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Machine Gun – Tronik Youth Shr-Edit

April 21, 2008

Back in the daisy age days of the nineties, the claustrophobic triphoppery of mumbling Bristolian Tricky always found favour over your Portisheads and your Massive Attacks in the Slutty Fringe residence – however we have to admit to genuinely liking what we done heard of the new Portishead namely lead single Machine Gun.

On Saturday whilst having fun at the Warm Lasermagnetic night (despite only seeing one bloody song by The Chromatics) I bumped into Neil from Tronik Youth and he told me about a re/editt hat they’d done of Machine Gun which was getting love from the DJs (I think Skull Jus Jus are fans) but hasn’t spread across the internet yet – so let’s change that!

Love this – sounds like it’s been taken from The Terminator, some mad industrial sci fi techno thump going on here

Portishead – Machine Gun (Tronik Youth Shr-Edit) / ysi

be looksing out for the new Tronik Youth EP on Backyard on june 2nd

Parking Lot Blues

April 15, 2008

More new Gomma heat in the shape of Munk and Asia Argento being led down an alley in Brooklyn by The Juan Maclean and getting violated with his Death Disco appendage.

In less queasy terms, the new Munk single Live Fast, Die Old features the sometime actress and somtime singer but mostly always a bit horny looking Asia Argento ( you all checked the In Flagranti remix of her collab with Antipop yes?) and comes with some splendid remix action from The Juan Maclean, Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash and Gomma boss Headman (brother Discodust has had the Maral and Cash remix up for some weeks btw)

It’s all about the re/fix by the Iain Dowie lookalike from the DFA here, which follows on nicely from the recent Happy House single which is cherished to a great degree at Slutty Fringe

Munk feat Asia Argento – Live Fast, Die Old (The Jaun Maclean Remix) / ysi

Live Fast, Die Old is released in May, with the Munk longplayer Cloudbuster to follow soon after!

Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man?)

April 15, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a mix with a conceptual angle, instead of 60 minutes of unreleased ed banger / dubsided/ boys noize / etc / bah / blah / blah.

Step forward friend of the fringe and amateur Tim Roth lookalike wrongtom who found some time in his busy schedule of playing music, making music, shopping for a big enough broom to clear up his many name drops and day dreaming about Phoebe Cates to put together a mix dedicated to the musical career of J Saul Kane aka Depth Charge aka a load more aliases!

Now label boss of DC Recordings, J Saul Kane is prolly not a recognised name to young un’s so this mix is a very good starting place yes.

He even done a fancy press release…..

“For those of you still waiting for the next Cassetiquette here’s a little something to wet your appetite. I’ve taken a shelf-load of J Saul Kane productions and chopped, re-edited and dubbed out in the usual incorrect fashion.

Those of you already familiar with Mr Kane’s output will no doubt recognize a handful of the records which lie within covering the first 6 years of Depth Charge, Eon, Octagon Man and T.E.T releases and even a pinch of early Cash Crew for good measure. Those of you who don’t know what I’m on about have been missing out for the past 2 decades and should get downloading soon as and click here for further info on him and his record label.

Kanetiquette was made in 3 sections ranging from low slung dusty old beats to John Carpenteresque electro and some good old fashioned rave action. In keeping with the original Cassetiquette, Emma Ferguson is on board once again with some hand stitched artwork (displayed above) which you can also download for your ipods or whatever you wish to do with it.

This is for everyone who’s stayed up late watching badly dubbed Kung Fu flicks, splatter movies and unconvincing aliens. It’s dirty, it’s messy and it might harm your ear canals but just keep telling yourself – It’s only a mixtape.”

Depth Charge vs DJ Wrongtom – Kanetiquette tracklist

Part One – J.Runken Masters…

Depth Charge “Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox”
Depth Charge “Silver Dub”
Depth Charge “Death Is Ma Name”
Cash Crew “You Can’t Stop This (Jumpapella)”
Depth Charge “The Bit In The Middle”
Depth Charge “Goal – 1st Half”
Depth Charge “Goal – 2nd Half”
Depth Charge “Shaolin Buddha Finger”
Eon “Electromagnetic Waves”

Part Two – A Carnival Of Saul’s…

Depth Charge “Drum Death Version”
Depth Charge “Bass It”
Depth Charge “Dead By Dub”
Depth Charge “Daughters Of Darkness”
Depth Charge “Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man)”
Depth Charge “Searching For Records With Bonus Beats”

Part Three – It Kane From Outerspace…

Depth Charge “Under The Eye Of The Electric Storm”
Eon “Spice (Original Mix With Notes)”
The Octagon Man “Okugai Eigakan”
The Octagon Man “(something in Japanese which i can’t read)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Space Bug)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Stick Mix)”
Depth Charge “Space Mutant”

Get on with the downloading here

I Heard They’re Sending Rockets To The Moon

April 14, 2008

The cynical Music PR beast that appears to be following Alphabeat‘s every move like a ungainly monkey on their back (umpteen plugs in the London free press, appearances on Richard & Judy [how we know this is not important, move along now] Sinden remixes available via SMS etc etc) has so far prevented any actual intention to check out their music from ever coming into fruition.

