The Splendid, The Strange & The Sorry

May 27, 2008

Some thoughts from the Diesel U Music Radio launch / Bumblebeez party last Thursday @ The Amersham Arms wot I was invited to

The Splendid

Bumblebeez live are definitely worth catching (I got to see twice) their ramshackle sounding mix of classic old skool electro and hip-hop sounds, early house bleeps and beats and fuzzy garage rock (© lecool) sounds as heart warming on their current output as when I heard their White Printz EP all those years ago (Though why they were restricted to three tracks during the Diesel bit is strange)

All round nice girl and Modular bigwig Abi reaching into her handbag and placing a copy of the new Bmblbz album in my hands as I passed her on the way for cigarette.

Danny C90 informing me they have joined the Black Affair fold and will be embarking on tour soon AND giving me copy of C90s Soft Cell remix.

The Free Drink obviously

The Strange

Being introduced to ubiquitous tranvestite DJ/shleb Jodie Harsh who complemented me on my hair and proclaimed me to be very sexy…. I feel my life is now complete

The Sorry

Fact that the promise of Bumblebeez live, several bigtimmy DJs (Radioclit, Nadia Ksaiba, Joe Hot Chip) and LOTS of free drinks couldn’t entice more of the burgeoning London Media scene to New Cross, and those that did come did not stay for a longer live performance from the Bumblebeez and a live set from Goldielocks.

Keeping things Modular related is a remix of Ladyhawke’s new single Paris Is Burning by Chicken Lips who have been doing the dubbed out disco rework thing for long time now.

For one reason or another Ladyhawke hasn’t really impressed me a great deal, ideally she ticks all the right boxes – musically she is on Modular and sounds a bit like Stevie Nicks and she’s quite pleasant on the eye (see above) but still this scribe remains a bit unconvinced – perhaps if I had caught one of her many performances in London town earlier this year opinion would have changed.

Regardless, of her last single Back Of The Van, the Mock & Toof remix was my favourite and this Chicken Lips remix surpasses the Alex Gopher effort that was all over the blogs recently

Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Chicken Lips Zeegfungk Beatdown)

A further smattering of discodust can be found in the shape of the new releases on D*I*R*T*Y – the first, Trembler, by Portuguese duo Photonz being a pyschedelic excursion into kraut-techno and includes a remix by Discodeine (Pilooski & Pentile for those not paying attention) which beefs up the techno drums somewhat and adds some bleeps but thankfully doesn’t touch the playing with a elastic band whilst stuck in a k hole sound of the original

Photonz – Trembler (Discodeine Remix)

This excellent release should be out at some point this week on strictly limited vinyl as per usual through DISCOGRAPH (1000 copies for all good record stores worldwide) and is followed in mid June by the second Discodeine EP which is notable for at least three reasons

Uno: Danish top lad Tomboy has provided a top lad remix of lead track Joystick

Dos: Simian Mobile Disco have included the original version of Joystick on their forthcoming Fabriclive mix cd.

Tres: B side Homo Compatible is on some alone in the dark disco bloodbath tip reminiscent of Carpenter and Argento soundtracks

Discodeine – Joystick (Tomboy Remix)

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