Little Boots Mix

June 17, 2008

So I have just returned from a nice relaxing time in the baking heat of the East Village, NYC and have far too many emails to read – instead here is something which should have been posted weeks ago but delays for one reason or another have prevented such events.

Slutty Fringe is one of many who fell deeply in love with the Little Boots track Stuck On Repeat when it surfaced a few months back – though Slutty Fringe feels duty bound to be impressed by anything ex Dead Discoer Victoria turns her hand to.

Instead of pestering her and the label for bragging rights on the next track Meddle or the rather splendid Fake Blood remix of Stuck On Repeat, a mixtape proposal was put forward to showcase Little Boots talent for DJing (peep her myspace for the busy DJ schedule)

Luckily time was found between recording with Blamma! Blamma! and Black Ghosts and drunkenly falling out of the Old Blue after a night of playing Phil Collins at Girlcore parties to complete it. This mix has been keeping my ears company whilst my feet got lost in New York and is very impressive

Little Boots Mix Tracklist

Goldfrapp – Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve remix)
Sally Shapiro – Time To Let Go (Lindstrom remix)
Hot Chip – My Piano
Little Boots – Magical (demo version)
Charlie – Spacer Woman
Celebration – Hands Off My Gold (SMD remix)
Los Angeles TF – Magical Body
Primary 1 – Hold Me Down (The Shoes remix)
SMD – Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli remix)
Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood remix)

You can download the mix by clicking the above image or going here – as labels love information you have to submit your email to grab the file but no doubt someone with flagrant disregard for music label hunger for punter data will find a way round this….

A Little Boots bonus can be found in the shape of her remix of Leon Jean Marie‘s Bring It On which was kindly donated by Little Boots.

Leon Jean Marie – Bring It On (Little Boots Remix)

Those of you in East London on Thursday evening might want to gravitate towards the Bar and Kitchen in Hoxton Square for the launch party of new label This Is Music. There are live performances from Barringtone, Lord Skywave (Simon Lord from Black Ghosts, his self titled album is quite nice) and Wet Paint along with DJ sets by Miss Little Boots and Dave P and JDH from Fixed NYC – I will be there on the rum and ginger ales.

In a neat segue here is the Diplo remix of Black Ghosts which I found among the several hundred emails in my neglected inbox, and is much better than recent Diplodocus remix efforts of Marlena Shaw and Young MC

Black Ghosts – Repetition Kills You (Diplo Remix)

it seems Southern Fried and Backyard are partaking in a fight to see who can get the most remixes done – Black Ghosts or Chromeo, it must be standing at around 33 – 51 in favour of the Troutmann revivalists right now.

4 Responses to “Little Boots Mix”

  1. ednei moisés Says:

    you blog is amazin
    added in my daily music research
    keep it going
    greetings from sao paulo


  2. ednei moisés Says:


  3. Nicolas Says:

    Re-upload That Leon Jean Marie Remix! Please……!!!


  4. sluttyfringe Says:


    will do tonight


    thanks for the props though a daily visit here will prolly leave you frustrated heheh

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