However we’re all about supporting the exiting, the upcoming, the new so any personal feelings towards how Alphabeat are marketed are put to one side with release for hypem huggers of the Plimsouls remix of the Alphabeat track 10,000 Nights Of Thunder.

Having not heard the original, comment on what exactly Plimsouls has changed cannot be made though an assumptive wager could be made on the fact alot of the vocals have either been removed or messed around with. It’s a good bouncey electrohouse look anyway, and peep the official release for a double French kiss in the form of a Yuksek & Brodinski remix soon come.

Alphabeat – 10,000 Nights of Thunder (Plimsouls Remix) /ysi

It seems like Discobelle and Slutty Fringe are on some sort of unplanned Anglo Swedish internet venture to expose Plimsouls talents to the general public and it must be working as the young Bristolian has just completed a remix of the forthoming Mystery Jets single Two Doors Down which should be appearing in some offical format – exciting news! His remix of the potty mouthed Miss Odd Kidd should also be appearing on Pure Groove sometime soon.

Completely unrelated but newsworthy nonetheless is the appearance of a new Skull Juice podcast mixed by the 50% that is called Alex, some 24 months after the last, which is currently playing as these words appear and is thoroughly enjoyable – as is the latest installment of the Resident Advisor podcast mixed by Nordic disco edit king Todd Terje which ends on the Cousin Cole remix of The Boss!

p.s. tshirt available at Hanon

We Fight For Diamonds

April 12, 2008

Cheeky London duo Blamma! Blamma! longtime favourites of the Fringe, return after a period out of the limelight fighting bears for money in St Petersburg (according to rumour) with the release of their first vinyl EP, christened The.P EP, on US imprint Dovecoat Records.

Comprised of three tracks, Only Friend is described in the obligatory press release as a glitched out barnstormer with a twist, featuring the vocal talents of 50% of the duo, the good Palmsout Sounds has dibbs on this track so point your beak in this direction to hear it.

The duo were nice enough to hook Slutty Fringe up with the other new cut on the EP, Let’s Do It, Then, which is really quite demented has some splendid rnb style tinpot percussion going on around the distorted synth washouts.

Blamma Blamma – Let’s Do It, Then / ysi

The last track on the EP is old favourite Carry Me Home which was included due to popular demand (20,000 plus downloads can’t be wrong)

You can pre/order the EP direct from Dovecoat Records, it’s on some mad limited tip with only 500 in existence so don’t lean on grabbing a copy from here.

Look out for Blamma Blamma fucking with the Cazals track Somebody, Somewhere which comes out on Kitsune at the start of May with Blamma Blamma returning to their studio to finish some more original material with only memories of St Petersburg and saucy thoughts about Agnes Deynn for company.

Record companies that read this blog (and know you do cos you send us stuff) and have their pickle tickled by the sounds of Blamma Blamma should forward their contract offers to this email or contact them via Rupert Murdoch

April Sound Love

April 8, 2008

1 Adriano Italiano – Blue Eyed Boz (GW Ruff Edit) // GW Ruff Edits
2 Rustie – Patrick Ewing // Stuffed Recs
3 Radioactiveman – Pieces of Eight // Control Tower
4 Metronomy – My Heart Rate Rapid (MatonRETROMX) // Because
5 Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming (BTWS Rmx) // Parlophone
6 Grovesnor – Drive Your Car (Hot Chip Dub) // Grecoroman
7 Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Mock n Toof Rmix) // Modular
8 Barabas – Woman (Phantom Slasher Re/version) //Noid
9 Glossy – Don’t Chop The Music // Glossy
10 Chic – I Want Your Love (Tangoterje edit) // Supreme
11 Del Shannon – Gemini (Pilooski Edit) // D*I*R*T*Y
12 James Pants – Rockin // Stones Throw
13 Zero Cash & Khan -Light Of Love // I Am Single
14 Morten Sorenson – Start Something // Tirk
15 Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen (Riton Rerub) // Young Turks

Tronik Youth Mix

April 7, 2008

New Tronik Youth Mixup! New Tronik Youth Mixup! (As the title suggests)

Featuring some boxfresh sneaker new refixes by Prince Language and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve of LCD Soundsystem and Goldfrapp respectively amongst plenty of recent horizontal discodust. This mix is pretty much the sort of thing that is pleasing ears at Slutty Fringe Towers right now, with Piccadilly Records seeing alot of this scribes hard earned going on their disco, italo, cosmic stock.

Perfect music for ignoring the scowling Metro readers on your saunter to wherever you may be going.

