Deflated by Technology

May 17, 2008

I’ve never been a fan of Aphex Twin (he has enough already) but you’d have to be a philistine not to enjoy the genius of Windowlicker – here friend of the Fringe Mac 3000 cuts up vocal elements from the splendid video with the original track.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Mac 3000 Remix)

The current wave of joy that The Whitest Boy Alive are bringing to lots of peoples lives at the moment made me recall how nice Remind Me, Erlend Oye’s vocal contribution to the coffee table favourite that is the  first Royksopp album was – people who enjoy some rowdy club sounds might like this remix of the track by D Lake which is short but sweet.

Royksopp – Remind Me (D Lake Remix)

Given how much Lykke Li‘s album has made me smile over the last few months it’s a bit shocking that there hasn’t been more word love for her on these here pages – apart from some worrying flamenco guitar moments Youth Novels is a joy to behold.

She is playing in London early next month and I will be at her Cargo gig the night before I fly out to New York. The Little Bit EP has just been released on the other side of the Atlantic and from it is this remix of Everyone But Me by Norwegian cosmic duster Diskjokke

Lykke Li – Everyone But Me (Diskjokke Remix)

Aussie electro kids Calling In Sick just sent through their latest remix effort – taking on the recent dancefloor favourite Disco Sirens by Midfield General and coming up with something the Bag Raiders would be proud of – all crunching synths and over the top 80s riffs.

Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Calling In Sick Remix)

There are already some pretty good remixes of this (Chicken Lips version being my favourite) but this would definitely work in the right club.

photo from Last Nights Party

8 Responses to “Deflated by Technology”

  1. anon Says:

    Any chance of re-posting that Disco Sirens remix, it’s reached its download limit 😦

  2. enok Says:

    i second that, re-post of disco sirens, maybe on a real host like mediafire… anything but zshare! thanx for your great posts, keep it up!

  3. mary ann Says:

    if you gave up just two shots of tequila per month, you could probably get a file host. 😛

  4. Secret Owl Says:

    Aphex is an alright dude; he does too many drugs, though. Even though that’s probably obvious.

    This was a good first post to randomly come across. Blog done been bookmarked. Who can honestly resist Aphex + Royksopp at once?

  5. bounce Says:

    that disco sirens is awesome, took him a while tho.

    AudiosyncratiKs edit is a close second in my book

  6. bounce Says:

    actually its a tie between audiosyncratik and boy 8 bit

  7. ruggedsi Says:

    get on the re-up fringey ..tout de suite mon cherie!

  8. sluttyfringe Says:

    All the tracks in this post now have more permanent home

    there is little chance of me lowing on the tequila though…..

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