Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up

May 17, 2008

People tell me I had a good time at the Warm / Lasermagnetic Chromatics showcase on Brick Lane last month though my memory of the night goes a bit shonky after taking a less than graceful tumble down the grimey stairs of Cafe 1001 – this is what several shots of tequila in quick succession to start the evening off does to you. Anyway, not ones to rest on their laurels, Lasermagnetic are returning to the venue favoured by East London’s Italian population this Bank Holiday Sunday with a lineup that is pretty special.

Once again, stepping away from the electrohouse sound that hangs around Whoreditch and Sick Lane like the smell of bad salt beef, the Lasermagnetic peeps have some live musics in the shape of Padded Cell and Zombie Zombie. And some splendid DJ support from Sir Andrew Of Weatherall, Trevor Well Jackson, Andy Binary Chaffinch from Dissident and his collection of pricey and enviromentalist worrying one sided vinyls and the Tropical Hotdog crew.

Padded Cell have a new LP out (their first strangely cos they’ve been round for what you call donkey years) called Night Must Fall on the splendid DC Recordings imprint and is full of lovely punk funk swagger – to get a taste go here for free download of track Faces of the Forest and cop the album from Phonica – it’s worth noting that the vinyl edition has extended versions of the songs for the true DJs

Zombie Zombie are a band I was meant to see at Adventures Close To Home the other week (Sorry Choaf) but after taking part in some sound recording with Matthew Herbert I opted to go to the International Attractive Bloggers Convention at the Amersham Arms instead where my bowling sucks tshirt almost offended a young Bowie fan and I indulged in a discussion on label politics with a drunken NYPCer

Anyway I am going to see them at White Heat on Tuesday (Cleft Palettes are also on the bill) and if you are a Londoner you should too. To make up for missing them at ACTH I will also be at Cafe 1001 on Sunday.

Here is the Joakim remix of Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free which like all Joakim remixes jostles for attention whenever my brain starts pondering which remixes are my favourites. It’s not neccessarily new in any way or shape but the obsession with newness is starting to wane round here

Zombie Zombie – Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (Joakim Remix)

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