Tronik Youth Sometimes it Snows in April mix

1 Intro
2 Tycho – The Daydream
3 Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive (Cadence Weapon Mix)
4 Flock of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song
5 LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 Part 1 (Prince Language Mix)
6 PBR – Wrong
7 Goldfrapp – Happiness – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Blissed Out Re-Animation
8 Kelly Polar – A Feeling of The All-Thing
9 Supermax – Love Machine (Serge Santiago instrumental Edit)
10 The Diaphanoids – Escape From Martius 42
11 Oppenheimer analysis – The Devils Dancer
12 Hot Chocolate – Faster Faster (Skinny Joe Edit)
13 Aeroplane & Kathy Diamond – Whispers (Hercules & Love Affair mix)
14 Soft Rocks – Midnight Drive
15 Chris Carter – Moonlight (Tonic Edit)
16 Low Motion Disco – Love Love Love PT.1 (Aeroplane Mix)
17 Supertramp – Take The Long Way Home

Download Here

I Wish You Were Gone

April 5, 2008

As is the way, the Slutty Fringe editorial steps away from the internet for a few days to enjoy the hospitality (i.e. free alcohol) at some social engagements and gets flooded with new music – some of which is below and may well have surfaced elsewhere already….

The Thoughtless Hussies were first brought to our attention by friend of the fringe Quin. After garnering praise for their skills at DJing they have decided to dip their big toes into producing and the first blossoming fruit is a rather in your face distorted synth electrohouse remix of Pets Dance by French types S.P.A. – props to Backyard for the hookup

S.P.A. – Pets Dance (Thoughtless Hussies Remix) / ysi

Part of Burial’s appeal is the mystery that surrounds his identity, other people would also claim that Burial’s music plays a broader part in his appeal, however dubstep is not really something that warms the cockles of our hearts here – the night bus sub genre that Burial appears to have cornered even less so.

However his approach to focus on music and less on his identity has been adopted by others, one such example being Goodbye Prussia, a producer who claims to cohabit between London and Leeds and makes some deep dubby techno with some lovely basslines – this stuff is a millon miles away from the Thoughtless Hussies remix above – it makes for a nice contrast to be honest

Goodbye Prussia – Milk Boat / ysi

Goodbye Prussia – Drawing Board / ysi

Cock Rock Disco‘s Dj Donna Summer sent through a 1 hour Curses! live set recorded when Luca Drop The Lime played at Birthday Party back in February which needs to be heard by as  many people with ears that work as possible

Curses! – Live at Birthday Party (zip file/direct link)

Lately things have been going very disco around here, the recent Todd Terje edit of the classic I Want Your Love by Chic has become our favourite track of the moment, it is a piece of genius from start to finish.

Further evidence of the appeal of disco but more of the nu prefixed variety can be found in the music of new Tirk signing Morten Sorenson who with the help of Tom Findlay has crafted a debut 4 track EP of considerable delight with title track Start Something also delving into some Chic based samplery

Morten Sorenson – Cyclik / ysi

Morten Sorenson – Visage / ysi

The Start Something EP is released on May 5th and like other things on Tirk is defintely worth seeking out.

Back in the days when everyone was doing remixes of Spank Rock by far our favourite was the remix of Bump by Philly producers Pink Skull, however our eyes haven’t really been trained on Pink Skull since too busy as they are appreciating Natalie Portman’s short hair in The Darjeeling Ltd among other things.

It came as a pleasant surprise then when Drugs Will Keep Us Together, Pink Skulls debut single on Brooklyn label The Savant Guard appeared on Piccadilly Records replete with a rather splendid Trevor Loveys remix which was quickly snapped up and we reccomend you do so too.

In a further slap to the face for not paying attention to Pink Skull we recently got sent Rainbows & Teddybears the new single by NYC act Stabwounds!! which includes a Pink Skull remix alongside the original and further remixes by Jordan Dare and Sean Kosa -the Pink Skulls remix demands repeat plays

Stabwounds!! – Rainbows & Teddybears (Pink Skull Remix) / ysi

Finally, Plimsouls is on a roll at the moment – looking forward to hearing what he does with Miss Odd Kidd – until then here is his latest production with some nice keys action going on

Plimsouls – Version / ysi

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

April 5, 2008

Catch Me If You Can

Seven years on from his last album, Gomma honcho Headman is back with a new opus entitled Catch Me which is splendid news as anything Gomma related tends to get the golf clap around here. Advance CD copies of the album can be procured from Poland Street’s famed vinyl emporium Phonica Records

As a bit of a appetite whetter the lovely people at Gomma Rec sent through the recent Headman single Catch Me If You Can replete with remixes from Bag Raiders and Tronik Youth who are bubbling under nicely right now – further evidence of Tronik Youth’s skill for production can be found on their new remix for Dega Breaks

Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Dub) / ysi

Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Tronik Youth Remix) / ysi