City duo have played out with Spank Rock and DipDipDiplo, remixed Blaqstarr for Mad Decent (get that heat here son) and got props from mens like Tittsworth for their production on the Tampa Tony Tactic edit.

One criticism in these days of deifying Ed Banger and co. is people like to cram mixes with banging distorted house music (or Electro Mosh as the NME has decided to call it *sigh*) from the off.

This mix however builds nicely, expertly upping the tempo at the right pace and includes one of my favourite Wonky Disco Prince Homage chuggers of recent times in Ark’s Booty Shake.

Tactic – We’ve Only Just Begun t/l

1. Chicken Lips – You Are Not Ready
2. Ark – Booty Shake
3. Twista Ft. Pharrell – Give It Up (DJ Hoff’s Smoove Remix)
4. Klein & MBO – The MBO Theme
5. Etienne De Crecy – Out Of My Hands (Dj Mehdi Remix)
6. Ready For The World – Oh Sheila (Ben Tactic Remix)
7. The Buffalo Bunch – Time Limited
8. Mr. Oizo – Ovoma
9. Unknownmix – The Siren (Jahcoozi’s Paupers Remix)
10. Apparat – Holdon (Modeselektor Remix)
11. Jacque Lu Cont ft. Ce’cile & General Degree – Na Na Na Na
12. Surkin – And You Too
13. Rustie – Pendulum
14. Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground (Drop The Lime Remix)
15. Kanye West – Flashing Lights (Junior Sanchez Remix)
16. Tepr – Minuit Jacuzzi (DatA Remix)
17. Daft Punk – Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (Breakers Break Remix)
18. Tampa Tony – Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Edit)
19. Rustie – Diwali Boom Club Edit
20. Blaqstarr – Superstarr (Tactic Remix)
21. KW Griff – I Got It
22. Dj Laz feat Pitbull & Flo-Rida – Move Shake Drop Remix
23. DJ C ft. MC Zulu – Body Work
24. M.I.A. – World Town
25. Jess & Crabbe – Warlords
26. Example – So Many Roads (Herve Remix)

Download Here

Them Tactic peeps also sent through a couple of the edits used in the mix for your consumption – fill yer boots (they on zdispair cos Divshare has just gone all wonky on me)

Ready For The World – Oh Sheila (Ben Tactic Remix)

Tampa Tony – Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Edit)

New Metro Area!

November 15, 2007


After some two years, Darshan and Morgan Metro Area are back on the scene with some new MA material and the nice peeps at Environ hooked me up with a wee listen.

Comprising of two futureboogie cuts with Phil Owusu from the Ubiquity Records fam (one a lovely Dub Rerub) and a trademark disco from mars instrumental cut, it all sounds very nice nice.

Check these 2 minute snippets and head over to the Environ store to gets teh vinyls or head over to Uncle Itunes for les versions digitales

Metro Area – Aerodyne  [2 Minute Sample]

Metro Area – Read My Mind (Special Dub) [2 Minute Sample]

Plastic Thug Love

November 15, 2007


One of the more peculiar things to occur in music this year is Plastic Little remaining unknown to anyone beyond those of us who spend too much time on hype machine. Despite walking down the same path as the more revered and hyped Spank Rock, Plastic Little just don’t seem to have made the impact their filth rap deserves.

Oh well, hopefully their current UK tour will go someway to amend this, luckily given the lack of exposure Plastic Little have you get the chance to catch them in some intimate venues like Old Blue Last for Dollop’s Care In The Community night this Friday and YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club next Thursday.

Plastic Little have a new single I Am Not A Thug out on 10th December, here is the gameboy rave remix by Si Young (An alias for MC Naeem Spank Rock Disco King or whatever he’s called) which will also be included on the release

Plastic Little – I Am Not A Thug (Si Young Remix)

a mysterious individual working behind the scenes of the music industry also sent Get Close by Plastic Little which jacks The Cure to good effect, it’s been around for a while but I like it and my opinion counts the most!

Plastic Little – Get Close

Go to Boomkat and buy all their Plastic Little vinyl or if you place your trust in international shipping buy their excellent album She’s Mature from the Plastic Little website

Scarlett gets defiled by Blamma!Blamma!

November 11, 2007


The Teenagers follow up their recent Homecoming remix EP (bit late innit?) on Kitsune with the release of Starlett Johannson, a snythpop paen to everyones favourite film star on the splendid Merok imprint.

Merok have also employed the collective loving hand of Blamma! Blamma! to craft a remix worthy of any DJ set – stripping out the track to just a drum beat, keys and Quentin’s vocal before dropping the giutar riff in looped and glitched up several times over, this shit works a treat. There is also a remix by Connan & The Mockasins which sounds like some weird Motown/New Wave crossover track.

The Teenagers – Starlett Johannson (Blamma!Blamma! Scared By Spiders Remix)

The Teenagers – Starlett Johannson (Connan &  TheMockasins Remix)

You can purchase Starlett Johannson from Rufff Trade  and Pure Groove also have some  nice Teenagers tees in stock

Annie Mac – Fabric Competition NOW CLOSED

November 10, 2007



Next Friday Radio One’s very own Curly Sue, Annie Mac, brings her Presents tour to London with what can only be described as a Hella Flossy lineup at Fabric (where else?) that includes Sinden, A Trak vs DJ Mehdi, Kid Sister (LIVE and looking nice nice with blond hair), Flosstradamus, Hannah Holland, Patchwork Pirates, Annie Mac, Simian Mobile Disco, Buraka Som Sistema (DJ Set), Rachel Barton, Seb Chew, Leo Greenslade, Scottie B & Martelo.

Anyway them nice peeps at Fabric gave me a pair of free entry passes for the night to give away to some lucky readers – it’s pretty simple really all you need to do is engage your brains and send me an email with the answer to the following:

Name one of the artists who have officially remixed DJ Mehdi’s Lucky Boy

Please title all emails I Know The Answer To The Annie Mac Comp and direct them hurrr

Competition closes Wednesday evening at 8pm – the lucky winner will be notified soon after.